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The truth according to Kylie

Well. I should probably give you guys a bit of a preface before I go into my little “rant”, just so you know what prompted this lil discussion. You should know, that every single time I decide to write you a lil note here, I generally start thinking about what I want to write long before I write it. Sometimes, I think about it while I’m driving and out doing errands…. One of my very favorite places to think about it is when I’m naked, and enjoying one of my sexy girly bubble baths. *Smiles* But sometimes…every once in a while…my wheels start turning because of something I’ve read on the internet or spoken about with one of my phone sex girlfriends.

Lots of times, I get an idea in my head, and I don’t write it down right away, and then I end up going a week or more without blogging. Yes, guys…sometimes when I don’t write? It’s simply because I haven’t figured out exactly what I want to say! *Frowns* This, however, is NOT one of those times! This time, I’ve been thinking and analyzing something in particular that I heard from another Niteflirt phone sex girl a couple of weeks ago.

I’m not going to mention any names~cause that’s not important. What IS important, is what she said! So I’ll quote: “There’s nothing wrong with a guy who wants to be totally submissive and be cuckolded and wear panties sometimes! But he wouldn’t be MY man!” And I don’t know…I guess that just bothered me! Just because…I feel like there are varying degrees of submission. I don’t think that just because a guy has submissive desires (like the ones mentioned above)…I don’t think that means that I can’t like him. It certainly doesn’t mean that I can’t respect him! It just means that his access to me and my tight lil pussy may be…limited. *Giggles*

So. Because that whole thng bothered me so much, and because I’ve been blogging about my submissive boys so often lately… I wanted to share the truth about all this, according to Kylie. How I feel about submissive guys, what exactly makes a guy submissive in my eyes, and the difference (for me) between subbie guys and REAL men. You ready? *Smiles*

K. I’m going to start with my submissives. You’ve heard me refer to them as my pussy boys, my playthings, my sluts, etc etc etc… The truth is, no matter what I call them, I truly do adore my sub guys! :) They obviously come in all different flavors (fetishes), but for the most part, I truly do adore them. I would never, ever let them fuck me…but I still love them. *Giggles* What makes a guy a submissive, to me, is totally dependent on his fetishes. If you like to be cuckolded…or placed in chastity…or made to wear panties…or forced to send me thousands of dollars at a time for no reason at all? That definitely makes you one of my subs! LOL!

But if you’re lucky enough to find yourself mentioned here? It means that you’re more than just a “fetish” to me. It means that no matter what your particular kink may be, I actually, honest to goodness, LIKE you! As I said…if you are one of my pussy boys…you can forget about ever (EVER!) getting to fuck me. Cause that’s just completely out of the question! *Smiles* But if I met you IRL? Would I consider dating you? Of COURSE I would!! I’ve said it a million times, but just to reiterate… The subbie guys I like are just normal, regular, every day guys. They’re smart (that’s a must) they’re nice, they’re sweet, and they’re super polite. The only thing that’s “different” about them is that they have that particular submissive fetish. And whatever that fetish may be? It wouldn’t stop me from dating them. No. Not at all.

Moving on…to REAL men. Most of you fit into this category, so this is probably a bit of a remedial lesson…lol… Just bear with me? K. REAL men know what they want. Real men know what they want, and they can tell right away that I’m willing to give it to them. And…I don’t know… It’s almost like… Real men can sense how they need to approach me to get it. They express their desires without having to question whether or not I’ll be okay with it. And of course, there’s the added bonus of the fact that they usually have cocks big enough to satisfy me! *Blushes* So it’s no wonder that when it comes to the question of dating? I prefer REAL men! Hands down!

But in the big scheme of things…even though I prefer real men with real cocks? I would TOTALLY date a pussy boy. I mean it, I really would! As long as he understood that I would keep doing my phone sex thing… And that I would fuck real man cock whenever, wherever I choose to… AND, that he’d have to be at my beck and call and pretty much do whatever I asked of him…. LOL! But seriously! Then I totally would! I just don’t think that I’m so closed minded as to think that guys with submissive fetishes are automatically out of my “dating pool”. I don’t know…maybe that’s why I could never be a hard core mistress! LOL! Either way~it is what it is…

And now you know. The truth according to ME about submissive guys and REAL men. :) I just had to get all that out in the open and share…. And now my lil rant is over~I promise. *Giggles* Let’s see if I have favorite feedback before I go…. This one’s from my new sweetie SKL, and you can also find it on my Anything Goes Listing:

Amazing. She understood me right away, and knew just what to say. Then she took it to a place I never imagined. If you don’t call her, you’re missing out big time

I know, i know…I’m still behind on favorite callers~and I promise I’ll get back on that within the next week. I’m just so far behind lately! I’ve been staying up so super late, and I have so much stuff going on now, I’ve been blogging less than I probably should. Just try to forgive me? I promise I’ll be better about it in the coming days. And for those of you who’ve been sending me email and wishlist prezzies, and yummy cash treats? I promise I haven’t forgotten you!! I’ll do special thank you’s very soon~you know ho wmuch I appreciate it when you make your sweet lil girl feel spoiled and special. *Smiles*

And I guess that’s it! It’s almost 4am EST, and I’m available and taking calls. I should be up till 6am or so, so if you feel like playing with me? Call me tonight!! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me after 9pm on Saturday. Ooooh, can I not wait till Saturday!! I’m getting my nails and my toes done, and then I’m having a 90 minute shiatsu massage, courtesy of my new friend J20. It’s going to be sooo awesome!! (Ty sweetie!) And I imagine…after feeling soft hands (and feet, actually…) rubbing all over my naked body like that…I’m sure I’ll be super fucking horny! *Blushes* Bye for now!

2 Responses to “The truth according to Kylie”

  1. PussyBoy says:

    I LOVE THIS POST!!! I wish to thank you Kylie for eloquently voicing your opinion. It would be an honor to be your boyfriend…an honor. Would you torment me by denying me your sweet charms, yet unashamedly give them to other men? Probably. Would you rub your yummy little trysts in my face both figuratively and literally? Most certainly. Nevertheless, the chance to be YOURS, and the opportunity to please you (to the best of my ability and despite my limitations) would be a wonderful destiny. This doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be driven to the brink of madness in my CB-2000 for fortnights at a time, all the while being fully aware of the blatant cuckolding. Still, this arrangement gives me a way, a method, a path to follow, that results in MY pleasing you! God, sign me up. Have your REAL men, have your BIG cocks, just have me too!

  2. Kylie says:

    I figured you might… Sweet pussy boy. :) Since this post is all about the truth according to me, I should probably enlighten you about another truth. (Since it seems you aren’t aware of it yet.)

    You ARE already MINE. *Giggles* I deny you my charms, I tease you with the details of my yummy exploits, and I take HUGE pleasure in driving you to the brink of madness in your chastity. :)

    The only difference is that you don’t get to physically experience the limited sexual access I would want to give you. I’d wager though, that you already knew all of the above already…didn’t you? :)

    xoxo, Kylie

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