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A Sidebar…if you will…

Hi guys! :) Well. This lil post of mine has been brewing for a few days now…ever since I strolled over to visit Angela St Lawrence the other day. Who, if you haven’t read her blog lately, has just written one of the most honest, insightful, REAL posts I’ve ever read, all about this lil thing we all like to call phone sex. Now. While I mean it that you should take a stroll on over to her amazing blog and read it for yourself~do that before you read further here, because she said it all more artfully than I ever could! *Giggles*~ I have a little *sidebar* to add on. Hence, the title above. This isn’t really in the exact same vein of her description, but rather, an addendum of sorts. An addendum that’s totally exclusive to ME, MY lil habits, and MY lil preferences. K? Ready?

Good. First of all… On occasion, I write about my experiences with some of you here, as you well know. Most of the time, it’s about *yummy* calls, once in a very great while, it’s about something that made me angry, or made me sad. (*Gasp!* I know, it doesn’t happen very often! But it does happen sometimes.) Anyway, regardless of whether it’s bad or good, I always try to give you guys a certain level of privacy when I write. Meaning, I only refer to you by your Niteflirt member name, or more often, a lil nickname that I’ve come up with for you that we’ll both understand. I do this because, I kinda feel like, even though you’ve decided to call me up and share your all secret fantasies with me, that doesn’t mean you signed up to have your name all “up in lights” so to speak. You know? And this goes double for the times I talk about something that made me sad! Lol…

The moral of this story is… If you read something here that you think is about you? And you’re worried about it? Whether it’s good or bad? PLEASE shoot me an email and explicitly ask if it’s you that made me *pout*. Cause it’s recently come to my attention that when I wrote a post last year called “The Phone Sex Breakup”, that more than one of you thought it was about you!! When in reality, I was speaking to one particular guy, who knows quite well how much I care for him, and how much I miss him! (Even though we’ve played a few times recently….lol…) Anyway, as a result, there’s more than one of you who has gone almost a year without calling to play with me, thinking I was upset with you! Silly boys!! Assumption is a bad thing, dont’cha know…. *Giggles*

K. Second of all… On the subject of phone sex fantasies… I think you all know me well enough by now, to know that I’m a TOTAL perv!! Which means, that I get off on just about anything! I know, I know…you feel like your fantasy is too nasty…you’re embarrassed talking about it cause you think it’s going to turn me off/get upset/not be as horny. Right? Well. I’m promising you right now that that WILL not happen. I LIKE it kinky, naughty, dirty, taboo… And you guys know this about me!! So…what’s the harm in speaking up and telling me what you like? In speaking at an audible volume so I can actually hear you, and know what makes you hot, and build a fantasy accordingly for both of us to enjoy? I only mention this cause lately, I’ve had a rash of guys calling at a serious *whisper*…or calling to just be completely silent!!

The moral of THIS story is: I don’t mind if you have to keep your voice down cause you don’t want to get caught cumming with me. I DO mind if you can’t even take a sec to whisper your fantasy to me. Because if you don’t tell me…I don’t know. And when I don’t know…I can’t fulfill it for you. And when I can’t fulfill it…you walk away from our call unsatisfied. And that…that is the most awful feeling in the whole wide world to me! *Frowns* In case you hadn’t already noticed…my goal is to make you cum. And cum HARD. And…make myself cum too, if possible… *Smiles* Anyway, I’m sure you get my point.

So. It’s just after Midnight EST, and I’m going to close this now so I can get off alerts and start taking some more calls! :) I’m available and taking calls now, and since tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, I will NOT be taking calls at all. I WILL however, be up pretty late tonight…till probably 5 or 6am EST. So if you’re up, and you’re horny…call me tonight!! I’m definitely in the mood to play! Hopefully you are too… If I don’t talk to you before then, Happy Super Bowl!! Who do you think will win??

Bye for now!

PS I’ve added LOTS of new girls to my Phone Sex Girklfriends site!! Check it out when you get a chance. :) Bye again!!

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