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The coolest thing!

So in my travels on the internet, while I was supposed to be updating all my blogs and responding to emails… I know, I know~I’m supposed to be better about procrastinating these days. *Sighs* But hey~at least I wasn’t shopping! Lol….

Anyway, in my travels, I found the COOLEST thing! Some of you may have already heard of Twitter, but in case you’re like me, and you haven’t? OMG is it so fucking cool! The whole site is based around the question, “What are you doing?” And you can look up anyone who’s signed up to Twitter to find out the amswer to that question.

Notice the bright pink box to your right? I’ll add it below just to make sure. (NOTE: Sometimes you have to refresh the page to make it work. A bother as far as I’m concerned, but it’s still TOTALLY worth it!!)

See? So I can update it whenever I want! Even if I dont have time to write an actual blog post! And I can do it in 2 sentences or less, so I can do it all the time! And it won’t fuck with my “time issues”. See why it’s so cool? :)

Yeah. I thought so. *Giggles* I’m avalable and taking calls on Niteflirt now~probably till 7 or 8am EST. So call me tonight!! I’ve cum a few times so far, but I wanna cum MORE before I go to sleep tonight! So if you think you’re up for some yummy hot barely legal phone sex with yours truly…. Call me now. *Smiles*

Let’s see if I have favorite feedback before I go…. This one’s from my sweet JMan, and you can also find it on my Anything Goes Listing:

Kylie is the most consistently awesome, incredible experience on NF. She brings every fantasy to vivid life.

And I guess that’s it! And remember, if you don’t catch me tonight? Look for me Saturday night after 11pm EST. Bye for now!

One Response to “The coolest thing!”

  1. Twitter is so good, its great to keep uptodate with everything your doing, I’m sure to follow you. Your a talent and one fine woman ;)
    Your Hot Phone Sex friend from Australia

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