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Happy Birthday to me!!

Yes, it’s my Birthday…finally! As long as I can remember though, it’s always been kind of a let down cause it’s so close to Christmas. I always get these “combo” gifts, like Birthday and Christmas all rolled up into one, you know? *Pouts* I had an awesome Christmas this year though, so I think it all evens out. And if it doesn’t, Valentines Day is right around the corner! Lol… Anyway, I’m going to get into my lil Christmas recap in just one second, but first, I have to tell you that it looks like I will be available and taking calls tonight. I’m going to wait and do my Birthday stuff on Tuesday, because Amanda can’t get into town until then. We’re going to do the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa…do some gambling, and some drinking, and some girly spa stuff, and stay overnight in the hotel. I guess it feels weird to have my “party” a few days late, but better late than never. AND I’m sure it will be lots of fun! :)

So…my Christmas. I swear, I’ve been so bad about blogging lately!! Let’s see if I can even remember all the fun stuff to tell you…. Well, my Mommy came down on the 23rd. She got in pretty late that night, so I just picked her up so we could grab dinner really quick and then drop her off at her hotel. Pretty much the only boring part of her visit, but it was a little more exciting cause I was driving the cute lil rental car she asked me to get. But…they didn’t have the convertible that I originally asked for, so they had to upgrade me to the most adorable silver Mercedes Benz that I’ve ever seen! Which was great, because they upgraded me for like $5 extra per day. But it was bad because I was totally terrified driving it!! I mean, I don’t want to sound like a bumpkin or anything but….it’s such an expensive car! Lol! And people were driving all crazy and drunk cause it was Christmas! I got into more near accidents driving that car than I have in all the years I’ve been driving. Seriously!! But it was cute, and it made her happy, and of course I looked fucking hot driving it. (In other words-it was totally worth it!) *Giggles*

Anyway…we did the grocery shopping thing, and she cooked all day and filled up my freezer. We watched a couple of movies (The Kingdom and Eastern Promises) both of which were really good. Just don’t watch them if you’re squeamish at the sight of blood~she kept having to cover her eyes. Lol… Ummm…what else. We played Wii (she actually beat me) we did our spa day (mani, pedi, and massage) and other than that, just hung out at my house so I could spend time with her. :) So, even beyond all the prezzies~it was a great Christmas!

As far as prezzies and thank you’s~I know! They’ve been long overdue! Let’s see….well first, my Mommy got me an awesome $500 set of stainless steel pots and pans, which I LOVE….my new guy got me the pink Nintendo DS I was DYING for and a couple of games to go with it…. I’m trying to remember which stuff I haven’t mentioned here yet! I got a Macy’s gift card from CCD (I used it to buy a new bottle of Coco Mademoiselle~TY sweetie!) Mr Vitamins sent me a pretty pink electric wine chiller, and some yummy bath stuff from LUSH, some covers for my Wii remotes, and the coolest Dr. Who keychain in the whole entire world!! (TY SOOO much, my luv! I know we need to catch up soon~I’ve been really swamped but I haven’t forgotten!) My little slut Chase sent me the “Hairspray” DVD (did you get my email, slut? I want to know how dirty?) A couple of games for my DS from my sweetie James…and I think that’s it!

Except for probably the best present of them all from my pussy boy. Not only did he send me the *biggest* yummy cash treat he’s ever sent me (TY for that, my luv), but he also, willingly went back into chastity. LOL! And, since he was late for Christmas, by the time he decided to give me this gift (I kind of insisted, but still!) he had already gone 6 days without cumming. Soooo….by the 15th of this month when I finally release him, he’ll have gone 21 whole days! And I’m completely loving it!! I should probably be nice and stop teasing him so much every time we talk….but it’s really too much fun for me to stop. So instead, I’ll be kind to him by not telling you what we’ve been talking about this past week~cause he said he’ll die if I do.*Giggles* Maybe he’ll be smart for once and stay on his best behavior so I don’t change my mind? Lol…

Anyway, even though I’m way late in telling you~thank you all SO much for making me the happiest lil girl ever this Christmas! I wish I could return the favor by doing favorite callers…but it’s been so long since I did them, I don’t even know where I left off! So instead, I’m going to wipe the slate clean and start all new tonight. I promise I’ll be better about keeping up with it from now on. I’ll share some favorite feedback though…let’s see… This one’s from my sweet Mr Vitamins, and you can also find it on my Anything Goes Listing:

I just had to call Kylie to see if she had been naughty or nice this year. It turns out that she’s both! She’s always very, very nice at being super-extra naughty. This Santa has a special place in his heart for those type of girls…Merry Christmas Kylie!

There. Whew! Lol… I’ve finally caught you up on what I’ve been up to. :) I’ll be available and taking calls all night tonight, so if you’re too mad at me for being away so long…you could always call and give me some birthday spankings. *Giggles* You know how much I love those…. I’ll be on from 10pm EST or so till 2 or 3am EST. So call me tonight!! Bye for now!

