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It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Christmas!! Well…kind of. I DO live in Florida, remember?! Lol… To be completely honest, I wanted to quote a song title, but the only one that was coming to me other than the one I mentioned was “White Christmas”. And while I definitely LOVE that song, I’m absolutely ecstatic thrilled that I don’t have to deal with “White Christmases” anymore! The snow is fun for like, a minute, while you’re still inside your house watching it fall. The fun starts to fade when you realize that someone, probably you, has to shovel all that crap off the driveway and sidewalks! And once you get outside to your car to start scraping your windshield? Ummm…yeah. The thrill is gone. (Wow, I just quoted another song title without even trying! Lol) Anyway…big hugs to all of you who are stuck in the frozen North this winter. I grew up in Michigan, so I totally feel your pain! I just like my weather a whole lot better when I’m a WHOLE lot closer to the Equator! *Giggles*

Anyway…you’ll be happy to know that I broke with my usual tradition of only buying prezzies for myself this year. (I KNOW, surprising, isn’t it? Lol…) Not only did I buy stuff for my little sister and 2 of my aunts and my Mommy, I’m ALL done with all my shopping. YAY!! I can’t really take too much credit…I did a lot of my shopping online. But still! I still get an A for effort, right? *Grins* So for my Princess Day this week, even though I can’t really call it “Christmas Shopping”…I was free to do all kinds of stuff to make my spoiled lil self very happy!

Like…new highlights in my hair and an awesome new haircut. And, having the maids come and do a deep clean so I don’t have to do anything but vacuum before my Mommy gets here on Sunday. (Seriously. It doesn’t GET any better than that!) And…spending a couple of hours at Barnes and Noble with a yummy vanilla Chai, picking out and reading some new historical fiction (like you guys know I love.) Of course, there was the normal boring grocery shopping…and of course, a yummy pink bubble bath courtesy of Mr Vitamins…a few cat naps…and a little bit of reading. My (not so new anymore) guy came over to watch Stardust (which I LOVED) and play some Wii with me… Fun “weekend” but kind of anti climactic~it’s kind of hard to be truly excited about anything until my Mommy gets here on Sunday, you know? *Sighs*

I guess I’ve been slightly cheered up by all the prezzies I’ve been getting from you guys, though! :) A $150 egift card from my sweetie James from Victoria’s Secret…and a $100 gift certificate from Amazon from him also! (TY sweetie!! I finally bought the Idog that I’d been dying for! Plus a few other cutesy things…) And someone else (I think I can guess who, but I’m not sure) has been secretly shopping my wishlist as well! A bunch of yummy bath stuff from Lush, and a pretty pink electronic wine chiller… Not to mention all the tips and tributes and sweet lil emails. Seriously, you guys make me feel SO special!! TY from the bottom of my heart. *Smiles*

But I digress as usual. :) I hope you guys are having as much fun as I am this season! I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about Christmas…and it doesn’t really make sense! Cause right after the New Year, my school starts again, along with my voice lessons (more on that another time), which means that right after all the fun Holiday goodness, I get to go back to keeping schedules and being responsible and actually doing homework. *Gasp* LOL! Oh, well. I’ll enjoy the fun while it lasts…

Let’s see if I have favorite callers to mention before I go. My pussy boy, of course…I think I’ve almost got him ready to submit again. Seriously!! Chastity may still be a few weeks off, but…baby steps, you know? *Giggles* CCD, for lots of yummy calls the last few days…my sweetie MN (TY for the pics, my luv!! I’m glad you had fun at the concert. You’ll have to tell me all about it one of these days…) A new guy, BR, who was so sweet and shy, I almost felt like I was going to corrupt him with my naughty ways! :) That would be a good thing though…don’t you think? Getting corrupted by my sweet lil young voice and tight lil pussy? *Wink* Yeah. I thought so too. Anyway, he also left me my favorite feedback, which I’ll share below. You can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

she is so sweet, and has the absolute hottest voice of any of the girls on NF… she is very descriptive, and great at talking dirty. Would deffinetly reccomend!!!

And I guess that’s it! I’m available and taking calls now, probably till 1 or 2am EST. So call me tonight!! I wanna make my pussy cum a few times before I go to sleep! *Blushes* Also…I don’t quite know what my schedule’s going to be like after Sunday 12/23. I’ll have to post again and let you know what it looks like sometime before then. My point here is…I have to get in all the orgasms I can! Lol… You understand….right? :)

Bye for now!

4 Responses to “It’s beginning to look a lot like…”

  1. Lightning says:

    That shoveling thing is definitely a good reason for living in FL. After spending an hour in my driveway making it clear to pavement the snow plow come by and plows it shut!! But snuggling up in front of the fireplace now that is a good thing!! Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS KYLIE!!

  2. Kylie says:

    TY Lightning!! Merry Christmas to you too! (And try not to work too had at the shoveling…)

    xoxo, Kylie

  3. Oralvr says:

    Snow definately has its ups and downs. That snow plow thing is the pits. But watching the snow fall with the mountain in the background, while snuggling and “drinking” by the fire – FANTASTIC.

    Kylie Merry Christmas!

  4. Kylie says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen snow fall with a mountain in the background! Lol… That might be kinda romantic…but I think I like the snuggling and drinking by the fire with no snow involved much, MUCH better! How about we do that with my AC turned way down here in Florida instead? *Giggles*

    Merry Christmas to you too, Joe…I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

    xoxo, Kylie

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