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Fun while it lasted….

Well? It was fun while it lasted! And by “it”, I mean that whole lil productive streak I had going on earlier this week. :) I don’t know what happened! It was going so well, I even went to sleep at a decent time on Wednesday to make sure my whole week didn’t get screwed up again… But Thursday night and Saturday night both, I stayed up super late playing on the phone…which made Friday and Sunday pretty much useless. Well, I should rephrase~I was useless on those days cause I was just too damn tired! *Smiles* Oh, well~it happens. And the upside is, being tired the next day from too many orgasms is definitely not what I would call a complaint! Lol….

Maybe I’m just too horny for my own good lately… My late nights usually happen cause I get a really hot call that totally gets me off and then I’m still excited. So I get another one…and another one…and then before I know it, I’m still slippery wet and it’s Noon on Sunday and I haven’t had anything but power naps between calls since I woke up on Saturday. LOL! I know you guys seem to like it better when I’m single, but I have to tell you…your sweet lil girl is going to have to have some yummy sex really soon! Maybe with my (not so) new guy, maybe not…we’ll see. Of course I’ll tell you all about it~just know it will be soon.

But I digress, as usual. :) I don’t know, I guess I was just looking forward to this new (almost) morning person Kylie. The morning me never has to rush around getting dressed, or keep glancing frantically at the clock to make sure she’s not late for something or another….she has more than enough time to do all that stuff plus blog here and do web stuff, plus keeps track of her social life, AND, she never, I repeat, is never in short supply of Princess Rest! :) The normal me…(I hate using the word “normal”, but it’s the easiest way to get my point across here.) Anyway, the normal me….well? You guys are pretty used to how that turns out. Hey, procrastination is part of my charm, right? *Giggles* I don’t know, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing. I actually kind of like a little chaos, as long as it’s not too fucking crazy. Or maybe I’m just used to my chaotic lil life, so I’ve built up an immunity to it or something…lol…. Who knows. Just thinking out loud cause I feel like it and you guys never seem to mind it when I do.

SO. On to the point of this entry….I’ll probably write again later this week and do the requisite Thanksgiving post. But because I don’t know yet how much I’m going to be available this week, I figured I’d tell you what it looks like so far. I’m on alerts now, I’m going to switch to completely available by 11:30pm EST and I’ll be on till 1 or 2am. Of course, tomorrow is Princess Day, so I’ll be off all day. Wednesday night, I’ll probably be available, at least from 8pm till midnight. Thursday night, I don’t think I’ll be on at all. I may log on ofter I get done with dinner (turns out I’m going to have dinner and watch movies with some friends instead of doing takeout…lol…) but I also may be too tired to even think about it. We’ll have to wait and see. Regardless, everything will be back to normal on Friday…I know I usually don’t take calls but because of the crazy week, I probably will. Just check my call button to see if I’m on if you’re in the mood to play with me. I’ve been known to do some crazy unexpected hours on holidays, so you never know when you might find me… *Smiles*

And I guess that’s it! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and I definitely hope you can tear yourselves away from football and family dinner to at least think of me till we speak next. (Or maybe even sneak away from the fam to play with me during…if you can! :) ) I’m going to share favorite feedback before I go….this one’s from my sweetheart Lightning, and you can also find it on my Anything Goes Listing:

Sometimes I call because I am feeling bad (naughty) Sometimes its because I am sad. Lately it has been because I have been glad to found someone like Kylie. A person who turns BAD into WHOLY SMOKES now I am on fire, or sad and down into UPLIFTED and happy. And when i am alone, I close my eyes and think of what an absolutely wonderful person she is and . . .well I am not telling everything, so you call her!!

SO sweet! (TY sweetheart.) Anyway, like I said, I’ll be up and taking calls for a little longer, so if you’ve been missing me, call me tonight! Bye for now!

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