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I’m sorry!!

Yes, it’s almost 5am EST on FRIDAY morning, and I know Thursday night is usually one of my late nights. So if you’ve been looking for me, I’m so sorry!! I’ve been talking to my pussy boy for literally the last 11 hours. YES, I really mean it~11 whole hours!! And yes, that’s a record! Even for me…

YES, it was a totally fun call! YES, it was intellectually stimulating, and HOT as always, AND he even made me cum at the end! Okay, so I came while describing how I would sit on his face and make him beg to fuck me, but still. *Giggles* Either way! It was hot, and he not only sent me another *large* yummy cash treat (2 of them, actually!) but he also did some shopping on my wishlist to send me some new Burberry perfume and some other yummy prezzies! (Ty sweetie! You’re SO fucking good to me! Even if your cock is totally substandard and you don’t deserve pussy ever again EVER!! You totally make up for it in all the right ways! Lol…) Anyway. My cash treats, a few prezzies, and a couple orgasms later… Your sweet lil girl is a *very* happy and spoiled lil girl indeed! :)

And can I just say, WOW, do I love cuckold phone sex!! OMG, I’m serious! Playing with the psychology of why cuckolding is erotic…why it turns a guy on….and how I know how much I fucking deserve to fuck whoever I want…? And especially how I can make cuckolds do absolutely, positively anything I want??!! Ummm…yeah. Just the thought of it makes my tight lil pussy wet. LOL! (I’m serious, though. It really does. *Blushes* I’ll elaborate on this idea some more at a later date….)

Anyway. I also know that I’m really late!! It’s totally thrown off my usual Thursday schedule. :) So…I’m really sorry if you’ve been looking to play with me, I’m only just now becoming available! But I’ll be doing calls shortly…I PROMISE promise! *Smiles* I just have to hop in the shower, get into my cute lil pink and white boyshort jammies~no panties, of course. *Smiles* After that, I’ll be back and available on Niteflirt till 7 or 8AM EST. So call me!! If you don’t catch me today, look for me Saturday night after 9 or 10pm EST. Bye for now!

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