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STRANGE Night…lol…

Seriously!! Is there a full moon tonight or something?? I guess I’ve been pretty lucky most of the time~or maybe it’s just that you guys are always so sweet to me. So maybe I’m a little bit spolied? Cause tonight…well, today as a whole! Just STRANGE!! First of all, it’s SO fucking cold outside!! I mean it! It’s like 40 degrees or something! So I’ve had to keep the heat on, for only like the 4th time all year so far. AND I had to work out indoors, cause it’s just too f-ing cold to do anything outside, except run to my heated car and back again after I get home! Lol…

(Yes, you read that right. Yes, I really did grow up in Michigan! :) That’s just another thing to add to the big long list of stuff that I’m too spoiled to deal with anymore. Cold weather, I mean. My blood has thinned, it’s not my fault!! Lol…)

Anyway, so it’s freezing. Now add to that, the last two calls I’ve had. Umm….weird would be an understatement! I’m going to respect the privacy of the guys I just spoke to, just cause I feel like it’s the right thing to do? But ummm…yeah. It’s been a STRANGE night!! :) I guess it’s all relative though, cause I had the most awesome weekend playing with you guys!! And by that I mean…if I have a great weekend and get to talk to most of my favorite guys all in a 24 hour period, it stands to reason that the next day I log in would be almost the opposite. Right? Lol…. That’s what I’m telling myself to make it okay, so don’t argue with me!! Lol…

It’s pretty late right now, and I’ll be going to sleep soon… I just wanted to write really quick to vent a little bit, and to say hi cause tomorrow (Tuesday) is my Princess Day, so I won’t be back till Wednesday night. So…thanks for listening. *Giggles* Let’s see if I have favorite callers to mention before I go… My CCD, for LOTS of yummy calls! (TY sweetie!) My lil cuckold D (I keep telling you I’m going to deny you one of these days…so I can be just like your new wife! Lol… It’s fun to tease and make you beg for it, though. Hopefully you enjoyed that call as much as I did…) My favorite FS (I’m sorry I was so sleepy by the time you finally caught me, my luv!! We still have a date to reschedule…we’ll have to talk about that soon, k?) And of course, my sweetheart MWAllan~WOW it’s been so long since we talked!! Playing with him is kinda like fucking one of my ex boyfriends. Like, I know what he likes, he knows what I like, and he’s still innocent enough so I can feel like I’m corrupting him. *Giggles* Plus, we can talk about absolutely anything, cause we’re such good friends, you know?

Anyway, he also left me my favorite feedback, which I’ll share below, but you can also read on my Anything Goes Listing:

hi to all, well its been quite some time since ive talked to my old friend kylie, so i know how much she likes these little notes. well what to say, that hasnt already been written here. she is a great friend to me and i appreciate everything that she is. you all know her as the phonesex goddess that she is, but she is much more to me. she is as good as a real girlfriend could be. im not just saying that to get a smile out of you either babe. oh yes and she is very orally talented too, if yall know what im sayin. thanks again my luv.

And I guess that’s it! It’s 2am EST right now, I’m going to be available and taking calls till 2:30 or 3am EST. After that, you’ll have to look for me Wednesday night after 8pm EST. I know it’s a weeknight and all…but if for some reason you’re still up and horny? Call me tonight!! I still wanna cum before I go to sleep…. :)

Bye for now!!


So…remember how I keep telling you guys that I have a surprise in store? That Tee was cooking up something wonderful for me but I wouldn’t tell you what it was? Well. Today’s finally the day!! My new website is up and and I love it so much!! She did a wonderful job! (TY Tee!!) But don’t just take my word for it~you can check it out for yourself! :) www.KylieCallMe.Com. Seriously, I mean it. Go check it out!! *Giggles* I showed it to Pussy boy this afternoon, and he said it’s very sleek, and more grown up looking. Which is fitting I suppose, now that I’m a whole year older, and all. Lol…

