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I know…I’ve been bad…

I really have been! And I’m totally aware of it…just so you know. I’ve been kinda available when I’m supposed to be, but kinda not… I’ve been logging on late or not at all… I’ve been writing here WAY less than I usually do… And, I haven’t been so great with responding to emails. I know, I know! But acceptance is the first stage of recovery, right? *Smiles* I just felt like writing to tell you guys that I’m sorry! Part of it is my crazy life, part of it is being preoccupied with/monopolized by my pussy boy, part of it is just my normal habit of procrastination in general. LOL! But seriously…I’m aware, and I think in the next few days, you’ll notice a bit of a change. I’m really REALLY going to try. I promise! There’ll be a slight adjustment to my schedule though…expect me on all my usual days, but no earlier than 9pm EST until after Christmas is over. My late nights will still be Thursdays and Saturdays~they’ll just start a little bit later. And if after me telling you all that, you still have a problem finding me? Let me know, and I promise I’ll let you give me spanking. Panties down, bent over your knee and everything. *Giggles*

I do have to say a special thank you to my favorite guys for always working around my crazy schedule though~you guys are awesome!! I know my hours are totally unpredictable lately, and I so appreciate you waiting for me and arranging calls with me!

And…I LOVE all the Christmas prezzies I’ve been getting! A Wii game and some new perfume from my new sweetie James (TY SO much!! I love both of them!) A new CD from my little slut Chase (you’re still behind though, forgot all about me last month. *Frowns* Catch up NOW for x-mas and you’ll be back on my good side. *Smiles*) More yummy porn movies from RB (NAUGHTY ones this time, Mister!! I like! Very much!!) And a *large* Sephora egift card from my favorite FS (I can’t wait till it gets here, my luv! TY again!) Seriously, you guys are going out of your way to make me feel special this year~and I SO appreciate it! I keep telling you guys…prezzies make my pussy wet! Sounds crazy, but it’s totally true! I LOVE to be your sweet, spoiled lil Princess…and I LOVE to show my appreciation… If you know what I mean. :)

Speaking of…I’ve spruced up my buttons for the Holidays! Look up to your left or on my website in the sidebar. AND, Mama Tee gave me this pretty new Holiday page for my Christmas present!! (Ty again, Tee!!) I’m usually not one who’s all into holiday decoration…just cause I feel like it’s kinda pointless unless you put them up in like, November. Cause if you wait too long, you only get a week or two to have it up, right? Lol… I don’t do a tree in my house either, for that very same reason. But this year, I not only added graphics to my web stuff, I also put up Christmas lights outside my house. See? Aren’t you proud of me?? *Grins* Now, let’s hope I don’t become that crazy lady who leaves the lights up till March or something…lol….

Anyway, let’s see if I have favorite callers to metnion before I go. CCD, for a few yummy calls…and my favorite FS, of course. And for favorite feedback, it has to be my Pussy Lover! :) I’ll share it below, but you can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

It’d been months, but all that time I never stopped thinking / fantasizing & jerking. Called NF early 1 morn on a whim and surprise surprise Kylie was on and avail. I called just to say Hi, knowing Kylie likes to take time, build a fantasy, with lots of teasing pushing you higher and higher. Kylie recognized me right away. She decided we both needed to get off quick. No forplay, no painting an elaborate fantasy. Just right into it. It was the hottest, most ball draining experience I’d had that early in the day. Hugs and wet kisses babe.

And I guess that’s it! Now, remember…I promise to be a VERY good girl from now until Christmas!! I PROMISE promise, even. :) So look for me to be available closer to my set time, and look for more blog entries, too. While the idea of having my panties pulled down and my cute lil ass spanked completely red by Santa (read:YOU) is quite…erotic to me…. *blushes* I like the idea of being a good girl SO much better! Especially….. if I get to show you just how GOOD I can be! With my lips…and my tongue…and my tight lil pussy, of course. *Giggles*

I’ll be available and taking calls till 5am EST or maybe later~we’ll see how it goes. I won’t be available at all on Friday, so if you’re still up and you’ve been missing me? Call me tonight!! Bye for now!

3 Responses to “I know…I’ve been bad…”

  1. Oralvr says:

    Yeah you’ve been bad, really bad. But the badder you are the more I like it. And I can’t wait for my turn at the spanking.
    Best to you always.

  2. Kylie says:

    You’re taking a turn at spanking my cute lil ass now, are you? *Giggles* I suppose I could let you….

    I’m teasing, you know that Joe. :) TY for the yummy tip, and thanks for stopping by to see me!! Hopefully we get to cum together again sometime before xmas….I have an idea in mind for next time….

    xoxo, Kylie

  3. Joe says:

    I LOVE it when you tease, especially me!
    And if you have an idea, well I’m just dying to hear it so I am going to have to try really really hard to make time and join you in cumming together.

    ‘casue I don’t know if you always check, but I sent you and email. Something that I hope you find hot and yummy.


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