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So excited!!

Yep, it’s almost here ~my vacation, I mean~ and I am so super excited, I can barely sit still! That’s something I’ve probably never told you guys before…when I have something planned, or have something fun to think about? I get like hyper giggly and happy and sometimes I (over) think the “thing”, whatever it may be, so much that I have a hard time sleeping at night! :) So yeah…I can hardly wait!

I’ll be leaving tomorrow afternoon, and I won’t be back till Wednesday afternoon, so like I said before…you most likely won’t be able to find me on Monday night. I am taking my laptop and all my phones, but I’m going to try my very hardest to not log onto Niteflirt while I’m doing my whole relaxing thing. I suppose it will be hard for me not to, if I find a way to fit my monster vibrator into my luggage. Which as of now is a big maybe. *Smiles* But I feel like, what good is a vaction if I can’t make my tight lil pussy cum as many times as I want, right? And the issue with that is…once I start cumming, sometimes it’s really hard for me to want to stop! *Blushes*

SO. As of now, don’t expect me to be back till Wednesday…but don’t be surprised if you see me sneak on for at least an hour or two. IF I get too horny. And IF the hotel walls are thck enough! Lol…

This week has been lots of fun for me, actually! I got my office painted (I hate the color so I’m doing it again next month) I got my ceiling fan up (which I LOVE and don’t know how I lived without) and I worked out with my trainer (I hate him now, too~gotta find a new one.)

But…I haven’t gotten to play with too many new guys, but that’s because CNC and my pussy boy have been totally monopolizing me. Which is a good thing, cause it’s fun to me. :) But a bad thing for those of you who are used to being able to find me… *Pouts* I’m going to try even harder at this schedule thing when I get back from vaca.

Anyway… CNC and all the yummy cash treats he sends… My sweet CNC who’s terrified that I’m going to revel the secrets that he tells me to all of you, but who begs me to drag his secrets out of him before I let him cum! Lol… Some secrets are meant to be kept just that: Secrets. But some secrets…like the obsession CNC has with sexy butts? I totally think it’s fun to mention that! :) Sexy, firm butts, and round, bubble butts, and especially his friends Zach and Naomi’s butts….WOW does he masturbate to them on a regular basis, and they have no idea! I think I’ll keep the rest of it to myself as long as he keeps behaving himself…cause mentioning that is enough to keep him in line, don’t you think? *Evil grin* (Keep stroking, sweetie…I didn’t say you could stop yet, did I? Lol…)

And pussy boy, of course… My poor, sweet lil chastised pussy boy. Except he’s not quite chastised anymore. (I know, hard to believe, isn’t it?) In return for the *large* yummy cash treat he sent me~he’s basically subsidizing my whole vacation, cause it was a bigger treat than usual~and after 7 hours or so of non stop teasing… I actually let him cum on Thursday night. No, really, I did! I made him beg me for it, of course… AND I made him do it in a quite *ahem* undignified position….lol…

I’ll spare you the details cause I think I’ve shamed him enough. It’s just…it still amazes me that after all this time (almost 3 years now) that I still have the power with just my voice and my laugh to make him do just about anything under the sun for me. Literally. No matter how humiliating. LOL! But it’s a very good thing, and I love love love him to pieces. Every spoiled lil girl needs her own personal pussy boy! :)

And that, is pretty much what I’ve been up to since the last time I wrote to you. I’m kinda sad now though, cause it’s just after 1am EST, and I know I’m only going to be available and taking calls till 4am or so. Which means, that unless I’m lucky, I won’t have a lot of time to have any gfe phone sex, or roleplay phone sex, or barely legal phone sex. :( You know, the stuff I LOVE to do? The kind of phone sex I do best? The stuff that most of you REAL men call me for when my pussy boys aren’t taking all of my attention? *Pouts*

I guess I’ll just hope that some of you find some time to play with me tonight, before I’m away for days and days this coming week. I should be on for a few more hours, so if you’re looking to cum with me? Call me tonight!! Let’s see if I have favorite feedback before I go… This one’s from my favorite FS, and you can also read it on myAnything Goes Listing:

The most perfect princess in all of phone sex. The reigning queen of NF. Kylie does it again…she surpasses them all! She’s the best of the best. Her sweet young voice, she remembers me every time I call (no matter how long it’s been since the last time we talked), and of course her mind erasing orgasms… I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks again Kylie! You’ve just made my weekend-and I can’t wait to play with you again soon!

And I guess that’s it! Bye for now!

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