Actually, surprisingly, this birthday didn’t bother me as much as I’d thought it would. I’m thinking maybe it’s cause I’ve been preparing myself for it (read: complaining about it, lol) for the last four months or so. And I don’t know why I’ve been so bothered! It’s not like I’m exactly old or anything! I don’t know, I guess I just have a problem with birthdays, period. I spent my whole 20th birthday crying because I was so old (Don’t laugh! I know it sounds crazy!) so it’s kind of “par for the course” it seems. *Sigh* Luckily, the prezzies part of birthdays make me feel all better! Lol…

Speaking of which, apparently it’s still my birthday! Not only has someone been shopping my wishlist in secret (Anyone care to confess? Lol…) But also, pussy boy outdid himself by buying me the Bose surround sound system I was DYING for for my computer! (I know I already thanked you, but seriously. I LOVE it!! Ty again!) My Mommy sent me for a mini spa day~manicure, pedicure, facial. And on Princess Day, my guy took me out to dinner at a cute little restaurant right on the bay, AND bought me a case of champagne to celebrate. (I know, I know…seems like a weird prezzie, but I kinda have a thing for champagne lately. *Smiles*)

Anyway, my point is, I’m a very happy lil girl! :) And even better than that~I’m about to log onto Niteflirt to take calls tonight! I’m going to cut this post short so I can do just that. I’m a little late (it’s about 11:30pm EST) but I should be up pretty late. I’m thinking as of now, I’ll start at about Midnight, and be on till at least 4am, maybe later. So if you’ve been missing me, call me tonight! I haven’t made my tight lil pussy cum since this morning…

Bye for now!


I am! *Smiles* In general, anyway…. I’ve had a GREAT couple of days, and as of now I’m logged onto Niteflirt, available and taking calls. And to be completely honest…even if I wasn’t in a good mood tonight? Orgasms with you guys always perk me up and make me smile! :) You knew that already though, right? Lol….

So let’s see…a quick rundown… Thursday night was super busy for me (read: lots and LOTS of cumming! Lol) so your sweet lil girl was totally happy and slutty~exactly how I like to be! *Giggles* And even beyond that, my sweet lil pussy boy called to say hello to me~and to send me a *large* yummy cash treat in the process. (You’re so good at that, pussy boy!! see? Pathetically useful, as usual…lol…) And of course~as you well know~spoiling me always makes my pussy wet… :)

Friday was an off day for me, although I did spend part of it teasing pussy boy again…lol… But most of it was spent resting up and then going out for drinks with Amanda for the 2 hours she was in town. Can I just say again how much I HATE that my best girlyfriend lives in Orlando now? *Frowns* I almost never get to see her, I hate long distance drives so I NEVER drive out there, AND, it most often means we can’t have girly sleep overs like we always used to. *Pouts* Oh, well. We’re looking into taking a lil “working vacation” in March….going down to my uncle’s condo on St Thomas and spending a week in the sun being TOTALLY fucking lazy! Lol… I’m really hoping we do it, cause the Virgin Islands are still a US territory~so my cell will work with no roaming and if I want to log in to Niteflirt, I can do it from the phone in the condo. I don’t know~we’ll see. I’ll let you know if we get it set in stone so you can have plenty of advance notice!

And today…I had my first voice lesson. When I say “voice”, I mean as in “singing”. It wasn’t exactly my first one, but the first one I’ve had since high school. So it was really exciting!! Some of you already know that I used to sing…some of you don’t…but I guess you do now! *Smiles* Just fyi…I used to sing a LOT in high school. I did the whole musical theater thing, I did vocal competitions (I even won a few of them!), I did chorale, and of course karaoke…lol…. Either way, it’s been a long time since I’ve tried to pursue it seriously. While I know I couldn’t do the “American Idol” thing (too many “dirty” secrets in my past…lol…) for a long time, I’ve wanted to start training again. Not for “fame”…just for ME, you know? *Smiles*

