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Yes, I’m back! (Finally!)

Yep, I’m finally back from my little Christmas mini vacation. I hope you guys had a great holiday!! I didn’t really plan to stay away so long, but I had so much stuff going on from the day before my Mommy got here up till the day she left~it was pretty crazy! And after she left on Thursday, I needed a vacation from my vacation! Lol… Seriously though, I had lots and lots of fun, but I’m so glad to be back! And you guys better have missed me, too…*bats eyelashes* Of course, a few of you naughty boys got to talk to me Christmas morning, cause I did log on briefly late night Christmas Eve. :)

Anyway, I’m not going to write a whole entry right now~it’s getting late (just after 8pm) and I’ve been gone so long, I need to catch up on lots of email and web stuff so I can log on and start taking calls by 9pm. Yes, you heard me right! *Giggles* I’ll actually be up and playing on Niteflirt tonight. From 9 or so until…let’s say 2am for now. Possibly later, but we’ll have to wait and see. :) I still have lots of stuff to tell you, and I have some very special thank you’s for the yummy Christmas prezzies I got…but that will have to wait till tomorrow.

But if you’re horny, and you’ve been missing me….find some time to call me tonight!! I don’t think I can even remember how long it’s been since I made my tight lil pussy cum! I guess it was…Tuesday morning, maybe? And that seems like….forever, don’t you think?! Hopefully one of you can fix that for me tonight…. *Giggles*

Bye for now!

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Christmas!! Well…kind of. I DO live in Florida, remember?! Lol… To be completely honest, I wanted to quote a song title, but the only one that was coming to me other than the one I mentioned was “White Christmas”. And while I definitely LOVE that song, I’m absolutely ecstatic thrilled that I don’t have to deal with “White Christmases” anymore! The snow is fun for like, a minute, while you’re still inside your house watching it fall. The fun starts to fade when you realize that someone, probably you, has to shovel all that crap off the driveway and sidewalks! And once you get outside to your car to start scraping your windshield? Ummm…yeah. The thrill is gone. (Wow, I just quoted another song title without even trying! Lol) Anyway…big hugs to all of you who are stuck in the frozen North this winter. I grew up in Michigan, so I totally feel your pain! I just like my weather a whole lot better when I’m a WHOLE lot closer to the Equator! *Giggles*

Anyway…you’ll be happy to know that I broke with my usual tradition of only buying prezzies for myself this year. (I KNOW, surprising, isn’t it? Lol…) Not only did I buy stuff for my little sister and 2 of my aunts and my Mommy, I’m ALL done with all my shopping. YAY!! I can’t really take too much credit…I did a lot of my shopping online. But still! I still get an A for effort, right? *Grins* So for my Princess Day this week, even though I can’t really call it “Christmas Shopping”…I was free to do all kinds of stuff to make my spoiled lil self very happy!

Like…new highlights in my hair and an awesome new haircut. And, having the maids come and do a deep clean so I don’t have to do anything but vacuum before my Mommy gets here on Sunday. (Seriously. It doesn’t GET any better than that!) And…spending a couple of hours at Barnes and Noble with a yummy vanilla Chai, picking out and reading some new historical fiction (like you guys know I love.) Of course, there was the normal boring grocery shopping…and of course, a yummy pink bubble bath courtesy of Mr Vitamins…a few cat naps…and a little bit of reading. My (not so new anymore) guy came over to watch Stardust (which I LOVED) and play some Wii with me… Fun “weekend” but kind of anti climactic~it’s kind of hard to be truly excited about anything until my Mommy gets here on Sunday, you know? *Sighs*

I guess I’ve been slightly cheered up by all the prezzies I’ve been getting from you guys, though! :) A $150 egift card from my sweetie James from Victoria’s Secret…and a $100 gift certificate from Amazon from him also! (TY sweetie!! I finally bought the Idog that I’d been dying for! Plus a few other cutesy things…) And someone else (I think I can guess who, but I’m not sure) has been secretly shopping my wishlist as well! A bunch of yummy bath stuff from Lush, and a pretty pink electronic wine chiller… Not to mention all the tips and tributes and sweet lil emails. Seriously, you guys make me feel SO special!! TY from the bottom of my heart. *Smiles*

