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STRANGE Night…lol…

Seriously!! Is there a full moon tonight or something?? I guess I’ve been pretty lucky most of the time~or maybe it’s just that you guys are always so sweet to me. So maybe I’m a little bit spolied? Cause tonight…well, today as a whole! Just STRANGE!! First of all, it’s SO fucking cold outside!! I mean it! It’s like 40 degrees or something! So I’ve had to keep the heat on, for only like the 4th time all year so far. AND I had to work out indoors, cause it’s just too f-ing cold to do anything outside, except run to my heated car and back again after I get home! Lol…

(Yes, you read that right. Yes, I really did grow up in Michigan! :) That’s just another thing to add to the big long list of stuff that I’m too spoiled to deal with anymore. Cold weather, I mean. My blood has thinned, it’s not my fault!! Lol…)

Anyway, so it’s freezing. Now add to that, the last two calls I’ve had. Umm….weird would be an understatement! I’m going to respect the privacy of the guys I just spoke to, just cause I feel like it’s the right thing to do? But ummm…yeah. It’s been a STRANGE night!! :) I guess it’s all relative though, cause I had the most awesome weekend playing with you guys!! And by that I mean…if I have a great weekend and get to talk to most of my favorite guys all in a 24 hour period, it stands to reason that the next day I log in would be almost the opposite. Right? Lol…. That’s what I’m telling myself to make it okay, so don’t argue with me!! Lol…

It’s pretty late right now, and I’ll be going to sleep soon… I just wanted to write really quick to vent a little bit, and to say hi cause tomorrow (Tuesday) is my Princess Day, so I won’t be back till Wednesday night. So…thanks for listening. *Giggles* Let’s see if I have favorite callers to mention before I go… My CCD, for LOTS of yummy calls! (TY sweetie!) My lil cuckold D (I keep telling you I’m going to deny you one of these days…so I can be just like your new wife! Lol… It’s fun to tease and make you beg for it, though. Hopefully you enjoyed that call as much as I did…) My favorite FS (I’m sorry I was so sleepy by the time you finally caught me, my luv!! We still have a date to reschedule…we’ll have to talk about that soon, k?) And of course, my sweetheart MWAllan~WOW it’s been so long since we talked!! Playing with him is kinda like fucking one of my ex boyfriends. Like, I know what he likes, he knows what I like, and he’s still innocent enough so I can feel like I’m corrupting him. *Giggles* Plus, we can talk about absolutely anything, cause we’re such good friends, you know?

Anyway, he also left me my favorite feedback, which I’ll share below, but you can also read on my Anything Goes Listing:

hi to all, well its been quite some time since ive talked to my old friend kylie, so i know how much she likes these little notes. well what to say, that hasnt already been written here. she is a great friend to me and i appreciate everything that she is. you all know her as the phonesex goddess that she is, but she is much more to me. she is as good as a real girlfriend could be. im not just saying that to get a smile out of you either babe. oh yes and she is very orally talented too, if yall know what im sayin. thanks again my luv.

And I guess that’s it! It’s 2am EST right now, I’m going to be available and taking calls till 2:30 or 3am EST. After that, you’ll have to look for me Wednesday night after 8pm EST. I know it’s a weeknight and all…but if for some reason you’re still up and horny? Call me tonight!! I still wanna cum before I go to sleep…. :)

Bye for now!!

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