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I am! *Smiles* In general, anyway…. I’ve had a GREAT couple of days, and as of now I’m logged onto Niteflirt, available and taking calls. And to be completely honest…even if I wasn’t in a good mood tonight? Orgasms with you guys always perk me up and make me smile! :) You knew that already though, right? Lol….

So let’s see…a quick rundown… Thursday night was super busy for me (read: lots and LOTS of cumming! Lol) so your sweet lil girl was totally happy and slutty~exactly how I like to be! *Giggles* And even beyond that, my sweet lil pussy boy called to say hello to me~and to send me a *large* yummy cash treat in the process. (You’re so good at that, pussy boy!! see? Pathetically useful, as usual…lol…) And of course~as you well know~spoiling me always makes my pussy wet… :)

Friday was an off day for me, although I did spend part of it teasing pussy boy again…lol… But most of it was spent resting up and then going out for drinks with Amanda for the 2 hours she was in town. Can I just say again how much I HATE that my best girlyfriend lives in Orlando now? *Frowns* I almost never get to see her, I hate long distance drives so I NEVER drive out there, AND, it most often means we can’t have girly sleep overs like we always used to. *Pouts* Oh, well. We’re looking into taking a lil “working vacation” in March….going down to my uncle’s condo on St Thomas and spending a week in the sun being TOTALLY fucking lazy! Lol… I’m really hoping we do it, cause the Virgin Islands are still a US territory~so my cell will work with no roaming and if I want to log in to Niteflirt, I can do it from the phone in the condo. I don’t know~we’ll see. I’ll let you know if we get it set in stone so you can have plenty of advance notice!

And today…I had my first voice lesson. When I say “voice”, I mean as in “singing”. It wasn’t exactly my first one, but the first one I’ve had since high school. So it was really exciting!! Some of you already know that I used to sing…some of you don’t…but I guess you do now! *Smiles* Just fyi…I used to sing a LOT in high school. I did the whole musical theater thing, I did vocal competitions (I even won a few of them!), I did chorale, and of course karaoke…lol…. Either way, it’s been a long time since I’ve tried to pursue it seriously. While I know I couldn’t do the “American Idol” thing (too many “dirty” secrets in my past…lol…) for a long time, I’ve wanted to start training again. Not for “fame”…just for ME, you know? *Smiles*

Anyway, the lesson was great!! I always love singing in front of someone new…I tell them I’m an amateur, and that I was never classically trained, so I know they’re expecting something shitty (like those American Idol auditions you see on TV or something…lol…) But then I sing for them~and seriously. The look on their faces when I’m done? It’s…like…WOW. I mean…it’s almost enough to make me cum. LOL! I know! It sounds crazy, but I mean it!! So from now on, I have voice lessons once a week. This voice coach is at USF (University of South Florida), but she’s by acceptance only. Like, this class is for money, but she only accepts those who she wants to train~I saw 2 people ahead of me that afternoon be rejected and sent home. And I was accepted!! YAY!! So every Saturday from now on I get to show off some more. And maybe (Seriously. Just maybe) if I start feeling really confident, I’ll post a lil clip here for you guys to hear. We’ll see. *Blushes*

What else…well…I have been working on a few secret things with Tee that should be done this coming week. Which means…even though I won’t tell you details yet, lots of new pictures, and even MORE new stuff for you guys to enjoy! No hints yet…you’ll just have to wait and see for yourselves. But I promise you’ll love it!!

And I guess that’s it! Let’s see if I have favorite feedback to share… This one’s from my sweetie J, who is the first guy I’ve ever known who liked our call so much, he changed his member name to reflect mine! Isn’t that awesome? So now he’s “luvskylie”, and I love him right back! *Smiles* Anyway, I’ll share it below. But you can also read it on my Fantasy/Roleplay Listing:

Who needs transcendental meditation? When I’m talking to Kylie and cumming on my headboard, I’m one with the universe.

OMG I love it!! (TY, my luv!!) I’m available and taking calls now (it’s about 3am EST) and I should be up till 5 or 6am (or later!) EST. So call me tonight!! Cause I’m staying up so late, as of now, I’m not planning on taking calls Sunday night at all…but that’s not for definite yet. So if you’re still up…and you want to cum with me? You know what to do. *Giggles* Bye for now!

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