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Playing around…

Yep, I’ve been playing around with Photoshop tonight. Are you proud of me? Lol… I got the software sometime last year, and till about a week ago, I’ve been just as clueless about how to make it work as I was before I had it. Just fyi, usually when you see pictures posted here, it means that I cropped it with Photoshop, resized it with another program, and then watermarked it with yet another program before uploading to my site to post it here. I know, it sounds tedious. I had kinda gotten it down to a science though…it didn’t take me too long. But now…not only can I skip all those unnecessary steps, but I can also turn photos black and white! Isn’t that cool! I could probably learn how to adjust the color levels a bit more to make it a lil bit “sharper”…but we’ll make that next on my list. *Smiles* Oh~I also learned how to add my own little stars to cover my nipples…but I thought you guys might like a little treat…so I left them as is. :)

Anyway, it’s super late right now (almost 1am EST), and I’m still only on alerts cause I’ve been playing around with pictures for the last two hours. SO. I’m going to cut this short and leave you with my lil teaser above, so I can get my cute lil ass on the phone sometime shortly! :) In case you hadn’t guessed, the title above was a lil double intendre… Yes, I was playing with my pictures, but I’d also love to play with my tight lil pussy tonight! *Blushes* And of course, I’d LOVE to get the chance to play with you

Tonight’s one of my late nights, so I’ll be available and taking calls on Niteflirt till at least 5am, probably much later. So call me tonight!! Remember, after tonight, I won’t be back till Monday after 8 or 9pm. Bye for now!

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