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Ironic, that after I wrote this post a while back… You remember. The one about the Real Dolls and the video with the guys obsessing over them? Yeah. I just find it ironic (and pretty fucking hilarious!) that just a short while after all that, that I’d be watching this movie earlier tonight:

I wish I could say that the truth is stranger than fiction…but Lars and The Real Girl and that video I posted before? Well. They’re both equally strange in their own special pervy type way. *Giggles* Either way, GREAT movie! IMO, of course… I’m not giving you any more hints~but you should totally check it out if you have time.

It’s super late already, about 11:30pm EST, so I’m going to end this now so I can get my cute lil ass on the phone sometime soon! :) I know, I’m late as usual, but I really will be available and taking calls on Niteflirt within the next 30 minutes. What can I say? I had a wonderful, relaxing, but semi exhausting day at the spa…so my schedule is just a little bit off. But if you feel like cumming with me though~and I hope you do, cause I’m super fucking horny!! Look for me shortly, and then call me tonight! I’ll be up pretty late~till at least 4 or 5am EST. Bye for now!

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