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Boys are funny :)

And no, I’m not referring to you guys when I say that! :) Although…most of you have been known to make me laugh a lot of the time…lol… Either way, I’m talking about guys in my real life, guys who actually get to see/hang out with me. And I’m laughing because that guy I was supposed to go out with for Valentine’s Day? Ummm…yeah. I’ve been skipping the gym for the last week or so cause that class kicks my ass too bad~I just went back to my walking and some limited free weights cause I can do that stuff whenever I want and not have to show up at an appointed time. You know I’m not so good with schedules. *Smiles*

Anyway, so I haven’t been at the gym, so I haven’t seen him, and I haven’t been returning his calls, so I haven’t talked to him. I just checked my voice mail on my cell, and I shit you not, he’s called like 10 times in the last 4 days! LOL! Like after almost ruining my VDay, he thinks I’m going to give him another chance or something? Like I’m ever going to even consider letting him take me out after all that? Ummm…no. So like I said, boys are so funny to me! And even though I usually hate it when guys get all pushy and keep bugging me, I honestly hope he keeps calling! I don’t plan on answering (I almost never have my cell phone turned on) but I get a really good laugh every time I listen to one (or five) of his messages. *Giggles* Hey, if he wants to keep trying, more power to him. He gets an A for effort even if I never talk to him ever again. :)

I had a pretty low key weekend this past week… I was available and taking calls on Thursday night well into Friday morning, as well as Saturday night through till Sunday morning. You guys made it so much fun for me!! Lots and lots of yummy calls, so lots of yummy orgasms for me. And of course, lots of HOT memories to give me sweet dreams and make my “solo playtime” that much more memorable in my free time….lol… I don’t know, I mean, I guess it sounds kind of unbelievable, cause it seems like every girl says this even if it’s not true? But I honestly get off on phone sex! And I love cumming and playing with you! The only time I have a hard time is when a guy is really really silent and won’t answer my questions~that whole mind reading psychic thing isn’t in my skill set just yet…lol… But seriously! Phone sex by itself is fucking hot. Phone sex where I get to cum too? THAT’S like a drug to me. SUPER fucking yummy good!

Let’s see if I have favorite callers to mention… My pussy boy of course~another *large* yummy cash treat and another week of no orgasms for him. LOL! Poor thing. He’s been pretty sweet and well behaved lately though, so I might just take pity on him sometime this week. (I said might!) We’ll see. My sweetie CCD, for LOTS of yummy calls! Playing with him has pretty much evolved into total gfe phone sex~which is what makes it so much fun, cause that’s one of my very favorite things to do! :) My master AF~I was so happy to hear his voice that I actually went all submissive slut for him cause he asked me to. I know! I said I wasn’t doing that anymore! And I’m still not. Except…for him. Cause he makes me cum so fucking hard. *Blushes*

Ummm..who else… My old friend JC~I guess he missed me so much, he wanted to barely say hello and go right into playing with me! Which is fine with me, especially cause we did all the catching up afterwards…but I was kinda surprised that he could still make me cum like that! I mean, we’ve been playing for a long time…on and off for like 4 years…and for the past 2 it’s been more “off” than on…lol…. But still! WAY hot! (TY for the call, sweetheart…I’ll drop you an email soon so we can catch up some more.) There are a few more that I could mention, but no one else who left me written feedback. *Sigh* So I guess that’s it for now.

I do have favorite feedback to share though, and I’ll do that below. This one’s from my sweetie BBJ, and you can also find it on my Anything Goes Listing:

Kylie is one of the all time greatest. She’s a sweet girl with a natural young sounding voice…and she loves to play that sweet, young, innocent girl that drives me crazy. She’s very very good playing that particular lil girl.

And I guess that’s about it! I’m on alerts right now, but I’ll be completely available and taking calls right after I finish writing to you here. At this point, I’m thinking I’ll be up and available till at least 2 or 3am EST. So call me tonight!! Remember, tomorrow’s my Princess Day~so after tonight I won’t be back till Wednesday after 8pm EST. This Princess Day’s going to be kinda nuts, btw… I have my mani and pedi in the afternoon, and then Amanda’s going to be in town and she’s sleeping over. AND nd Erin’s going to be in town~and if that actually happens, she’s going to sleep over. And get your minds out of the gutter! *Giggles* I know the thought of a naughty lesbian sleepover is probably really fucking hot to you…but we don’t play that way. I know for sure we’re doing dinner and drinks…and more drinks…and some dancing…and probably a lil after hours party here cause I have a whole house to myself…with some more drinks… LOL! But beyond that, I can’t say. I’ve been planning to write another erotic story for like forever though~so if there’s anything fun to tell you, I promise I’ll do just that. :)

Bye for now!

PS Just cause I’ve been laughing my ass off at these all day…here are a couple of YouTube Links. I can’t embed them here cause the window is too big to fit on my blog…and I’m not going to tell you what they are cause I want to surprise you. But just in case you’ve already seen them, I’ll give you a couple little hints. (You have to watch them in order!!) The 1st one is the Matt Damon one, and the 2nd one is the Ben Affleck one. OMG these are too f-ing funny!! Take a look if you have time~I promise they’re hilarious!! Bye again!

2 Responses to “Boys are funny :)”

  1. Mister Vitamins says:

    Oh come on Kylie, you know the pussy boy is only moments away from cheating or screwing up somehow. Come on pussy boy…I know you can do it…lol… ;)

    Let me know if you need some meat for that multiple girl sandwitch too…say “Hi” to Erin for me.

    P.S. – How did they get Han Solo do do that video??

  2. Kylie says:

    Maybe…but even this afternoon when I was sure he had fucked up again…he hadn’t! I think he’s getting the hang of this “being well behaved/making Kylie happy” thing…lol….

    AND, no man meat required for the girl sandwich, silly man. :) We did have an awesome time though…I’ll write about it sometime in the next few days. *Blushes*

    xoxo, Kylie

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