8 Responses to “Happy Birthday to me!!”

  1. Joe says:

    Wow, sounds like a fantastic Christmas. A wonderful visit with mommy, and such an exravagant gift from her as well. I didn’t know that you loved cooking. Next to sex it’s my favorite thing to do. Ooh, I think we have to “cook” up a fantasy surounding some kitchen fun. hehehe

    Your plans for your birthday sound so wonderful. I just know you and Amanda will have loads of fun.

  2. Mister Vitamins says:

    The most expensive car that I’ve ever driven was a 1987 and “a half” Rolls Royce Silver Spur. The “half” came from the fact that they had to revamp the suspension system and some other stuff halfway thru the production cycle I guess. My ex-boss originally bought it *used* for $130,000, and it was purple with a yellow pinstripe down the side of it when he bought it (he changed it to silver with a black pinstripe thank goodness)! The front grill cost ~$5000 (which was more than the whole car that I was driving at the time cost me when I bought it), the hood ornament cost ~$1500, the two front floor mats cost ~$150 a piece, and the long, rear floor mat cost ~$400. The doors and window glass were waaay thick, and I think the engine was like a V-12. It was all leather inside, and the interior wood paneling was the kicker. They used a large piece of oak over in the U.K. for the wood in the car, then they put the VIN # of the car on the rest of that piece of oak and stored it in the U.K. just in case the wood paneling broke…so they could replace it with wood from the same tree *so the grain would match*!! That car blew my mind…I only got to drive it when my boss needed gas for it or when I had to wash it. I was scared stiff driving it, wouldn’t go above 20 mph in it, and I did not look “fucking hot” driving it…more like a messed up, famous hard rocker or someone that might have stolen it…LOL!! So, that’s a long way of saying I know how ya felt Kylie…glad you made it unscathed…

    Oh and “*she* kept having to cover her eyes” during the movies? Hmmmm…you weren’t scared at all Kylie? I doubt it…lol… Happy B-day Kylie! :)

  3. pussyboy says:

    Alas, the days keep piling up, and so mounts my frustration! Just when I thought that I may be able to re-live the glory days…I end up in chastity and starting down a path of final frontier of truly shameful pussydom. Believe me, I am beyond embarrassed…

  4. Kylie says:

    Joe….In answer to your question…I don’t really love to cook. It’s just that I’m trying to learn how and my old pots weren’t so great. Mommy does like to be practical, after all! *Smiles* We can cook up any fantasy you like, my luv…lol…

    Mr Vitamins…I barely made it through unscathed! I swear, I’ll never drive a car that nice ever ever again! Even if I owned it, I’d be terrified driving it! Lol… It was fun, but….uh uh. And I think it cost about half of what your boss’ Rolls did. I might have just curled up and died if I’d had to drive that thing! (Did I mention this keychain is the most thoughtful present you’ve ever given me? I like to hit the button and then wave it around like it’s flying in front of Arnold. It *really* freaks him out, so I do it more than I should…lol…)

    And finally…pussy boy….well. I don’t even know what to say!? Wait-I do have two things. Number one, aren’t you glad I was kind enough not to elaborate on your “final fronteir of truly shameful pussydom”? I still might, you know, especially if you misbehave… (be afraid. Be very, very afraid.) Also, did you know how much fun two fem dommes can have when discussing pussy boys like yourself? Even if they’ve just met, it’s amazing the ideas they can come up with! I’ll leave you to your imagination on that one…but I’m sure you catch my drift. *Evil laugh goes here*

    To everyone else who’s actually read through this lil novel to make it down this far~I should be around taking calls tonight from 8pm till maybe 1 or 2am…so look for me on Niteflirt later. :)

    xoxo, Kylie

  5. Mister Vitamins says:

    What “glory days” is the poor, lil pussy boy talking about anyways? LOL…

    I was wondering if that keychain really had sound with it…I was confused as to whether it was big enuff for a battery or not. Try not to torment my buddy Arnold with it too much!

    And, try not to lez out too much with your hotel roommate buddy Kylie…if you need any meat for that sandwitch, I’ll be around… ;)

  6. Kylie says:

    You know, it’s really funny…the last time I talked to him, he said he knew you’d say something like that! Lol… I can’t explain about his “glory days” without telling all of the backstory, so we’ll have to wait till he misbehaves for that story. :) All I’ll say for now is that you’ll definitely get a good laugh out of it….

    I’ll keep the rest of the above under advisement, but you know I just can’t help myself sometimes! ;)

    xoxo, Kylie

  7. Joe - Oralvr - pussylover says:

    I can tell Kylie is just dying to tell the story. Oh she is squirming in her seat with a building anticipation just waiting to burst it all out.

    Never be sorry Kylie, live your life…

  8. Joe - Oralvr - pussylover says:

    PS say Hi to Amanda and enjoy your time out celebrating with her.

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