Anyway, the lesson was great!! I always love singing in front of someone new…I tell them I’m an amateur, and that I was never classically trained, so I know they’re expecting something shitty (like those American Idol auditions you see on TV or something…lol…) But then I sing for them~and seriously. The look on their faces when I’m done? It’s…like…WOW. I mean…it’s almost enough to make me cum. LOL! I know! It sounds crazy, but I mean it!! So from now on, I have voice lessons once a week. This voice coach is at USF (University of South Florida), but she’s by acceptance only. Like, this class is for money, but she only accepts those who she wants to train~I saw 2 people ahead of me that afternoon be rejected and sent home. And I was accepted!! YAY!! So every Saturday from now on I get to show off some more. And maybe (Seriously. Just maybe) if I start feeling really confident, I’ll post a lil clip here for you guys to hear. We’ll see. *Blushes*

What else…well…I have been working on a few secret things with Tee that should be done this coming week. Which means…even though I won’t tell you details yet, lots of new pictures, and even MORE new stuff for you guys to enjoy! No hints yet…you’ll just have to wait and see for yourselves. But I promise you’ll love it!!

And I guess that’s it! Let’s see if I have favorite feedback to share… This one’s from my sweetie J, who is the first guy I’ve ever known who liked our call so much, he changed his member name to reflect mine! Isn’t that awesome? So now he’s “luvskylie”, and I love him right back! *Smiles* Anyway, I’ll share it below. But you can also read it on my Fantasy/Roleplay Listing:

Who needs transcendental meditation? When I’m talking to Kylie and cumming on my headboard, I’m one with the universe.

OMG I love it!! (TY, my luv!!) I’m available and taking calls now (it’s about 3am EST) and I should be up till 5 or 6am (or later!) EST. So call me tonight!! Cause I’m staying up so late, as of now, I’m not planning on taking calls Sunday night at all…but that’s not for definite yet. So if you’re still up…and you want to cum with me? You know what to do. *Giggles* Bye for now!

Promises, promises…

Seriously. I don’t know where the time goes these days!! Does that mean I’m really getting old? The fact that the days keep flying by~one minute it’s Friday and then I look up the next minute and it’s Wednesday already? Jeez! Lol… I’m consoling myself with the thought that January’s not over yet. And by that I mean, that I still have lots of time to make my New Year’s resolutions…and actually try to make them stick this year! (Oh, come on…you know I procrastinate everything! You could hardly expect me to have my resolutions all ready on January 1st, now could you? *Giggles*)

I’m not even going to try to do them just yet, though… Cause if you think about it, “resolution” is kind of another word for “promise”, and I HATE making promises that I don’t know for sure I can keep. Plus, it works much better for my procrastination habit to wait until the very end of January and then hurry to do it at the last minute! :) I will make a couple of lil promises to you guys though, in the meantime. Ones that I’ll try my best to keep while I work on the bigger stuff for my life in general. Are you ready?

Number one, is that I really will do my best to write here twice a week. I’m still not sure exactly how it happened that I write so infrequently lately (there goes that “time flying” stuff again, lol) but I really want to work on it. I have to figure it’s just a thing that happens to all bloggers~cause so many that I used to read so often just never post anymore! But still. That’s not an excuse, and I promise I’ll try. :)

Number two, is my crazy hard to predict schedule. *Sigh* I still have it up on my site, but it changes so often lately that I know it’s kinda hard for you to go by that anymore. The best thing to make it more reliable though, is for me to stop doing my super late nights so I can actually go to bed before sunrise! :) From now until I say otherwise, you can expect me to log on (at least on alerts) by 9:30 or 10pm EST. The difference is, I’ll have to log off by 4am at the latest, except on Thursdays and Saturdays. I think that’s just about word for word what it says on my site~I just need to start sticking to it…instead of staying up super late every night just so I can make my pussy cum one more time. *Giggles* I’m totally blaming that last part on you, though…just so you know.

