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Whispers are sweet, don’t you think? Whispering….or whispering sweet nothings, even… I know that sounds totally cheesy, but still! *Smiles* Imagine lying next to me in bed, and pressing your lips against my face. Sliding your hands all over my body…and touching me…and whispering in my ear, telling me all the naughty, dirty things you want to do to me.

Nice visual isn’t it? :) Like…does it turn you on? Cause I definitely like it a lot! To be completely honest, when I count up my list of the best sex I’ve ever had? The guys at the TOP of my list are the ones who whispered in my ear while they fucked me. And like….talked to me. Telling me how tight I am, and how it feels so good, and…. I’m going to stop now cause I’m trying to lead up to something and not get all horny before I finish… *Blushes*

Anyway, as lots of you probably know, I like being whispered to…and talked to…when you’re fucking me especially. That’s probably one of the reasons I like phone sex so much. :) The problem is, there’s a big HUGE difference between hearing your voice in my ear in real life… And hearing you whisper to me while you’re phone fucking me. The operative word here is whisper, because that’s the thing I seem to have a problem with on the phone.

This will probably seem redundant to most of you, but I have to explain it all the same, just in case there’s someone reading this who calls me who has this bad habit. So. Talking to me while we play is GOOD. My favorite guys to play with are those who get involved in the fantasy and respond to me realistically…so I prefer guys who talk! *Giggles*

But whispering….whispering while we’re playing? And especially whispering while you’re on a cell phone? (Yes, the sound quality is way lower when you’e on your cell, it does make a HUGE difference!) Whispering on the phone while we’re trying to cum together is a BAD thing. Why? Because when you whisper, I have a hard time hearing you. And if I can’t hear, then I have to concentrate really hard. And then, I can’t concentrate on making my tight lil pussy cum, cause I’m using every spare inch of my “awareness” just to hear what you’re saying! Not to mention the fact that my favorite vibrator is SUPER loud, so if you talk too quietly, I can’t use it at all. *Pouts*

So….like I said, probably a remedial lesson for most of you. *Smiles* But I had to mention it because it’s so damn frustrating sometimes. Always. Lately! Lol… I mean, if I wanted to be one of those robotic orgasm faking phone sex fem bots, then I guess it would be no big deal. But since I like my phone sex a little bit more…*ahem*….interactive…lol…. It’s MUCH better for me if I can hear what you’re saying! :)

(And please don’t hate me for getting all “clinical” with my explanation… I did give you the sexy visual right at the beginning, didn’t I? *Giggles*)

Moving on… It’s been a crazy few days for your sweet lil girl! :) So many calls on Saturday night/Sunday morning that I was up and playing till Noon and could barely catch my breath~I swear I made my pussy cum so many times, I thought I might pass out a couple of times! Lol… My sweetie Gun, my old pet Philly, my NYC sweetie, and even my sweet TT! Not to mention all the yummy cash treats from my lil slut Chase and my new sweetie Rounder…. TY guys! It was an awesome night! Like seriously…I only wish I could have stayed awake longer, cause you guys were obviously willing to make me cum all day if you could!

Then, lots and lots of thunderstorms Tuesday, so much that the streets were flooded~so I couldn’t really drive anywhere cause my sporty lil car is so low to the ground (water splashes under the hood and makes the battery short out.) Anyway, so I stayed home on Princess Day cause of the flooding, and then my power goes out for like 4 hours. So no internet, no TV, no air conditioning, AND I couldn’t drive. *Frowns* It was horrible, I HATE hurricane season!!

I made up for it today, though… Got my toes done, my nails done, did some shopping, and actually did some stuff on my to do list. (I know, right! I told you I was working on my procrastination habit! Lol…) And now, it’s almost 3am and I’m about to get off alerts and log completely onto Niteflirt. I think I just missed a call while I was writing to you guys, so I’m going to close this quick and become available. Let’s see if I have favorite feedback before I go….

This one’s from my SirP, and you can also read it on my Fantasy/Roleplay Listing:

In my six and a half YEARS on Keen/NiteFlirt, I have never had an experience like the one I just had with Kylie. She slipped right into the teacher/student role we had agreed upon and the experience was mindblowing. I don’t know if she realized it, but I could hear the toy she was getting herself off with in the background as our call progressed … it made thee experience all the more real knowing she was enjoying our time as much as I was! She is first on my list, I will speak with no other as long as she is available.

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be available and taking calls till 5 or 6am EST, so if you’re still up? Call me tonight! I haven’t made my tight lil pussy cum since Monday night! I wish I could just tell you that I’m fucking horny, but at this point? That would be an understatement… *Blushes* Bye for now!

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