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Chocolate? :)

You Are A Chocolate Ice Cream Girl

Dramatic. Powerful. Flirty.

Just so you know, I’m totally interpreting that result as the flavor I’m most like, as opposed to the flavor I most like to eat. Cause I am SO not a chocolate ice cream girl! Lol… To be honest, I’m not really an ice cream girl at all.. I just don’t dig super sweet stuff very often. I guess if I had to choose, I’d pick cookies n cream, or there was this yummy one I liked a few years back called Toffee Ice Cream Cone, or something like that… I don’t remember. But yeah~take the quiz yourself and leave me a comment to tell me what flavor you are! How they figure all that out from the strange questions they ask, I’m not quite sure! *Giggles* Either way, it’s still fun. :)

So…yet again, it’s pretty late (about 3:15am EST) and I seriously considered waiting till Wednesday to write here. But right after I decided not to… I don’t know, I guess I’m in a mood to share some stuff! So I’m writing to you just because. And that’s a good thing, IMO, cause I guess I’ve kinda been slacking on the whole blogging thing. Again. *Sigh*

In my defense, I’ve had at least a million other things going on lately! I’m redecorating and repainting my little office~the bulk of that is going to get finished tomorrow afternoon, so at least that will be over! :) It’s going from a buttery yellow to a deep blue indigo, so I’m super excited! But I’ve been shoping for new stuff…rugs, and lamps, and trash cans and ceiling fans… I know, that’s not exactly sexy phone sex stuff, but I thought you’d be amused at the image of me, up on a stepladder, trying to install a ceiling fan all by myself. *Giggles* I shouldn’t laugh, cause it was SO not pretty! So…I’m finishing the painting tomorrow, and Wednesday morning the electrician is coming over to do the hard stuff that I couldn’t do myself.

AND, I’ve been working out and doing the weight training thing MUCH more regularly. I hit the gym 4 days a week now, but two of those days are with my brand new personal trainer. And, while it’s definitely been extraordinarily painful… OMG it’s SO worth it cause he’s SO fucking yummy!! He’s got this dark hair, and these big brown eyes, and this yummy French accent? I swear it’s enough to almost make me want to cum just looking at him! Not to mention listening to him talk! And today, while he was stretching me out and telling me how good I was? *Blushes* Yeah… Let’s just say I was thinking some SUPER naughty thoughts! :) Get your minds out of the gutter. It’s HARD finding a personal trainer that I like…so I have no intention of fucking him. Making my pussy cum thinking about him, however, is a whole other matter. *Grins*

AND (yes, another “and”, I’m almost done though, I promise!) I decided to take a little mini vacation next week, so I’ve been planning that as well. I don’t know, I’ve just been feeling like I wanted one…and of course that I deserve one, so this Sunday night I leave for 3 days and 2 nights at an awesome hotel/spa, and I’m so excited about it! I’m having spa treatments the whole time, I’m going to lay out on the beach, and go swimming in the gulf, and read lots of books, and just relax and treat myself. I even hired a town car to drive me there…so I get my own lil limo service to take me there and back! :)

Anyway, this is your advance warning that I won’t be around next Monday night. :( I’m going to take my laptop, and my skype phone AND my cell, so technically I’ll be able to take calls if I feel like it. I’m kinda thinking this should be a total vacation though, so most likely not. We’ll have to wait and see. Maybe I’ll leave arranged calls open so that if you want to set up a time, I can get back to you? Hmm. Maybe… I’ll let you know on Saturday.

K. That’s enough of that. :) I just wanted to give you a little update on what I’ve been doing…and why I’ve been so hard to get ahold of lately. Mostly it’s been because of my crazy life, but sometimes it’s been because of LOTS of yummy phone sex calls! Cause WOW have you guys been keeping my phone ringing off the hook lately!! :) Let’s see if I have favorite callers… My pussy boy of course, LOTS of yummy calls and even more yummy cash treats! He just lets me tease him, and his cock, and leave him with blue balls just cause I think it’s fun. And then he sends me cash for the privilege. LOL! I LOVE cuckold phone sex! I swear, it never gets old, and with pussy boy especially…it actually makes my pussy wet! *Smiles*

Who else…my sweetie CCD, for LOTS Of long, yummy calls. My favorite FS (I missed you sooo much, my luv! I just hope we get to play sometime soon… I miss cumming with you!) My lil slut Chase (you’re a TOTAL slut now, you know that, right? Lol… I hope you’re planning on sucking some more college biys off this coming weekend~I expect to hear all about it!) My CNC, what can I even say about him? Lots more teasing, LOTS more paid mails, and lots more yummy cash treats for me! *Smiles* (I’m sorry I missed you tonight, my luv…look for me later this week! I have some new ideas about LC’s butt that I think you might like…lol…)

My new friend CFan, who always comes up with the most unique roleplays! Seriously…roleplay phone sex is fun no matter what. But it’s SO much hotter for me when you not only have a good idea of the fantasy that turns you on, but you also don’t mind me giving my input and ideas so that we can both get off. Both of which, CFan does amazingly well! (I can’t wait till we play agin, sweetie! I think you’re like, hands down, in my top 5 roleplay guys of all time! Seriously.)

And let’s see about favorite feedback… This one’s from my sweetie Lightning…but you can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

WHEN MINUTES SEEM LIKE HOURS; HOURS SEEM LIKE DAYS; and DAYS are like between Milleniums of time is how I feel between telephone calls with Kylie!! It has not been long since we last spoke and yet it does seem like a lifetime and yet when she answers its like we have never been apart. She makes me feel all tingly inside.. Thank you my luv!!! Talk to you again soon!!

And I guess that’s it! It’s 3:30AM now, I’m going to do some more paid mails with CNC because he needs to be put in his place again. But after that, I should be available and taking calls till around 5am EST or so. So call me tonight! I’ve been teasing my playthng PG all night so far…so I haven’t gotten to make my tight lil pussy cum yet. And I hope to do that before I go to sleep! Cause after tonight, I won’t be back till Wednesday after 10pm….

Bye for now!

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