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Secret diary of a call girl…

OMG am I SO loving this show!! Have you seen it yet? Please tell me you have! If you really truly haven’t, then I suppose I’ll forgive you…for now!! Cause it is on Showtime, and I know not everyone does the premium cable thing, so if that’s the case with you…I understand. :) BUT. If you DO have Showtime, and you just haven’t gotten around to watching it yet??? OMG you SO really have to do it. Soon. NOW!! *Giggles* (I mean it, though.)

I’m sure you could tell from the title, that it’s kind of a hooker show. I probably shouldn’t be so careless tossing around that word… “Hooker”, I mean… Cause I obviously realize what kind of stigma is attached to it. It’s just…I don’t know. I just feel like now, (and even back when I was still an escort, I felt the same way) that “hooker” is kind of a slang word that means excatly what it says. You know?

Like, I’m sure every janitor would rather be known as a sanitation engineer, but we all call them janitors. Right? Janitor means janitor, and when we say it, we don’t mean anything negative by it. We’re just using the easiest word that describes what it is. Lol… Maybe it bothers me less cause I was never actually a “street hooker”. Or maybe I just like the dirty/sexy feeling of it…the way it feels in my mouth when I say it. *Blushes* Honestly, the only word I ever had a problem with during my escort phase is the word, “whore”. And even that, I only have a problem with if I’m your escort for the night. (It just makes me feel so dirty, you know? In a bad way.) Strange, cause I like being called a phone sex whore just fine. *Giggles*

Anyway, I digress, as usual. :) If you haven’t seen this show, it’s called, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and it’s on Showime on Monday nights. It’s all about a very VIP escort in London, and even though it’s only 30 minutes long? I love love love it to death!! How could I not…it’s all about call girls!!??!! *Grins* The reason why I bring it up though~well, besides the fact that I wanted to tell you about it~is because: Even though I absolutely love the show to death, the main character has some serious…cynicism….going on about the whole call girl profession. I mean, I like her, I LOVE the show, but I have some serious qualms about a few things that are mentioned/described/played out.

So. Since I feel like I have to share, here it is: My “secret diary”, also known as “myths debunked”, of your average call girl. Lol! Here we go. Sorry in advance if it’s TMI. :)

1: Call girls do NOT hang out in packs. They don’t get together for weekly meetings with the “boss” (I only worked for an agency once, but not only did we not do that, no one else I know who worked elsewhere did either.) We didn’t discuss earnings, we didn’t discuss clients, we didn’t get all dressed up and have lunch at some chic little lunch spot. (This was in the show.)

JSYK, it’s very common for escorts to be friends. Or rather…acquaintances. It’s common for them to share information about assholes who like to hit girls, or leave without paying, or pay with counterfeit money. (The first two never happened to me, the last one did once. But I remember lots of times, getting calls or emails from other girls I didn’t know very well, warning me off particular guys and telling me details.) Anyway…getting together and being all friendly and networking? Uh uh. Doesn’t happen. I actually laughed out loud when they showed that! :)

2. Call girls do NOT usually keep their “job” secret from everyone they know. Maybe from parents and family, but not from close friends. And in general, they’re not ashamed of what they do. Why would you want to do that anyway? I mean yes~keep it secret from those who might judge you unfairly, but to keep it from everyone? If you’re that ashamed about it, how can you have fun when you’re fucking for money? How can you stand to keep doing it if you’re that embarrassed? Answer: you can’t. At least I can’t. So yeah…that part bugged me too. I think the same applies to phone sex…actually….

3. Last, and most importantly…. contrary to popular belief, call girls really DO cum. At least…IMO….the good ones do! *Blushes* It’s not something they do with everyone….and it’s not something that happens every single time… But it most definitely does happen! Thinking that there’s some unspoken “rule” that says they’re not allowed? NO. Lol… If you ever get an escort who doesn’t? Keep looking till you find one who does… I promise, they’re out there. :)

Anyway. I feel like I have to give a couple of disclaimers now…. First, this was purely an academic discussion! Yes, I used to escort, but I don’t anymore, so don’t ask just because you read this post and liked it! *Smiles* I do still LOVE escort/call girl roleplays, but that’s about it. Second, there are plenty of things in that show that are very, very true. I’m not going to tell you which ones of course… Maybe you can watch the show for yourself to find out? Lol… Suffice it to say, that I still seriously identify with escorts. In a good way. *Blushes* And hey~I’m kinda still a “call girl”, don’t you think? The only difference is, I take phone calls now, instead of paying actual calls on guys. Lol…. And to be honest…now that I’m rereading to spell check and all that? I think all of the above applies to phone sex girls, too! At least to me as a phone sex girl, it does. :)

Anyway. This post wasn’t supposed to be this long, and now it’s super late, and I’m supposed to be taking calls on Niteflirt already. (I’m late again, I know, I know. *Frowns*) It’s almost 3am EST, and I’m only on alerts! But I’m going to log on here pretty shortly, after that I should be available and taking calls till 5 or 6am or so, EST. So call me tonight! Let’s see if I have favorite feedback to share before I go…

This one’s from my DarkSoul, and you can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

Sorry it took so long for me to write your feedback Kylie–but you know I always do. I caught her on when I wasn’t expecting her, and we both got each other off HARD as we always do! I think if I ever met her IRL, we’d be naked in 2 minutes flat! We really seem to connect, and I absolutely love getting down and dirty with her. She’s both the sweetest and naughtiest young thing on NF, and I hope I keep catching her on at the hours I’m ready to play! We have a nice little history, and it just keeps getting better.

And I guess that’s it! Bye for now!

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