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I’m here!

Just wanted to let you guys know that while I am horribly late, I’m here and I’m going to be on Niteflirt taking calls tonight…by about 1:45am EST. I had a crazy hectic day~my Mommy sent me a gift card to a salon way out in Clearwater. Unfortunately, the only way to get there is on this huge 6 lane “highway” that’s not really a highway cause there’s all these stoplights. AND, lucky me, there was also construction on this particular road today. Lots and LOTS of construction. Add that to the fact that my appointment was at 10am (I know! 10 am?? Me?? But yes. Seriously.) AND the fact that it was a whole spa day that kept me there till 5pm…then back through the construction zone and drive all the way back home. OMG It was exhausting!! I never dreamed that enjoying a gift could be so draining. *Sighs*

Anyway, so I had to take a nap and grab some dinner, and then decide whether or not it was too late for me to log on. Which wasn’t a really hard decision, considering that I haven’t made my tight lil pussy cum since Monday night! *Giggles* So I’m here, and I’ll be available shortly. And if you’re still up, call me tonight! I’ll probably be available till 4am or later. Bye for now!

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