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Yes, you would…

Well. This post is kind of in response to the one I made a couple of posts down… I should probably have called it “Part 2″, or something, because I’ve gotten that many responses to it. *Smiles* Of course, the only one who commented on it publicly, is my sweet, chastised, always willing to do absolutely anything for me pussy boy~and for obvious reasons. :) I wrote about how I’d totally date a pussy boy~with some obvious caveats, of course~and since he IS my favorite pussy boy, he’s first in line waiting to sign my lil “dance card”. *Giggles* Like I said~for obvious reasons.

BUT, there have been LOTS of comments to me verbally and via email…from REAL men at that. Saying stuff like, “That’s cool that you’re so open, Kylie…but I would SO never go for that.” Or, “I’m glad you think that way Kylie, but I would NEVER let you get away with that.” HUH? Are you guys really serious? LOL! Really. And I mean this in an honest way, not a bitchy fem domme type of way. Like…I like that you REAL men understand that since you can fuck me the way I like to be fucked, you know that you get certain “rights” with me. And that’s a very good thing!

But do you really think you’d be able to deny me my fun?? AND, do you really think you’d even want to? Seriously…. Those of you who really know me and like me, already know that I’m a REAL girl. I mean it! *Smiles* I’m a real, honest to goodness, three dimensional girl, with real likes, dislikes, and desires. Which means, that my ideas about sexuality, and my open mindedness? Yep. Real. My thoughts on monogamy, and my liberal idea of what’s considered “cheating”? Yep. That’s real, too. My desire to make sure that you’re always sexually satisfied, even if it’s not exclusively with me? OH, yeah! TOTALLY real!!

So knowing all that…you have to also know that it spills over into non sexual stuff, too. Right? You have to know that my general “open mindedness” applies to ALL aspects of life. Right? How many “vanilla” girls have you dated that don’t mind that you want to call phone sex girls? How many have been open to the idea of you keeping your porn collection open and even wanting to watch it with you on occasion? How many have no problems with you playing golf when you want…or playing video games when you want…or playing poker with your boys when you want? Hell, doing whatever you want to do whenever you want?

Honestly~how many girls have you ever dated who are totally okay with you living your own life and doing whatever you want to do, when you want to do it? My guess is…not many. My real opinion is…probably not even one. So knowing all that about me…and knowing that you’d get to have your freedom AND knowing that I’d want you to fuck me several times a day? I have to tell you. When you say you wouldn’t let me get away with having my fun? You’re wrong. Cause yes, you would. If you think that you’d have a problem with it and you wouldn’t want me to be the crazy sexy horny sweet lil girl that I truly am? Wrong again. YES. You would. *Smiles*

It’s a total trade off!! I mean…I’m not implying that you’d let me actually fuck other guys…. Unless of course, you ARE truly a cuckold and you know that’s what you deserve…lol… But if you fuck me often enough, and you do it well? That would never be an issue. :) I live my life, and you live yours. I’m a total nympho and let you have my pussy whenever you want it. And in exchange, I get to have phone sex, and go shopping, and sleep in as late as I want. I get to voice my opinions, and go out drinking with my girlyfriends, and have LOTS of platonic guy friends. *Giggles* I can almost promise you that you’ve never met a girl like me, and you probably never will…. So just trust me when I tell you~YES! You would!

Anyway…moving on…. WOW did I have the most awesome Princess Day this week! I actually woke up pretty early! Like 9AM EST. (I know! Hard to believe, isn’t it?) But I went to breakfast with my guy, and then he took me shopping…new area rugs for my living room and for my office…some panties, and pajamas, and shorts, and sandals… Some new cd’s and a bigger surge protector so I could finally get my new external hard drive all hooked up… Hair stuff, and shoes, and a case of my favorite champagne, and the list goes on and on. But like i said~it’s a trade off. He bought me lots of stuff! So after he brought me home, I sat him down on my couch, unzipped his shorts, and gave him a proper blow job right there in my living room. *Giggles* Yes, I let him cum in my mouth (and yes, I swallowed!) but no, I didn’t let him fuck me, even though I was SUPER fucking horny! I did promise I’d let him fuck me this weekend, though….so we’ll see. Anyway…I gotta say it was a good day. :)

Now…let’s see about favorite callers… PG came back last night…explaining our miscommunication and giving me more money (of course!) Several hundred dollars later and he’s back in my good books. :) My CNC, for LOTS of yummy emails… Who knew that just my written words and fetish MP3’s could have that effect on a guy? Lol… As of now, he’s holding off his orgasm till Saturday just to please me…. Gotta love that! My pussy boy, almost every day for the past week! He’s busy paying penance…and I have SO much in store for him I can’t even get into it now. Suffice it to say…he’s appropriately scared and polite in apprehension…. So my cruel lil princess heart is VERY happy with him right now! *Smiles*

And, favorite feedback… This one’s from my sweetie Lightning, and I’ll share it below. You can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

One cannot stop the sands of time from flowing on and on as seems to have been the case with me. I cannot count the days since I last spoke with Kylie and yet it seemed like yesterday. All kinds of memories flooded back into my head and now I cannot stop thinking about her. I wont go that long again. Hugs n kisses my sweet Kylie.

(TY so much for that, my luv! Hopefully we get to play again soon!)

And I guess that’s it! It’s almost 5AM EST, and since it’s Thursday (well, Friday now, technically) I’m going to be up a while longer. AND, I’m only on alerts! :) I should be completely available and taking calls soon, till at least 6 or 7am EST, probably later. So call me tonight! I’ve had some cuckold calls…some feminization calls….some financial domination calls…but nothing where I’ve gotten to make my tight lil pussy cum. Maybe you could be my first? *Blushes* I hope so….

Remember, if you don’t catch me tonight, look for me Saturday after 9pm EST. Bye for now!

PS Have you checked out my new site yet? Barely Legal Phone. New blogs, new girls, new pics, lots of new barely legal phone sex for you guys to enjoy. Bye again!

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