Hopefully, just with those two lil changes, you can start seeing more of me when you’re actually expecting to find me. And maybe (just maybe!) it will be enough to get me started on some more personal resolutions. Maybe. Baby steps, okay? :)

Anyway…what have I been up to since I posted last…. Well, Princess Day was kind of uneventful compared to my lil beach party last week. Just the normal stuff…shopping (not the good kind, just boring groceries), getting my nails and toes done (as usual), yummy blue sparkly bubble bath, some cat naps, and I had my guy over for dinner pretty late. And I know you guys like me better totally single, but I have to admit that I totally planned on letting him fuck me! I knew he was cooking me dinner, and I knew we were going to watch a movie…I just didn’t exactly plan on the part where I fell asleep on the couch in the middle of the movie, you know? Lol… Oh, well. He was a total sweetie, though~he waited for like an hour while I was snoozing away, and then he woke me up to take me to bed and then let himself out. And I woke up thinking to myself, “Ummm…why exactly don’t I want to be serious with this guy again? OH yeah! It’s cause he’s clingy and needy and it’s much easier to get what I want from him when we’re not monogamous! That’s why.” (Me being honest isn’t the same as me being bitchy~so read that as the honesty it was intended to be, please. Lol…)

What else… I do have favorite callers to mention, and the first of those has to be my pussy boy. Remember I said I was mad at him last week? Well. Hopefully you also read down far enough to see his apology in my comments below. :) What can I say? He had forgotten his place, so I had to punish him. By ignoring him all weekend, no matter how many times he called…and then making him come up with a creative apology (there’s a lil love poem I’m keeping to myself that goes along with the apology below.) Then I tacked 2 days onto his chastity sentence, making it a full twenty days! THEN, after making him beg me to finally let him cum (Why does it make me so fucking wet to hear him beg? I know that’s not a traditional fem domme thing to say, but WOW. It’s just intense!! Like almost intense enough to make myself cum while teasing him. Like, almost hot enough to bend on the whole, “no pussy for pussy boy cause he doesn’t deserve it ever” rule. Yes. THAT fucking hot. Seriously.)

Anyway, after all his begging, I came up with a rather…*ahem*…undignified method of…”finishing”, shall we say. *Giggles* And then of course, he thanked me for the privilege~so I forgave him. I don’t know if you noticed, but I have a lil wicked side that finds it’s way out with my lil pets. Luckily, most of you guys are REAL men, so you’ll never have to see that side of me…. *Evil laugh goes here* Either way~fun stuff. :)

Back to favorite callers~my favorite FS (I finally got those batteries I needed! Who knows what I’ll be able to come up with now! Maybe you can talk me through the process…?) My sweetie CCD, for lots of long, yummy calls…. My master AF (were you teasing me when you wrote that? Lol… I know you hate it but I can’t help it sometimes! It’s not my fault you make me cum so hard!) And…no one else I can mention. *Sigh* Lots more looong calls over the weekend that I’d LOVE to mention, but remember~in order to be one of my favorites, we have to play for more than 15 minutes and you have to leave me written feedback. So…maybe I’ll revisit favorite callers in a couple days.

And~I’m going to skip favorite feedback for now cause it’s 9:30pm EST right now, and I need to finish up some web stuff before I’m available and taking calls tonight. As of right now, I’m thinking I’ll be on from 11pm till about 2am. Possibly later, just not too late. So call me tonight!! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me tomorrow after 9pm. And yes~do you even have to ask? Of course I promise….

My Birthday…the aftermath…lol…

So….in case you missed me over the last few days….you should know that my lil birthday party lasted a little longer than I expected it to. *Giggles* Actually, I should rephrase~the actual party was only Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. It was the recovery period that lasted a lot longer than it should have! :) We decided that we didn’t feel like gambling at the last minute, though…I found a really great deal on a penthouse right on the beach so we did that instead. Which meant, instead of gambling and the spa, we did lots of laying out and drinking.

