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Cause I’m the Princess

Now. Before I get started here, and because I know some of you like to look out for me and tell me when something is screwy on my blog…lol… I have to mention the fact that I am fully aware that my links box is all messed up. This blog is powered by WordPress, and they often come out with updated versions that take care of bugs and security and stuff like that. Apparently, before yesterday I was running a 2 year old version of the software. So after I got it all updated, that one lil thing just doesn’t want to behave. *Pouts* So…although I do have lots of yummy and useful charms and talents? Web programming isn’t one of them. LOL! So please, just bear with me for a couple of days while I wait for the professionals to fix my lil mishap? *Sighs*

Anyway, back to the good stuff! :) Your sweet lil girl is feeling very happy and spoiled, yet again. Mostly due to the adoration from my new lil plaything PG this weekend… And can I just say WOW is financial domination so much fun! Hours and hours of talking and teasing…making him get drunk for me and then hanging up on him to raise my rate. Then hanging up on him some more to make him send me tributes over the phone… Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars later (*giggles*) I have my new plaything right where I want him. Which is: belonging to me and doing whatever I say. I mean, I’m always pretty nice to him cause I’m just not a sadistic bitch that way. And besides~why would I want to have to yell and screm to get my way? That wouldn’t be any fun! So instead, I just giggle and tell him stories and coax his money out of him. And I’m allowed to do that (or anything else I want, lol) cause I’m the Princess.

Which brings me to another subject: Cuckolding. It’s really funny to me that finally, after all these months~wait. Isn’t it years now? Anyway, after all this time on Niteflirt, that I’m finally meeting the kind of cuckolds that I like to talk to! Well, there was always my pussy boy, but still! *Smiles* Guys who are smart, and sweet, and into the psychology of the fantasy, more than just the sexy visual. Or in other words, their only flaw is that they have no prayer of ever getting to fuck me because they know they don’t deserve it? :) Yeah. Those are the kinds of cuckolds I really enjoy!

See, cuckolding for me is more about the head trip. Getting deep with it and analyzing it, and really making a guy understand why he deserves it, you know? And…of course there’s that whole thing about how I deserve to fuck anyone I want any TIME I want. Especially if he has a big cock! *Giggles* But~as I said above: I get to make those distinctions, cause I’m the Princess.

I know I’m scaring you REAL men with all this talk of fem domme, so I’m going to stop now. I just had to do a lil recap cause it’s been a crazy financial domme/cuckold phone sex weekend for me! Not to worry though…even though I really enjoy venting my inner bitch when the opportunity arises? I still love my yummy hot phone sex with REAL men above all else! I PROMISE promise. :)

On that note, let’s see if I have favorite callers to mention… My plaything PG of course (You have mail, sweetie…I’m working on Tuesday) my new cuckold Frank (TY for the perfume, my luv! Hopefully we’ll get to play again soon!) My sweetie CCD for LOTS of yummy calls! My lil slut Chase (I forgive you this time…because you made up for it with a yummy cash treat! Just be good next time…I mean it!) And of course, my CNC (I know I still owe you another mp3…I’ll work on that tonight, if you think you’re up for it!)

And, for favorite feedback really quick… Okay. This one is about a week old, but I’ll share it below. You can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

A great call….Kylie comes across as friendly, erotic, filthy, and real all at the same time. She has a sexy voice and will go anywhere, ANYWHERE, you want to go….. she’s a keeper.

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be available and taking calls tonight, from 11pm EST or so, until at least 3 or 4am. So call me tonight! Tomorrow is my Princess Day, so after tonight, I won’t be back till Wednesday. I’m not quite sure what I have planned for tomorrow just yet. I mean, I know I need to get my nails done, I know I want to buy some new sheets and blankets for my bed, and I know I have to take my catly man to the groomer. But beyond that, I really have no clue! Maybe I’ll actually return my guy’s phone calls for the first time in a week and let him take me out. *Smiles* We’ll see. Anyway, bye for now!

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