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Yes, I know….

I wasn’t around and taking calls at ALL last night. (BAD Kylie!!) I know, I’m always on on Thursday nights, and then I usually take Friday off cause I stay up so late the night before. But this week…I don’t know, I guess I was just super horny on Wednesday? *Giggles* Cause I ended up staying on till like 8am Thursday morning…and as a result, I needed my Princess Rest yesterday. SO. I’m so sorry if you guys were looking for me! I know I missed a couple of arranged calls too, so I’m really sorry about that!! To make up for it though, I’m available right now, and I plan on staying up till 2 or 3am EST. So if you missed me last night, look for me tonight so you can call and cum with me. :)

Speaking of cumming… Well. Normally when I take a day off, I don’t really get the time to make my tight lil pussy cum cause I’m busy doing so much stuff. But yesterday, I stayed in, and I felt like watching some TV. There was nothing on my DVR that I felt like watching, so I started flipping through my on demand channels. You know, the pay channels where you can watch pay per view stuff for free cause you already pay for the channel? Yeah. So…I finally settled on HBO, and this show called “Cathouse: America Undercover”. And I thought, well, I’ve seen all this before, right? Hell, I’ve done all this before! *Smiles* So I’ll just watch it like it was any normal old documentary and no big deal. Right?

Ummmm….yeah. So…did you guys know they actually show real fucking on that show? I mean, no POV stuff like real porn, but real “working girls” with real clients and threesomes and pussy licking and even one scene with a girl using my very favorite vibrator! Another girl was holding it up against her clit but…you get the idea. :) And this was an hour long show! So by the end of it *blushes* I was SO completely wet and totally fucking horny….I just had to turn off the TV and go to my bedroom and start playing with my pussy. (What! I couldn’t help it! *Giggles*) Once with just my favorite vibe, then after I came, I wanted it again, so I turned it all the way up to high and slid my fingers inside. It was kinda hard to do it again so soon (cause I get so sensitive after I cum really hard) but I swear, I came SO fucking hard that I actually squirted. Seriously! I could feel it all over my fingers…and there was a huge wet spot on my sheets after I got up. *Blushes some more*

So….part of telling you all that was cause I knew you guys would like the visual of me cumming all over my fingers and my sheets…lol…. But the other point was a warning! Maybe you guys already knew this, but I’m not usually a porno movie type of chick, so I didn’t know about the dangers of watching porn in the middle of the day. But seriously!! Don’t do it unless you plan to take some serious time for cumming afterwards. LOL!

Anyway, let’s see if I have favorite callers before I go. My CCD and my favorite FS (I won’t forget about our date on Sunday…I’m already preparing, I promise!) both for LOTS of loong yummy calls over the last few days. My Master AF~WOW does he still make me cum so fucking hard!! I can’t tell you all the naughty things he makes me do…cause I’ll start blushing too much! Lol… (You’re still the only guy I get super slutty with, my luv…) And last but never, ever least, my sweetheart Lightning, who also left me my favorite feedback. I’ll share it below, but you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

It was a blustery November day and laying on my bed listening to the wind howl just was not cutting it. Now what would it take to really heat things up. Almost as quick as that thought entered my mind, so did the solution.. KYLIE. Never in the time I have known her have I ever been let down and today was NO EXCEPTION. Brings new meaning to the statement ROCK HARD AND CUMMING FAST. If there was a way to reach through the phone and bring her home to me, I would surely do it. SO if you want a life changing experience..KYLIECALLME is surely the answer.

SO sweet! (Ty my luv…you sure know how to make me smile lately, don’t you? I guess we’re even now…) And I guess that’s it! I’m on alerts now, and I’ll be completely available and taking calls tonight from 11:15 or so until 2 or 3am EST. So call me tonight!! Bye for now!

PS I just went and checked…and somebody’s been shopping my wishlist again in secret. 5 cd’s this time….and I have no idea who sent them. Is someone going to confess one of these days? Or should I just assume I have a secret admirer? *Giggles*

4 Responses to “Yes, I know….”

  1. Mister Vitamins says:

    Thanks for the public service annoucement about viewing porn during the day Kylie, and thanks especially for the description of you squirting! That’s one of my favorite things to try and get a girl to do BTW… ;)

  2. Kylie says:

    Hey, I guess it was sort of a public service announcement, wasn’t it? Lol… I should have specified though….that I meant “HBO during the day” not really “porn”, per se… Either way~I guess nowadays it’s the same difference!

    xoxo, Kylie

  3. Mister Vitamins says:

    Thank goodness that I don’t get HBO then Kylie…stay warm…

  4. Joe - Oralvr from NiteFlirt says:

    Squirting. Oh my god how I want to be there to lap up the joyful conclusion of that pussy loving session.
    Long kissssseeeeeesssssss

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