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I did it again *Sighs*

I wanted to call this post “Oops, I did it again”, as that’s a little more appropriate, and you know how I love my Britney! :) But I think I already used that title sometime last year…and I’d hate to be redundant or anything. *Giggles* So yeah…you only get half of it. Same difference though, now that I explained why, right? :)

Anyway. When I say, “It”, I mean staying up way too late on a night I’m not supposed to. And I don’t know why I always do this!! I’ve done some thinking on it…usually the thinking part happens the day after, when I’m super tired and wanting to stay curled up in bed until the sun goes down again…lol… But yeah. My final analysis is that I still have this lil rebel inside me that screams, “It’s not that late! If you still feel like cumming, you should stay up! Yeah, no worries! 5 hours of sleep is fine!! Totally! Just stay up and keep having fun playing and we’ll deal with it tomorrow.”

And in case you wondered….that lil rebel is the same voice that told me it was a good idea to start getting drunk in high school…and that it was a good idea to fuck anyone I wanted, even though I’d probably be called a slut…lol… Yes. THAT lil voice. *Giggles* I usually kinda like what “she” has to say, but quite often, “her” ideas end up getting me into trouble. Like today. Or yesterday, rather, cause for me it’s still Thursday night.

I stayed up taking calls till almost 9am Thursday morning…and I’m SO not supposed to!! I know, it sounds like a great idea to you, cause you’re always happy to get ahold of me whenever you see me online. But for me, on a night before I actually have to wake up and start doing stuff sometime before sundown? Ummm….no. Doesn’t work. It never works! And still I listen to that lil rebel every single fucking time! *Sighs* And as a result, I slept in super late today, procrastinated my work out, didn’t even get out to the pc till about 11pm, and only logged onto alerts at almost 2am. (I know, I know! I’m a very bad lil girl! I just can’t help it sometimes…)

So now it’s after 3am EST, and I’m about to turn off alerts and be completely available to take calls. I’m sure most of you are in bed by now, so you won’t be reading this till tomorrow (Friday) when I will NOT be on at all. *Pouts* I just wanted to take a minute to tell you (and myself!) that the ONLY nights that I can be up super late from this point forward, are Thursdays and Saturdays. I mean it! I’m really going to try to stick to it from now on! Lol…

Really. I am. I’m like seriously writing a note to myself on my desk blotter to remind myself.

So….if you tried to reach me tonight and couldn’t get through, I’m really sorry. If you’ve emailed and haven’t gotten a response, I’m sorry for that, too! And I promise…I’m really going to try to get a handle on this whole “Princess Rest” thing, so I can be available when I’m supposed to be.

*Whew* Rant over! And I’m logging on now. So call me if you’re still up…. Well, wait. Call me as long as you’re not into gagging blow jobs. LOL! I’m horny for absolutely everything else, but gagging blowjobs I just can’t do tonight. I’m in more of a gfe phone sex, cuckold phone sex, barely legal but sweet phone sex type of mood. *Giggles* Or even just chatting…I’m totally up for that too! Just no gagging. Pretty please? (Seriously. Please?) Lol…

Bye for now!

PS Happy 4th!! I hope you guys have a great one!

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