But I digress as usual. :) I hope you guys are having as much fun as I am this season! I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about Christmas…and it doesn’t really make sense! Cause right after the New Year, my school starts again, along with my voice lessons (more on that another time), which means that right after all the fun Holiday goodness, I get to go back to keeping schedules and being responsible and actually doing homework. *Gasp* LOL! Oh, well. I’ll enjoy the fun while it lasts…

Let’s see if I have favorite callers to mention before I go. My pussy boy, of course…I think I’ve almost got him ready to submit again. Seriously!! Chastity may still be a few weeks off, but…baby steps, you know? *Giggles* CCD, for lots of yummy calls the last few days…my sweetie MN (TY for the pics, my luv!! I’m glad you had fun at the concert. You’ll have to tell me all about it one of these days…) A new guy, BR, who was so sweet and shy, I almost felt like I was going to corrupt him with my naughty ways! :) That would be a good thing though…don’t you think? Getting corrupted by my sweet lil young voice and tight lil pussy? *Wink* Yeah. I thought so too. Anyway, he also left me my favorite feedback, which I’ll share below. You can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

she is so sweet, and has the absolute hottest voice of any of the girls on NF… she is very descriptive, and great at talking dirty. Would deffinetly reccomend!!!

And I guess that’s it! I’m available and taking calls now, probably till 1 or 2am EST. So call me tonight!! I wanna make my pussy cum a few times before I go to sleep! *Blushes* Also…I don’t quite know what my schedule’s going to be like after Sunday 12/23. I’ll have to post again and let you know what it looks like sometime before then. My point here is…I have to get in all the orgasms I can! Lol… You understand….right? :)

Bye for now!

I know…I’ve been bad…

I really have been! And I’m totally aware of it…just so you know. I’ve been kinda available when I’m supposed to be, but kinda not… I’ve been logging on late or not at all… I’ve been writing here WAY less than I usually do… And, I haven’t been so great with responding to emails. I know, I know! But acceptance is the first stage of recovery, right? *Smiles* I just felt like writing to tell you guys that I’m sorry! Part of it is my crazy life, part of it is being preoccupied with/monopolized by my pussy boy, part of it is just my normal habit of procrastination in general. LOL! But seriously…I’m aware, and I think in the next few days, you’ll notice a bit of a change. I’m really REALLY going to try. I promise! There’ll be a slight adjustment to my schedule though…expect me on all my usual days, but no earlier than 9pm EST until after Christmas is over. My late nights will still be Thursdays and Saturdays~they’ll just start a little bit later. And if after me telling you all that, you still have a problem finding me? Let me know, and I promise I’ll let you give me spanking. Panties down, bent over your knee and everything. *Giggles*

I do have to say a special thank you to my favorite guys for always working around my crazy schedule though~you guys are awesome!! I know my hours are totally unpredictable lately, and I so appreciate you waiting for me and arranging calls with me!

And…I LOVE all the Christmas prezzies I’ve been getting! A Wii game and some new perfume from my new sweetie James (TY SO much!! I love both of them!) A new CD from my little slut Chase (you’re still behind though, forgot all about me last month. *Frowns* Catch up NOW for x-mas and you’ll be back on my good side. *Smiles*) More yummy porn movies from RB (NAUGHTY ones this time, Mister!! I like! Very much!!) And a *large* Sephora egift card from my favorite FS (I can’t wait till it gets here, my luv! TY again!) Seriously, you guys are going out of your way to make me feel special this year~and I SO appreciate it! I keep telling you guys…prezzies make my pussy wet! Sounds crazy, but it’s totally true! I LOVE to be your sweet, spoiled lil Princess…and I LOVE to show my appreciation… If you know what I mean. :)

Speaking of…I’ve spruced up my buttons for the Holidays! Look up to your left or on my website in the sidebar. AND, Mama Tee gave me this pretty new Holiday page for my Christmas present!! (Ty again, Tee!!) I’m usually not one who’s all into holiday decoration…just cause I feel like it’s kinda pointless unless you put them up in like, November. Cause if you wait too long, you only get a week or two to have it up, right? Lol… I don’t do a tree in my house either, for that very same reason. But this year, I not only added graphics to my web stuff, I also put up Christmas lights outside my house. See? Aren’t you proud of me?? *Grins* Now, let’s hope I don’t become that crazy lady who leaves the lights up till March or something…lol….

