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Boys DO make good pets! :)

But I really mean it! You guys really do! Whether it’s making your cock available for me to fuck whenever I want to… Or making your tongue available to lick my pussy when I need you to….. Or making your wallet available to spoil me as I see fit! *Giggles* Whatever the case may be, I’m SO completely pleased with you guys this week!!

Okay, this is (yet again, sorry) mostly aimed at my cuckolds, sluts, and financial playthings…but still! I don’t know if it’s a full moon or some kind of spring fever, but OMG have you guys been calling me lots lately! And not just calling~but totally and completely monopolizing me so no one else can even try to get through! :)

First, it was my toy Willie….super long yummy call and lots of me teasing him…and of course instructing him how and where to cum for me! Guided masturbation is SO fucking hot to me!! And no, in case you wondered…I wasn’t at all nice about it. LOL! Any guy who’s willing to cum all over his own face for me has always got to do exactly that, don’t you think? *Smiles* So yeah. Omitting some of the more graphic details, because I told him to, he did exactly that.

Next, it was my lil slut Chase, who’s WAY beyond my slut now…he’s turned into my lil whore! Lots and lots of cock, lots and lots of cumming, but also lots of yummy cash treats for me! Chase is turning into quite the lil hooker, but he still pays ME every time he wants to tell me all about it. LOL! I feel like it’s mean of me to get so excited when he gets super slutty just for me. Like..should I really encourage this kind of behavior? Should I really be teaching him all my old escort ttricks? :) I don’t know…but pretend those were rhetorical questions please. Cause I’m having way too much fun with him to stop!

Next, it was my pussy boy…who hasn’t cum for me since a couple weeks ago. But because he’s so well trained, he knows better than to even ask. *Smiles* He’s totally content to let me tease him, and talk to him, and on occasion let him send me *large* yummy cash treats~which he did of course, just yesterday. I don’t know…it’s almost like he’s completely housebroken these days. LOL! Which, in case you didn’t know already, is a very good thing! :)

And, last, but never ever least, is my brand new plaything PG. And I need to just say, that it’s a really good thing that I actually like him. Because if I didn’t, it would be such a shame that I’ve been able to tease so much money out of him over the last few days! *Giggles* I lost count over the weekend at $3K, so all I know is that it’s more than that. I’m guessing we’re at about $5K now. LOL! But seriously! Playing with a guy who is, for all intents and purposes, a REAL man just like all of you…except for the fact that it makes him hard to send me cash and prezzies, of course. :) Of course I exploit it! I mean, how could I do anything but? I tease him with my sexy pictures and then taunt him with his favorite kind of fantasy… Then right when he’s ready to cum I hang up on him and tell him to tribute me. And while he’s doing that, I raise my rate per minute so he has to pay a premium when he calls me back! *Giggles* And no, before you ask~I’m not sadistic about it or anything. I’ve never made him pay me more than $7.50 per minute when we talk. LOL! No worries though…he likes it and he likes me. AND I like him back, so it’s a good thing. :)

So like I said: Boys make good pets! You really, truly, and honestly do… And I’m having so much playing with you lately, I have NO intention of stopping anytime soon! And~I know my last few posts have been kinda geared towards the whole cuckold, financial domination, fem domme phone sex type of stuff. But not to worry! I still looove my good old fashioned HOT phone sex with you REAL men. My “pets” have just been monopolizing me lately! *Giggles* I’m still on at my usual time every night…10 or 11pm EST till late night. And even though I’m on alerts now, I plan on being up and available taking calls till 5 or 6am EST. So if you’re still up, call me tonight! But in the future, if you feel like calling to cum with me? The moment you see me available, you should go ahead and call. No matter how much I like exploiting my “toys”, I never want it to be too hard for you guys to get ahold of me.

Sound good? K. :) If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me Saturday after 9 or 10pm EST. Bye for now!

2 Responses to “Boys DO make good pets! :)”

  1. Pussyboy says:

    Oh Kylie, you single out me and the other cuckolds. I am soo weak for you, thx for even giving me the time of day ! See, you REAL men have it made!

  2. Kylie says:

    Yes, I do single you out! And since you’re fully aware that I know ALL of your naughty lil shameful secrets… You shouldn’t be thanking me for giving you the time of day! You should be thanking me for not outing you publicly, and letting everyone know what a slut you really are! *Giggles*

    xoxo, Kylie

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