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To write…or not to write…

I’ve found myself in this lil “pickle” lately. The decision to write…which I love to do….partly because I love telling you guys what’s going on with me, partly to keep my lil New Years Resolution, and partly cause it’s honestly pretty cathartic to write down all the stuff that’s jumbled up in my head all day long. :) Anyway, all that is versus the decision NOT to write. Which has been happening WAY too often lately…partly because of time constraints, but also partly cause these days? I’m really just boring. LOL! I mean, I guess it’s all relative~I’m sure that if you took your normal average every day “vanilla” girl, and plunged her into my life headfirst, she’d be crazy with all the stuff I do on a daily basis! Lol… And hence, she’d have tons and tons of stuff to write about all the time. Don’t you think? :)

I don’t know, maybe it’s all this “Kylie’s becoming a real grown up” stuff I’ve got going on. But lately, outside of cumming all night long with lots of fun new guys, and developing new websites so I can keep building my lil “phone sex empire” *evil laugh*, and going to class, and going to voice lessons, and did I mention cumming all night long on the phone? *Giggles* Anyway, lately…it just seems like I maybe don’t have so much to say! Which is why I blog a lot less lately. I’ve shared these thoughts with a couple of you (you know who you are) and the consensus is (surprisingly) that you guys don’t care WHAT I write! As long as I WRITE and the subject has something to do with yours truly. *Blushes* So…I’m just going to go with that for now and start writing whatever pops out of my head. Instead of being the super perfectionist I usually am and overthinking and deciding not to write at all for fear of boring you. You guys just let me know if you get tired of hearing about my daily life, k? :)

What could be better than a whole page of entries about moi, anyway? Definitely MY favorite subject! *Giggles*

Moving on… This Princess Day was pretty boring, actually. I woke up not feeling too well, so I stayed in all day and read a book (yes, the WHOLE book in 3 hours! I read pretty fast) and watching movies. I saw The Nines, which was really 3 movies in a movie. 3 different stories, but with all the same actors playing different characters, but they all overlapped and they don’t explain till the end? Yeah. Kinda weird, but I liked it. Also, The Invasion, which was seriously scary!! To me, anyway. Probably shouldn’t have watched that one by myself…but I liked it! Yucky and bloody and lots of surprises that kept making me scream out loud. LOL! Scary movies are kinda hard for me…but this one was good.

And now…even though I planned to write awhile longer tonight…my phone is starting to ring. So I’m going to close this lil note now cause you know how I hate to be interrupted while I’m writing! Lol… Let’s see if I can find some favorite feeback to share before I go… This one’s from my Dark Soul, and you can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

I finally hooked up with Kylie again and am so happy I did! If you’ve never had Kylie before, then call and prepare to be totally addicted. I love to play with her–she has a great imagination and truly loves to get off and get you off! Thanks again sweetheart!

And I guess that’s it! Tonight’s one of my late nights, so I’ll be available and taking calls till 4am EST or later. So call me tonight!! Bye for now!

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