Anyway, let’s see if I have favorite callers to metnion before I go. CCD, for a few yummy calls…and my favorite FS, of course. And for favorite feedback, it has to be my Pussy Lover! :) I’ll share it below, but you can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

It’d been months, but all that time I never stopped thinking / fantasizing & jerking. Called NF early 1 morn on a whim and surprise surprise Kylie was on and avail. I called just to say Hi, knowing Kylie likes to take time, build a fantasy, with lots of teasing pushing you higher and higher. Kylie recognized me right away. She decided we both needed to get off quick. No forplay, no painting an elaborate fantasy. Just right into it. It was the hottest, most ball draining experience I’d had that early in the day. Hugs and wet kisses babe.

And I guess that’s it! Now, remember…I promise to be a VERY good girl from now until Christmas!! I PROMISE promise, even. :) So look for me to be available closer to my set time, and look for more blog entries, too. While the idea of having my panties pulled down and my cute lil ass spanked completely red by Santa (read:YOU) is quite…erotic to me…. *blushes* I like the idea of being a good girl SO much better! Especially….. if I get to show you just how GOOD I can be! With my lips…and my tongue…and my tight lil pussy, of course. *Giggles*

I’ll be available and taking calls till 5am EST or maybe later~we’ll see how it goes. I won’t be available at all on Friday, so if you’re still up and you’ve been missing me? Call me tonight!! Bye for now!

Feels like forever!

Hi guys! :) Seriously, it feels like forever since I last wrote to you here. And yes, I know it’s only been a week~but that’s a pretty long time for me, you know? My lil absence from blogging was kind of a combination of being crazy busy on the phone playing, and the fact that I couldn’t think of anything I really wanted to say! Lol… Sometimes I just think it’s better to not write at all if I don’t have really yummy stuff to share. So even though I’m kind of in that boat again tonight *giggles*, for now at least, my phone’s not ringing off the hook cause I’m not logged on yet. I am running late as usual, though~so I don’t know how long this post will be! :) We’ll see how it goes.

This past week has been a hard one for me, to be honest. Somehow, I pulled a muscle in my leg while I was working out on Tuesday…I still don’t know exactly how I did it, all I know is that it hurt like HELL and I hope I never do it again! *Pouts* I was limping around, and in SO much pain~except when I was lying down. Which is why it was still okay for me to login to Niteflirt and cum with you guys! But pretty hard for me to do much of anything else. So I read a lot…and watched a couple of movies, nothing good enough to mention…and took a lot of naps. See? TOLD you my week has been boring! Lol… As of yesterday it was a lot better though, so hopefully my Princess Day won’t be affected this week.

It better not be anyway, I have so much stuff planned! I’m so excited that Christmas is almost here! Because my Mommy is coming, but also because it means it’s almost my birthday, too! (It’s January 4th, in case you forgot.) The stuff I have to do tomorrow has more to do with Christmas than my birthday, but still. I have a hair appointment, and of course I have to get my nails and toes done, plus the maids are coming so I have to stay out all afternoon till they get done. I’m thinking…shopping. And…some more shopping. LOL! (You guessed that already, huh?) :)

Let’s see if I have favorite callers to mention…bear with me, it might be a long list cause it’s been so long! Of course my pussy boy, for a few loong yummy calls…he’s still resisting chastity but he sent me another *large* cash treat like he’s supposed to~so he’s off the hook for now. Ummm…my sweetie MN (I’m glad you finally apologized, Mister…I don’t like it when we disagree. :( ) CCD, also for lots of yummy calls (Did you love that special email? *Giggles* I certainly hope so…) My favorite FS (You have to tell me how that phone call thing went last week! I miss you, btw..maybe we can catch up soon?) My sweetheart TR (WOW do I love cumming with you, sweetie! I know it got kinda crazy at the end there, but I’ll make it up to you one of these days…)

And last but not least, my sweetie Jman…what can I even say about this call? I’m at a loss for words cause it was really that good! Ummm..let’s see…super sweet guy, super HOT roleplay, my tight lil pussy got so wet in the middle of the call, I had to switch toys in the middle of it. Then, it felt SO fucking good, I had to say fuck it and use both! Easily one of my top ten best calls ever….and that’s saying a lot! (Cause I’ve had some really hot ones!) Anyway, he also left me my favorite feedback, which I’ll share below. You can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Truly, one of the most intense experiences I have ever had. Alluring, truthful, fun, all of these things. The combination of her voice, imagination and enthusiasm makes her compelling.

