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Houston, we *had* a problem! :)

Well. I’m sure you’ve noticed that it’s been almost a week since I last wrote here. And…at least part of that has been my usual habit of procrastination! Lol… (Hey, at least I’m honest, right? :) ) The rest of it though…was due to some stuff that’s been going on here for the last few days…. Stuff that I didn’t want to go into detail here cause I didn’t want to freak you guys out and make you think you couldn’t call me! *Smiles* Anyway, enough beating around the bush…

I woke up on Thursday to an email from my pussy boy~asking me to please log on and take his call. I took some time to fully wake up, and then I picked up my phone to take his call. Only to find that I had no dial tone. So. I checked all my phones, called the phone company, went outside to test at the test jack, and still nothing. No phone. On a THURSDAY, at that! Oh, but I haven’t told you the best part yet. After I formally reported the trouble to my phone company? They said they’d have a technician out to fix it. But guess when they said that would happen? NEXT WEDNESDAY. At 6pm!!! OMG I was so pissed!! Seriously, how is that even possible? A whole week with no phone?? ARRGH!! How can a phone sex girl survive with no phone????

So. I have my cell phone, but I hate the way calls sound on it….so to save myself the total breakdown I was about to have, I set up incoming calls on my Skype phone, which I’ve been taking calls on for the last few days. Have you noticed at all? I don’t think there’s too much of a difference in sound quality…. The main difference is just that on that phone, I can’t hear myself, so I probably talk a bit louder to compensate, cause I’m weird that way.

The good part is, as of an hour ago, my normal landline phone has been working again! So every call I’ve taken for the last hour has been on my regular phone, the way it’s supposed to be. And from what I can tell, you guys haven’t noticed the difference at all…which is a VERY good thing! :) SO. I have no idea how long it’s going to stay fixed, as I haven’t gotten the little automated call from the phone co. telling me it’s fixed. But it seems that for tonight at least, all is well. YAY!! And since all is well with my phone, I plan on staying up to have yummy hot phone sex with you guys till super late! Until I get too sleepy, anyway… *Giggles*

Anyway. Since it’s been so long since I last wrote, I guess I should tell you what I’ve been up to in the last week. As far as my life? Just trying to get back on my normal schedule. Which has been SO much harder than it might seem! When I’m doing my workout at the scheduled time, then I eat at my scheduled times, which means I shower at the scheduled time, which means I log in to Niteflirt at the scheduled time. If one lil piece of all that falls out of place? The whole thing falls apart! I start taking calls too late, which means I stay up taking calls even later, which means I have to sleep in…. See? It’s a vicious circle. *Sigh* But for the last 3 days, I’ve been back on my schedule….I got some cute new sneakers and a few hot lil Nike workout outfits, so I’ve been working out and/or walking every day when I’m supposed to. So hopefully, you’ll see some changes in my Niteflirt schedule pretty soon! :) For the meantime, I’ve updated my scedule on my call me page just so you can have some idea.

Now. As far as calls… WOW have I been having so much fun with you guys lately! The best part is that there’s been such a wide cross section of interests lately! Lots of barely legal phone sex as usual (of course!) But also, lots of roleplay, some financial domination, lots of gfe phone sex, and even lots of cuckold and feminization calls! Just about every kind of phone sex that I like lately!! So, it’s been a fun week! :)

I know, I’ve been remiss on favorite callers, so keeping in mind that they’re from all different cross sections of fetishes, here we go. First, as always, is my sweet, pathetically useful pussy boy. No orgasms for him, not even very much teasing! Just lots of fun conversation, another *large* yummy cash treat, and him worshipping at the shrine that is Kylie. *Giggles* Yes, he adores me, but I adore him right back! So as long as he continues to know his place~and he’s very good at that~it’s all good. (How were those “vines”, my luv? I can’t tell her to stop if you keep enjoying it so much! Lol…) One of my new guys, CNC, who I teased with paid emails and recorded audio all night long on Thursday… WOW does he make it so easy for me to own him!! I’m going to be nice, so I won’t mention his friend A—- H—–. For now. LOL! I’ll keep the details to myself cause he’s been so well behaved. (We’ll see how long it lasts…)

Ummm…who else… My little slut Chase, who is now my little WHORE Chase, lol…. He’s another one who’s been treating his sweet lil girl right with yummy cash treats, so I won’t tell all his secrets just yet. Suffice it to say…I mean the word *whore* in the most operative way! And Chase is learnig his slutty girl lessons very well! *Smiles*

Okay…so we’ve covered my cuckolds, my financial domination piglets, and my feminization phone sex. Let’s move on to real men, shall we? :) My sweetie CCD, for LOTS of yummy hot calls! (I’m sorry about the issues earlier, my luv…try me back tonight! I’m sure it will work better!) My favorite TR, who let me “have all the power”…his words, not mine! So…if me having all the power means I get to suck your cock when I want, and make you fuck me when I say, and have you cum all over my face? I think me being in charge is a good thing. Don’t you? LOL!

Favorite feedback, is from my Pussy Lover. I’ll share it below, but you can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing

Kylie is the best. I had not had Kylie in a very long time, I missed her so much. So when I saw her on-line early one morning I had to call. Well she was perfect. Remembered me from the sound of my voice, even after long months apart, amazing. She took me for a wild ride even though we didn’t have much time (I had to go to work). She took care of ALL of my needs that morning. Helped with my super horniness, and my morning wood. Wow I trembled for hours afterwards.

And I guess that’s it! It’s 6am on Saturday night (technically Sunday AM) EST, and I should be up and available…taking calls on Niteflirt till at least 8am EST, probably later. So call me tonight! I’m in the mood for any kind of phone sex…. Whether it’s gfe phone sex, or barely legal roleplay, or feminization, or financial domme. To be honest, I’m just fucking horny!! So whatever you’re into? Give me a call! Remember, after I log off today, I won’t be back till Monday night after 10pm EST. Bye for now!

PS I’ve also updated my Call Me Cuties website with a new featured girl…so check that out when you have time. Bye again!

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  1. Mister Guy says:

    Sorry to hear that you burned your phone line out with all the naughty things that you do on it Kylie. ;) What’s a Skype phone anyways…is it some Internet call thingy?

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