Right at sunset, we sat at the lil beach bar at our hotel and let some old guys buy us drinks. (Don’t take offense now! I mean really old. Like past retirement age bound for the retirement home old.) Gotta love Florida! Always new “benefactors” to be found. :) No flirting, though~for obvious reasons, lol… So after sunset, we walked down to the beach with a few bottles of champagne and just sat in the sand listening to the waves and talking. I started walking right at the water line for a while, but it’s kinda scary doing that when it’s dark! (Who knows what kinds of nasty lil sea creatures might crawl up on my toes, you know? Lol…)

Anyway, we stayed out there till about 1am, then came back up to the suite and ordered room service. Amanda can’t always hold her liquor (as I’ve previously stated, lol) so she passed out after eating. And I took advantage of the best feature of the the room besides the view. (More on the view in one sec.) This suite had the most awesome 2 person jacuzzi bathtub I’ve ever been in in my whole entire life!! I just happened to have some bubble bath with me (What? Are you really surprised? *Giggles*) So I set the timer for an hour and just laid down under the bubbles and the jets in the bath~which was more like a kids pool, it was so deep~with the rest of my champagne, and then climbed into bed to go to sleep. And when I say climbed, I literally mean climbed~this bed was like as tall as my ribcage! But it was cool. And the best part, was waking up to this view:

Can you imagine waking up to that every day? *Sigh* It’s not really a great idea, this being hurricane country and all…but for one night? Heaven. :) Btw…the plan was to take lots more pictures, but that one was taken right after we got there before her camera totally died. So…at least I can share a lil glimpse with you. :)

Anyway, I had lots of fun, but Wednesday I was so tired! I didn’t get home till after 3pm that afternoon, and I needed to unpack and have a lil cat nap. Which became a 3 hour nap. And by then, it was so late that I just decided to grab s snack and go back to sleep. I know, I know, I’m such a bad girl with my schedule these days! I didn’t really make New Years Resolutions this year, so maybe I’ll resolve to be more on time from now on? We’ll see. And like I always say….you’re always welcome to spank me if I can’t behave… *Giggles*

No worries, though. I’m on alerts right now, and I’ll be available and taking calls tonight till probably…well? Till really really late. At least till 2am, but probably much later. So if you’ve been looking to cum with me, call me tonight!! Contrary to popular belief, I do NOT have sex with my girlyfriends when we sleep in the same bed! In other words, I haven’t made my tight lil pussy cum since Monday night! Or, to be even more clear: I’m fucking horny!! *Smiles* Hopefully one of you guys will fix that for me before I finally go to sleep.

Let’s see if I have favorite callers to mention before I go… My pussy boy, of course~he sent me another *large* yummy cash treat this week, which is why he’s still on my good side. Wait~rephrase~he was on my good side anyway even before all the spoiling. But then *sigh* he had to go and misbehave this afternoon. *Sigh again* It’s okay! I knew he would! He really deserves for me to tell you all about the details I mentioned the other day. You know~the ones I said I wouldn’t post cause he said he’ll die if I do? Hmmm…I do have to say it’s tempting. I’m going to give him a chance to make it up to me tomorrow before I embarrass him that deeply just yet. And after all~I could just always extend his chastity sentence if he doesn’t make me happy tomorrow, right? *Evil laugh goes here* We’ll see.

Ummm…who else….my CCD, for lots of yummy calls! (I’m sorry I’ve been away, sweetheart~I promise I’ll make it up to you!) My favorite FS, also for a few long calls. (I guess Monday was a bad choice, huh? I’ll have to take some “corrective action” one of these days. :) And I miss you! Find me sometime soon.) My master AF, after such a long while! But WOW does he still make me crazy! (You made me so wet I left a puddle in my sheets, Mister! I don’t know if that was actually the best call we’ve ever had….but it was definitely top 5. Definitely. *Smiles*)

And now let’s see if I have favorite feedback…. This one’s from my favorite FS, and I’ll share it below. You can also find this on my Anything Goes Listing:

The very best on Niteflirt!! Kylie is an addictive combination of beauty, brains, personality, and sensuality! I’m just so happy I found her – she is everything a guy could ever want! I want to keep her her all to myself, but I’ll share her with you (for now), if you promise to treat her very, very well. She deserves only the very best.

And I guess that’s it! It’s getting late now (almost 11) so I’m going to end this now so I can get my cute lil ass on the phone sometime tonight. *Giggles* So if you feel like playing…you know where to find me. :)

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