And I guess that’s it! Sorry this entry was kind of all over the place~I really meant it when I told you I had no idea what I wanted to say when I started writing! :) It’s almost 10pm EST, I’ll be available and taking calls by no later than 10:30pm. I won’t be up super late tonight cause I have to get up kinda early tomorrow, so…maybe I’ll stay on till 1 or 2am? I don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see. But if you’ve been missing me, and especially if you’re horny…find some time to call me tonight! I haven’t cum since Saturday night late night, so I wanna play a little before I go to sleep. And remember, tomorrow is my Princess Day, so after tonight, I won’t be back till Wednesday. Bye for now!

TMI Tuesday…

I’ve been meaning to do this forever, but every time I get ready to, it’s already LONG after Tuesday (My Princess Day) has passed, so it kinda seems besides the point, you know? *Smiles* Anyway, for once, I’m actually up and taking calls on a Tuesday! Well…techinically…it’s actually late night Monday for me, but since I didn’t log on till after 11pm on Monday, and my my favorite FS was monoploizing me for most of it *Smiles* , I figured I’d post cause I’m still up. So don’t say I never did anything for you guys! LOL!

K… on to TMI Tuesday. And as you know, TMI means “Too much information”, so hopefully these questions aren’t ones that will get me into too much trouble! Or turn you off completely…whatever the case may be. I haven’t read the actual questions yet, all I did was look to see that there were new ones, and decided to answer them. So think of this as a “live broadcast”, of sorts…lol… No scripts to fall back on here, so we’ll see how it goes. :)

  1. If your partner buys you a sexy little “something” is it a present for you or for your partner? Well? I guess it depends on what kind of sexy lil something! *Giggles* But in general, I see sexy gifts as something for ME, that can possibly (however indirectly) benefit my partner. I’m kinda spoiled, so this is a hard one…lol….
  2. What are 3 characteristics of “your type”? Hmmm…Okay. Taller than me, older than me, and he has to love oral sex. And by oral sex, I mean he has to love licking my pussy and be decent at it!! I don’t have too may “qualms” or any kind of specific “type”…as long as the above are met, I’m all good and happy. :)
  3. On a scale of 1-10, how good a cook are you? TOTALLY like a 2!! If that! LOL! I can cook, but nothing really complicated, and I’ll shirk out of having to do it whenever possible! LOL! (Please refer to my post below about my aversion to grocery shopping/cooking…lol…)
  4. Tattoos: Love them or hate them. On you? On a partner? I have no preference. Tattoos are cool, especially if they’re well done. I just don’t really like full sleeves or tats on the face or all…excessive with it, if you will. Have your tattoo!! For real! I think it’s way sexy!! Just don’t be all biker about it and make them be all over the place and stuff. LOL! I have a couple tattoos myself…but only guys who are lucky enough to actually fuck me get to see them…
  5. Stubble: Good or bad? How often do you shave? K…is this meant for males? Or for females? For guys…you have to shave at least every other day. Guys with stubble, I call them “mean face”….my skin is really soft so I can’t take mean face when it’s all rubbing up against me. Now…for women? I think we should shave the “delicate areas”, lol…at least twice a week. Or whenever it seems like you can actually SEE the stubble~whichever comes first. IMO…stubble on women is BAD. And SO not sexy! :)

And that’s it! The end of my lil post and the end of all my TMI stuff that you always (or never, lol) wanted to know about me. *Giggles* Let’s see if I can find favorite feedback to share before I go… K, this one’s from my new sweetie Ytony, and you can also find it on my Anything Goes Listing:

There isn’t a voice cuter than Kylie’s, and she knows exactly what sounds to make. I could listen to her all day. Everything about our calls are good: her voice, personality, phone clarity, availability, creativity, sincerity, and she’s truly a sweetheart. Anything goes and she’s always ready to go there from the start of the call. Thanks Kylie. Very HOT!

SO sweet! (TY my luv!!) And I guess that’s it! It’s pretty late right now, I’m available and taking calls now, and I should be up till 5 or 5:30am EST. So if you haven’t already, call me tonight!! Remember, tomorrow (Tuesday) is my Princess Day~so if you don’t catch me tonight, look for me Wednesday night after 7 or 8pm. Bye for now!!

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