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I should do that more often!

Seriosuly! And by “that”, I mean rant about something I feel strongly about… I was so torn before, during, and after that post below, I honestly debated whether or not to write it! I mean, I know you guys like to read my thoughts, and I know that it’s definitely okay for me to be a little pissed off sometimes! Lol… But, I don’t know. I guess I kinda always try to keep my lil blog a fun, lighthearted, sexy thing to read, so getting super opinionated on stuff is generally something I save for my friends. AND for the few of you unsuspecting guys who call me lots and lots and never mind me talking your ear off with one of my opinions. *Blushes* For real, though~I’m going to start sharing here more often! Cause SO many of you have emailed and/or called and/or commented on my thoughts…I’m thinking it was a good thing! So TY for being so cool about listening…and an extra big thank you for reading and actually retaining!! It makes me smile, and it makes me want to write more often when I know you’re reading. :)

So…this week has been pretty uneventful for me so far. Besides lots of yummy phone sex calls, anyway! *Giggles* I’ll get into favorite callers a little bit later, though…. Anyway. Princess Day was lots of shopping, pedicure as usual (I got pretty pink and purple flowers on my toes this time), doing stupid errands and grocery shopping, and going out for dinner and drinks with some friends. I also bought some really cool art prints and posters online last week, that I had to take in to get framed. Two for my bathroom, a big one for my bedroom, and a really HUGE pretty beach sunset scene for over my desk in my office.

Isn’t it beautiful? My office is kind of yellow, so the colors along with the whole Florida thing, I just really like. And I’m so excited to have it hung so I can look at it every day while I’m out at my computer doing my web stuff and waiting in between calls! But here’s the problem: buying the posters and getting them framed myself was a really good (and cost effective) idea. But….can I just reiterate my desire to have a handyman type husband?? OMG is it so hard to mess with hammers and nails and picture hangers and stepladders without hurting myself! Lol… So in case you wondered, I still don’t have them hung up. *Frowns* I’m waiting to get some outside assistance…and I’m thinking, I’m going to tell my landlord he has to come pick up my rent in a couple days, and then just have him come in and do it all for me. LOL! We’ll see how it goes.

Now, back to favorite callers…I haven’t done this in so long!! My pussy boy, of course…I’ve been so bad with him lately! I like to find him really late at night and start chatting with him online while is gf is sleeping…and then I make him call me even though I know he has to whisper. And then, I try to tease him into cumming with me while he knows he can’t wake her up. *Giggles* I know, I said it was bad! But it’s SO much fun, and he never seems to mind, so so be it. :) I still haven’t gotten him to actually cum while she’s home…but I’m working on it. LOL!

My favorite FS (TY for the cute prezzie, my luv! I meant it when I said I was going to surprise you!) My sweetie CCD, for LOTS of yummy calls…almost every day, to be honest! My old friend JC, who can still make me cum like crazy everytime we play~even though it’s been almost 4 years since I met him! :) Chewie, one of my new very favorite guys…mostly cause he lets me be a naughty lil girl (*very* naughty! Lol..) and gets me off over and over for as long as I want. (Thanks for the yummy call, sweetie! Hopefully we can do it again sometime soon!)

Now, there’s probably a lot more I should mention, but those are the most recent and most memorable. I’m going to share favorite feedback below, but remember~if you want to be one of my favorite callers? All you have to do is call and play with me on Niteflirt for at least 15 minutes, and leave me written feedback after you LOVED our call! I like to be sweet to guys who are sweet to me…but you guys know that already. :)

Anyway, favorite feedback…this one’s from my DarkSoul, and I’ll share it below. You can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

You can never go wrong with Kylie. She’s such a sweetheart, and such a fun plaything! She always leaves me fully satisfied, and has as much fun as I do in the process. Absolutely the #1 girl here!

And I guess that’s it! Oh, before I go! First, I’ve added some new girls to my Phone sex Girlfriends site…so you should definitely check that out if you have time. Second, I have a photo shoot coming up on Saturday….so coming soon, there’ll be LOTS of hot new pics of your sweet lil girl, AND most likely some new additions to my photos page too! I’ll let you know when it’s all updated so you can take a look~but I’m sure I’ll share some little teasers here as soon as they’re all done.

I’ll be available and taking calls all night tonight, until at least 5 or 6 am EST~probably later. So call me tonight! I definitely wanna cum some more before I go to sleep, but I think I’m in the mood for some phone sex roleplay tonight! Maybe I could be your sweet lil schoolgirl…or your naughty lil neighbor…or even your best friends lil sister. Think you’re up for it? *Giggles* I sure hope so…. Remember, if you don’t catch me tonight, I won’t be back till Saturday after 9pm EST. Bye for now!

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