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Q&A Time…

Yep, I meant questions and answers, cause I guess it’s that time again. :) It’s weird for me…cause so many of you have been calling and playing with me for so long, I guess I take it for granted that you all already know everything about me! So when new guys ask me questions sometimes, they almost seem rhetorical to me…until I remember that now matter how much I’d like to think so, not everyone reads my blog every single day! And even those of you who do (and if you do, you’re even ahead of me, cause if you haven’t noticed, I don’t always stop in here daily anymore *Frowns*.) Anyway, even if you do, not all of you have been reading since way back in 06 or 07 or whenever it was that I started writing here. :)

So. It’s time for a little question and answer time, just to get some of this stuff out of the way. I’m by no means promising that I’m going to cover everything right now! Lol… Just the most recent questions that I’ve been asked. And remember…if you have a question for me that I haven’t gotten into? You can always feel free to leave me a comment here and ask away. *Smiles*

Here we go. #1: Where have you been lately? It seems like you don’t ever take calls anymore!
The answer to this one is: I’ve been right here! I do only take calls on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. And I do start my nights a LOT Later than I used to! (Honestly, it seems like a lifetime ago when I used to log on from 4pm till 11pm! Lol…) So my point is, my schedule may have changed, but I’m almost always on on those nights. 99.9% of the time, I am. And for the past few weeks, not one of those nights has gone by that I haven’t taken calls. (Just check my feedback if you don’t believe me! :) ) I may be busy on a call or on alerts when you look for me, but I’m usually on. And if you see me on alerts, you should definitely feel free to give me a call!

#2: Why do you log on so late? What do you do all day, anyway?
Well, this goes back to my weirdo schedule again. These days I log on at around 10 or 11pm EST. Because I log on so late, I stay up later taking calls. And because of this, I usually don’t go to sleep till around 7 or 8am. With that kind of late bedtime, you could hardly expect me to wake up with the sun, could you? A girl does need her Princess Rest, you know! *Giggles* Anyway, sleep at 7am, up again by 2 or 3pm, teasing my pussy boy till around 5 or 6pm, and then I have to do my workout, which usually takes about an hour. Then I have to shower, and eat, and try to have some “ME” time to myself before it starts all over again! :) And that’s not even counting the time I spend updating my websites, answering email, and all my other web stuff!

So. I know you guys only ask because you wish that you could find me in the daytime once in a while… But to be honest, when I used to take calls in the afternoons? You guys were always asking me to stay up later! So yeah…that’s my usual day in a nutshell. Bottom line though is, I have to have a life. I don’t think you guys would find me nearly as interesting if I just stayed at home waiting for calls 24/7. You know? :)

#3: Do you really cum on your calls? I know that lots of you phone sex girls fake it, so I’m just curious.
Okay. This is really only usually a question I get by email, because just about anyone who’s ever played with me already knows the answer to this question! *Giggles* That answer is: yes I do! Yes, I do cum on calls a LOT and I LOVE to cum while I’m playing! I’m not going to pretend that I cum every single time, because that would just be silly. Sometimes, I can tell you’re in a hurry and you just want to get off really quick. In which case~no. I can’t get my pussy off in 2 minutes. *Smiles* Or sometimes, you’re being really silent and not even letting me hear you breathe. You don’t have to talk for me to get off, but you do need to interact with me. Even if it’s just breathing! I mean…you understand that, right? That’s what phone sex is all about~the interaction. That’s what turns me on about it, anyway! So yeah…I cum. And I’d love to cum with you! And…that’s all I have to say about that. Lol!

And now…Q&A time is officially over. If you already knew all of that stuff about me? Sorry for making you read it all again. But if you’re new to me and you didn’t know those answers? I hope it gave you a little insight into me, and my life, and my schedule. I should do Q&A again sometime, and make it all about my fantasies instead of just my schedule! *Giggles* We’ll see. In any event, I hope I cleared up some of your curiosity, for now.

I’m on alerts now, but I’ll be available and taking calls all night tonight from now until… Well. Probably till at least 4 or 5am EST, maybe even later. So if you’ve been thinking of me? Call me tonight! It’s been a few days since I’ve gotten the chance to make my tight lil pussy cum while playing on the phone. I mean…every night after I log off, I play with my hitachi magic wand all by myself, but… I’ve been so busy every night this past week taking money from my pets, that I haven’t got to have any real phone sex! Maybe one of you can help me out with that… *Smiles*

Remember, if you don’t catch me tonight, I won’t be back till Monday after 9pm EST. Bye for now!

2 Responses to “Q&A Time…”

  1. pussyboy says:

    Verification. Seconding that. Yes, she can and will have the Big-O on a call. Frustratingly, I seldom get to hear the resulting joyous sounds as I have been told pussyboy’s rarely deserve it. For the REAL men callers out there, I imagine making it happen, and listening over and over must be a sublime expierence.

    Hopefully, I can impress her with enough begging, Princess worship, and sexual servitude to perhaps earn enough points again to evasdrop on her screams of ecstacy. Hopefully sooner, rather than later, but I know only Real Men control their sexual destiny…and pussyboys… well… *cough*… *reddens* … (takes 5th) … we adore you though Kylie!!!

  2. Kylie says:

    Lol….You tried to be SO “obscure” with this comment, pussy boy…and I’ve TOTALLY outed you in my most recent post! So…futile attempt, although totally appreciated… :)

    xoxo, Kylie

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