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That lovin feeling…

Okay. It might surprise you to know (okay, well, maybe it won’t, lol) that I know lots and lots of phone sex girls. Most of whom think just like I do! They like doing phone sex cause they’re honest to goddness slutty girls! :) They like to cum, they like to make guys cum, they like all types of sex in general. :) But I do also know some other girls… Girls who think of phone sex like some kind of “equation”…like, “Take sexy voice, add it to guy with hard cock, make sound effects and solve for x.” LOL!! No names here, cause I really don’t know too many of them, thank God! *Giggles* Anyway, they’re always coming down on me cause I always stress the fact that I still get off during my phone sex calls. Like it’s such a bad thing, or something.

To me, that’s part of why I do it. But to some others…I don’t know. Think of cumming on a phone sex call as tantamount to kissing on the lips for an escort. It’s (supposedly) just not done. But for me, I’ve always felt like cumming is part of the whole deal! Like, if I didn’t feel like cumming for real, why not just go become a secretary or a meter reader or something? If I don’t like playing with my pussy, why am I in the sex biz anyway? Lol… Anyway. Back to that lovin feeling…

When I think of it…there’s this feeling…this “omg my heart just jumped and my pussy is wet without even touching it yet” type feeling. The “WOW I’m so into this person’s voice and what they’re saying and I could cum all night long talking to him” type feeling. Or even (and this is the best one) the, “I can’t stop thinking about this call and this orgasm~I truly can’t get it out of my head cause it was THAT fucking hot!!” type feeling.

Now. The reason why I describe all this, is because I only get this feeling *sometimes*. Actually, I should rephrase. I get it often, with a handful of my favorite guys…and quite a few new guys who just happen to stumble on what I like and how I like it. *Blushes* I know you probably don’t believe me, cause I’m so immersed in phone sex all day every day…lol… It’s true! But it doesn’t happen all the time, and I think it should happen more often! I think I should feel that feeling every single time I answer a call! Or at least when the call is over and done with…. *Giggles* Well, maybe not that often…but you know what I’m saying. And the reason for bringing all this up, is cause this past week? I was a very lucky lil girl! Lucky enough to feel that *lovin feeling* on almost every call I got!

Lots of yummy roleplays…definitely lots of making my tight lil pussy cum! But best of all~lots of calls that I just couldn’t get out of my head the next day. Calls that made my pussy just as wet when I went back to revisit them in my dirty lil mind (with my favorite vibrator, of course!) as when they happened in the first place! *Smiles* Which, if you couldn’t already tell, is always a very good thing!! So yet again, I have to tell you guys thank you. For always being so awesome and making an effort to get me off and make me feel special while we play. I know, I’ve said it (at least) a million times…but I have the very best callers in the whole wide world!!

Anyway, moving on… Valentines Day wasn’t what I had expected it to be. I cancelled my date like I said, but at about 9pm last night, my usual guy stopped by and surprised me with a yummy VDay Dinner. Which is why I wasn’t on last night like I usually would be. :( And no, I didn’t tell him I was supposed to have plans with someone else. LOL! Yummy dinner from his best friend’s restaurant, then we watched, Gone Baby Gone~which was actually pretty good! I hated the ending cause I wanted it to turn out differently, but it was still good. And cause I know you guys want to know: yes, I let him spend the night. NO, I didn’t let him fuck me. I did however, let him go down on me…and of course I returned the favor. *Smiles* All in all, it was a good night! But I still don’t want him to be my boyfriend. I might start actually returning his calls now and then, though….lol…

Now. I’m almost done, but I promised my pussy boy that I’d explain how he actually fulfilled his “real man duties”…lol…. First, please understand that he wasn’t really a *REAL* man throughout. :) We talked lots of times over this past weekend…and I was unwilling to talk about sex really, cause he’s made such a career out of fucking it up whenever I do, right? But he begged me for a good long while…explained to me that if I were to let him fuck me, how I could do anything I wanted, however I wanted to do it…promising me that if I wanted him to, he’d lick my pussy for as long as I wanted him to! Seriously. ALL this just so I’d think about cumming with him! But what can I say? He wore me down. And his begging was turning me ON! So when I started describing exactly how I’d sit on his face and cum all over him…he started begging more, and I just couldn’t help it! Yes, pussy boy finally made me cum. NO, it’s not going to become a regular thing! Lol…. But for once, after 6 months of attempts, he finally satisfied me. *Sighs* And I guess it’s a good thing, cause now that it’s happened, I’m thinking another 2 looong months of chastity to make him appreciate the gift he was given. *Giggles* We’ll see. Either way, he’s had his lil moment in the sun, and it’s over now. (Are you happy now, my luv? You’ve finally redeemed yourself and now everyone knows it. Lol…)

Let’s see if I have favorite feedback to share before I go… This one’s from my favorite FS, and you can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

The most perfect call in the history of perfect calls!! Well…to be honest…there aren’t that many calls in my memory that could compare to the perfection that is Kylie. So I suppose I really meant to say, that Kylie’s the best ever!! But you already know that, don’t you? If you haven’t tried Kylie already, please take my word for it and try her right now!! She’s better than awesome. She leaves me speechless, every single time. Hot voice, hot stories, hot orgasms. She’s perfect ALL around

And I guess that’s it! It’s Friday night~well, technically it’s Saturday now~and I’m actually available and taking calls. (I know! I never log on on Fridays, but it is what it is. Lol…) It’s just after 2am EST, and I’ll probably be up till 3 or 4am EST. So call me tonight!! I did get to play a couple of times so far tonight, but my tight lil pussy is still wet and I wanna cum some more before I go to sleep! So cum be my (belated) Valentine if you’re still up! *Smiles* If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me after 9pm EST on Saturday….

Bye for now!

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