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Happy 2008!!

Okay. Let me start by saying that I know I promised you guys a long post about my Christmas week. I promised~and I meant it~so that post is still to come. But…in case you hadn’t guessed….this is NOT going to be that post. *Giggles* Hey, what can I say? It’s the early hours of a brand new year, and yours truly is actually up and taking calls for the moment. And by “the moment”, I mean quite literally the moment, lol…. I was out at a party till about 3:30am, drinking champagne and having a yummy good time. But I was feeling pretty horny when I got in, so I decided to have a bottle of champagne all to myself while I logged onto Niteflirt, finished up my web stuff, and (you guessed it) logged on to write a little note to you here. So I guess…consider this a belated Christmas present. I haven’t been so great at keeping up with my lil blog this past month~expect everything to get back to normal REALLY soon. :)

Anyway, can you believe it? It’s a whole new year! Time seems to fly by so fast for me these days…that along with my awesome memory seems like a curse sometimes! Lol… I mean, January 2007 seems like it was just yesterday. Seriously. And when I think about it all~those days long past~in regards to playing with you guys anyway…not too much has changed. I know, when I say it like that, it sounds so boring, but I mean it in a good way, because I’m a very lucky lil girl! Most of my favorite guys from last year are still my favorite guys this year. I get to keep knowing you…and playing with you…and cumming with you….and it doesn’t GET any better than that! I have a few new favorites….and I had to say goodbye to some old ones….but all in all, it’s been an awesome year, don’t you think? :)

So….like I said, Happy New Year!! Happy 2008!! I’m SO looking forward to the year that’s to come (or CUM, as the case may be…lol…) And I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for being the sweet, wonderful men that you are. *Sighs* K. The mushy stuff is all over now, I promise! *Giggles* Just had to get that out.

It’s almost 7am EST, and I’ll probably be taking calls till 8am or so. So if you’re still up, call me tonight!! After this morning, I won’t be back till Wednesday after 6 or 7pm. Bye for now!

One Response to “Happy 2008!!”

  1. Oralvr says:

    Hey sweetie, tried to call last night but you were either in a call or unavailable during the time I was checking. No matter.
    Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday and maybe be your pussy lover for a while.

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