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Sex for money…

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Yes, this was a bit of a joke. But definitely a tongue in cheek one!! *Giggles* I took this quiz sometime last week, just for entertainment, and I saved the results to share with you at some future date. Especially considering the whole Governor Spitzer scandal, I thought the topic was pretty apropos. Don’t you think? :) So. I was saving it, and saving it, and then Friday night, I saw this 20/20 special with Diane Sawyer, about Prostitution in America. Now. Of course I had to watch it (for obvious reasons, lol), but I had no idea what it was really going to entail until I finally watched it on my Tivo. And when I finally did just that earlier today? Ummm..yeah.

The whole thing consists of Diane Sawyer riding around in some outreach bus, talking to street hookers and homeless chicks, and asking how they got into “the life”. If it had stopped there, I would have been like, “Okay. Cool.” But something happened to our girl Diane after visiting so many truck stops (for lot lizards~yes, that’s what they’re really called at truck stops! Lol…) and abandoned houses and ho strolls. By the time she made it to the college campuses and the high end independent girls? It was like she was SO fucking jaded! I’ll elaborate. Interview after interview with the street hookers, the girls were saying how they hated themselves, and how they were all strung out, and how they had been abused, blah blah blah… I don’t mean to make light of their childhood abuse, I’m just trying to illustrate how it was SO repetitive in this special.

SO. When she finally got to the college girls/high class call girls/exclusive escorts…mind you, she only included segments with the high class girls for like 3 minutes TOTAL of a 60 minute special! Anyway, she was interviewing them and asking them why they got into “the life”. Why they were doing what they did. Were they abused as kids or otherwise traumatised. And when they answered no to all the questions, and explained how they really liked it and the reasons why… She honestly said (aloud!!) that she didn’t believe them! She refused to believe that a girl could honestly enjoy sex for money! She kept giving all these disclaimers about not being able to verify the stories, and how she had to assume that the girl was lying.

And afer all that explanation, I have to get to my point: That special pissed me OFF!! How dare she?? Seriously!! I mean, I respect Diane Sawyer, but how DARE she assume that every single escort is doing what she does because of childhood abuse, or drug addiction, or self esteem issues!! Because…and I’m speaking (semi) objectively here now… When I was escorting? Yes, I did it for the money. That was definitely my main goal. But I also did it cause I LIKED IT. I liked getting off all the time, I liked having sex with strangers, I liked what I did for a living!! And I resent anyone on the outside looking in (so to speak) automatically assigning it to uneducated, drug addicted losers who have no other choice! Seriously!! That special SO pissed me off!!

So. Since this blog is all about me and I can say whatever I want~here’s my lil soapbox statement. Some girls just LIKE it naughty. Not every girl is being abused and taken advantage of!! There are actually LOTS of us (myself included!) who have no pimp and work in the sex biz cause we LIKE it. And because we do? It doesn’t mean we’re fucked up and mentally unstable! It just means we’re fucking HORNY, damnit!! So stop with the holier than thou bullshit attitude!! Jeez!!

*Whew*! K. Rant over. Lol… It’s Sunday morning right now, and it’s almost time for me to call it a night. (Just after 9am EST.) I stayed up a bit longer so I could write this post, and cause I feel like having a couple GREAT orgasms before I go to sleep. Are you up for it? *Giggles* I promise, rant above notwithstanding…I’m in a sweet, sexy, and totally slutty mood! :) So if you feel like cumming with me? Call me tonight!! And remember~after I log off tonight, I won’t be back till Monday night after 9pm EST.

Btw…thanks for listening. :) I’m going to save favorite callers for another day…cause it’s just so fucking late. Forgive me? *Smiles* Bye for now…

5 Responses to “Sex for money…”

  1. pussyboy says:

    AMEN ! Such a well worded, thoughtful and insightful bitch session deserves a compliment from me! You bitch well, Kylie…I like that…and not simply because I’m weak for Domme women, but since you totally nailed it.

    My libertarian sensibilites very much concur with your assessment. She may have just well compared a shady used-car salesguy to an excutive at Goldman-Sachs…they are both in the business of selling right? So they must have the same scruples, ideology, values, ambition, and goals. Eat more fish, Diane dearie, it’s ‘brain food’.

    In my opinion, Sawyer is overdue for a visit with Domina Dorothy and is sorely in need of a New York style ass-whipping!

    Thank God for the classy gals who succeed in the adult industry…this Planet is a better place with them in it…and certainly hotter too :)

  2. Mister Vitamins says:

    Powered By Adult Store

    The average of this quiz was only $217.18?? Wow…well, I guess I can swing the net $92/hour for sex with you Kylie. When can we setup an “appointment”? ;)

    I saw most of the Diane Sawyer thing too, and I got a big kick out of all the bleeped words when she was interviewing street hookers. I thought it was actually 2 hours long? That special was just something that they rushed out to captialize on the Spitzer thing…I really didn’t expect them to end the special by saying, “Hey, let all your daughters sell their bodies for money…yay!” The mainstream media doesn’t do that at all…

  3. Kylie says:

    Happy to see that you both agree with me. :) That special made me so mad!! But yes…isn’t the world a better place with girls who actually like having sex for money? *Giggles* That may be one of the best quotes you’ve ever posted here, pussy boy…

    And Mr Vitamins…how is it $92/hour net? I was always bad at math, but I don’t get the calculation….elaborate please?

    xoxo, Kylie

  4. Mister Vitamins says:

    Hmmm…my posting didn’t have the proper html coding I guess to make my point. After taking the quiz, I’m apparently “worth” $1040/hour, which is $92/hour less than you my dear. Barbie was right…math is hard… ;)

  5. Kylie says:

    Ooookay. NOW I get it! :) When I think of Barbie, though…I think of the best bumper sticker I’ve ever seen! It reads, “I wanna be just like Barbie. That bitch has everything!” LOL! Who knew that one of the things Barbie doesn’t have, is a command of basic mathematics! Oh, well…she and I can have something in common, then….

    xoxo, Kylie

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