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Shopping is good for the soul….

This post is also titled, “How in the hell is it Thursday already?!!” Lol… I was getting so good at the whole blogging on time and often thing, and I guess I somehow lost track of time cause here it is Thursday (by the time I finish writing here, it will be Friday) and I haven’t written in days! I also thought I was getting better at the logging onto Niteflirt on time according to my schedule thing…and I guess I’ve pretty much dropped the ball on that as well. *Sighs* Ah, well. Procrastination’s part of my charm, right? :) And…I’m on alerts as of like 3 minutes ago. I’ll be completely available and taking calls by like 12:30am EST.

NOW. Back to the topic at hand. Have I mentioned how much I love shopping? No, seriously. I really, really love it! So much so that about a week ago, I was telling my Mommy that I was having a hard time thinking of stuff I wanted to buy, cause I thought I already had everything! *Giggles* Anyway, you know I shop almost every week on my Princess Day, but this week? Ummm….yeah. I guess I went a little overboard. :) Shoe shopping and book shopping and then I wanted some new lingerie and then I wanted some framed prints for my office and then I wanted some new CD’s and then of course I had my nail appointment so I got some new nail polish at the salon. And then I wanted some hair products and some new makeup and since I was in the department store already, I wanted some new perfume. And then of course the grocery shopping and the wine store to pick out some new champagne… *Whew*! Yeah…after that I was done.

But seriously, I finally know why they call it retail therapy!! I wasn’t feeling sad when I started or anything, but OMG did I feel SO fucking good when I was done! And surprisingly…now I can think of at least 20 more things that I want! Lol… Luckily, a special friend (who will remain anonymous at his request) sent me a *large* e gift card from Sephora yesterday, so I can do some more shopping online tonight in between playing with you guys.

Anyway, in case you hadn’t noticed, Princess Day was awesome this week! Not only did I have SO much fun shopping, but I also got an awesome pedicure AND watched a couple of pretty good movies with the guy. Awake, which I know the critics didn’t like, but there’s such a huge twist in the storyline? I loved it! And 30 Days of Night, which I also liked, even though it seemed a bit unbelievable. I mean, if you watch your boyfriend turn himself into a vampire, do you really sit there with him giving him kisses and waiting for the sun to rise? Or do you run like hell and hide in a basement or something till you know he’s dead and not going to drink your blood and kill you? LOL! Seriously, though! Just seemed silly to me. Both are definitely worth watching though~if you get a chance to check them out.

Now, on to favorite callers. :) First, there’s my PeeWee. Yes, that’s what I call him, and for obvious reasons. *Giggles* But even though he has such obvious and unacceptable “shortcomings”, lol… He has to be mentioned first because he’s the reason for my crazy shopping spree this week. Last Saturday, not long after I finished writing here last, my poor little PeeWee called to play with me. Tiny weewee in hand, he kept trying to resist me, kept saying he had never stayed on the phone that long before…but as I took control of that pathetic lil thing, I also took control of his wallet. Which just happens to be much bigger than his cock. LOL! So hour after hour passed by…and by the time I was done teasing and owning him and ready to put him to bed? It was 9 in the morning and he had contributed quite considerably to my lil shopping budget. *Smiles* Poor lil peewee…he has no idea what’s in store for him and I can’t wait to see what happens when he finally figures it out. LOL!

Who else…my pussy boy of course~I think he’s due for an orgasm one of these days. We’ll see how well he pleases me this coming week, and I’ll consider it. My favorite FS (thanks so much for the gift, my luv! I forgot to mention it when we spoke, but I got it and I love that you thought of me!!) My new sweetheart the Painter (I still owe you an email, mister~I promise I haven’t forgotten! And you still owe me a painting! I meant that!! Lol…) Also, thanks so much to all of you who left me tips/tributes after our calls! They’re never necessary, but always so much appreciated!! Makes a girl feel special and appreciated, you know… *Smiles*

And I guess that’s it! It’s actually 12:50 right now, so I’m already a bit later than I originally thought. *Blushes* But it’s okay! Cause it’s Thursday, which means it’s one of my late nights, which means you can call and play with me to your hearts content all night long! :) I should be available and taking calls till at least 4 or 5am, maybe later if you guys are still calling. And…I haven’t made my pussy cum all day long! So maybe…if you’ve been missing me…one (or more!) of you could call and help me out with that?

Bye for now!

3 Responses to “Shopping is good for the soul….”

  1. pussyboy says:

    Princess? An orgasm? YaaaaY !!! I swear I will be good…thank you for even hinting at such a reward! I know most of you out there probably think I’m silly for thinking aloud like this. But remember, for a pussyboy like me, an orgasm is a real treat!! And a rare one at that! I know that this offer will probably come with some humiliating caveat, but I don’t care! I’m getting sooo desperate! Pleasee? I know some of you are laughing out loud by now, but I appeal to you guys out there….keep her in a good mood! Lest I be totally left in the lurch!! Be good to her, and remember, some pity for the ‘little’ guy gets you good Karma :)

  2. Mister Vitamins says:

    I say…no mercy for the pussyboy! Nice T-shirt BTW Kylie… ;)

  3. Kylie says:

    Yes, pussy boy~it IS a reward! Of course you’ll be good…and of COURSE there’ll be a humiliating caveat…isn’t there always? *Smiles* Unfortunately (for you) you’ll just have to wait to find out how humiliating it will be…lol… The end justifies the means though, don’t you think?

    xoxo, Kylie

    PS TY for the compliment, Mr Vitamins! (I knew you’d like the shirt!) :) He really does deserve mercy, though…he’s been very good lately…

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