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Quick note~

Hi guys! :) I just wanted to do a tiny little schedule update cause I know I wasn’t exactly keeping up with my usual schedule this week. *Sighs* I don’t know what happened, really… Maybe it was all the running around on Wednesday and then staying up super late playing on the phone that night. Maybe I was just cranky and mean on Thursday…like I said, I don’t know. But I just wasn’t feeling happy (or sexy or horny, lol) on Thursday, so I decided not to log on. I know, I’ve said it at least a million times, but I only log on to Niteflirt when I’m feeling all of the above. Minus the cranky and mean part, of course. *Giggles* I know it’s frustrating sometimes, but I’d rather we play a lil bit of phone tag than have you call when I’m all bitchy and moody and then never call me again. You know? (Of course you do. :) )

Anyway, schedule…I was away from the PC for all of Thursday and Friday, so I have major email and web stuff catchup to do. It’s just after Midnight now, and I think I’ll be done pretty soon, so I guess look for me by 1am EST. I’ll be up *super* late tonight, probably well into Sunday, so if you’re still up, you should totally call me!

Remember, if you don’t catch me tonight, you can look for me on Monday after 10 or 11pm EST. Assuming of course, that I still have power that day. Can you believe there’s another Hurricane coming?? At least this one’s heading a bit west of me, but still. It’s been raining here all day because of it, so much so that I couldn’t even do my walk this afternoon. *Pouts* Anyway, so yeah…I’ll be back on Monday, weather permitting, and I’ll be up all night tonight playing with my tight lil pussy and YOU. *Giggles* I hope, anyway…

Bye for now!

Happy Day! :)

Really! It really is! Lots of random things (and even one not too great thing) over the last few days added up to put your sweet lil girl in a VERY happy mood! :) Like….

I stayed up till 2pm on Sunday doing calls on Niteflirt…and I had such an aweome time! Lots and LOTS of yummy hot calls, and to be more specific…. I got to play with my lil slut Chase, my favorite FS, AND my sweetie PG! And Chase and PG made it even sweeter by sending me LOTS of *large* yummy cash treats so I can have an extra special Princess Day! (Ty my luvs! :) )

I went for a long walk today in these AWESOME super expensive fitness shoes that pussy boy bought me last month. Well~it wasn’t really a long walk, per se… Cause they hurt my ass so bad I could only walk for like 20 minutes! Lol… And I thought I was in shape! :( I do 45 minutes of cardio 4 to 5 times a week, I do ab work with the resistance ball twice a week, and *still* these fucking shoes kicked my ass! I have muscles hurting right now that I didn’t even know I had! *Frowns* Oh, well. I guess a fitness lesson at appx. $300 (yes, that’s really how much they cost, including shipping!) on pussy boy’s dime isn’t SO bad. *Giggles* He’s such a good lil cuckold. And he likes to spoil me rotten! Which is a *very* good thing. :)

I got to sic my *very* expensive attorney on a stupid cunt who decided not to return the deposit for the beach condo my guy rented for us earlier this month… Well, she hasn’t said she’s not returning it, but she’s no longer answering emails. And even though this is the “semi bad” thing that’s still pissing me off, it’s always fun to call in the legal dogs…dont you think? Lol… I don’t get too many chances to do it, so when opportunities arise, I get SO much fun out of it! I SO should have gone to law school. Seriously. *Sighs*

Anyway, I digress. Ummm…what else. I added a new girl to my Barely Legal Phone site, so you should totally check that out… Her name is Heidi, and she’s so completely adorable! I talked to her on the phone for a while before I decided to put her on my site… And let me just say that her cute lil southern accent alone was enough to get my pussy wet! *Blushes* Like I said, you gotta check out the site when you have time. :)

I spent my whole Princess Day shopping. Books, perfume, stuff for my Catly Man Arnold, vitamins and health food stuff, some panties… You know. The usual :) AND, I got home to find not one, but TWO Doctor Who DVD sets from my sweet Roleplayer Gun! YAY!! I’m kinda embarrassed, actually… Doctor Who is totally one of my favorite shows, but when Gun sent me Season 1 a couple weeks ago? Watching it was like seeing them all for the first time. In other words, I didn’t remember a thing! *Blushes* That’s okay though… Now I have seasons 1, 2 and 3 as like, collector’s items…so if I ever forget again, I can just refer to my DVD’s. (TY again, Gun!! You know how much I love them, and you’re SO sweet to keep surprising me!)

Anyway, I should be available and taking calls on Niteflirt till 5 or6 am EST… I’m so fucking horny I can barely stand it cause I haven’t made my tight lil pussy cum since Sunday afternoon… *Blushes* I think that’s it. But see! I told you I was in a happy mood! :)

If you’re still up and you feel like playing, call me! I *totally* feel like cumming before I go to sleep! Remember, if you don’t catch me now, look for me Thursday after 10pm EST. Bye for now!


I like them. Don’t you? I mean, of course there are lots of bad memories that I’d rather not remember….I’m sure that’s the case for everyone. But in general, I think memories are good! Most of my good memories involve sexual stuff….but still. I still have lots of fun (more often than I care to admit *Giggles*) thinking about them…and rehashing them…and making my tight lil pussy cum by masturbating to them… *Blushes*

This post does have a point beyond my lil masturbation fantasies, but I’ll get to that shortly. While I’m still digressing, I wanna share some of my favorite sexual ones. :) Like… The time my sophomore year when I met a 30 year old guy on a phone chat line and snuck him into my Mom’s house. I snuck him right up to my bedroom and let him fuck me right there in my bed while she was sleeping! Moaning and cumming and not caring who heard me…I still can’t believe she never woke up! One of my first experiences with having my pussy licked~definitely one of my favorites! :)

OR, the summer I used a fake ID to get into the main gay bar in my hometown. The *bar* may have been gay, but the *bouncers* most defintely were NOT! Apparently (I don’t remember this cause I was too drunk) but apparently~I walked up to the yummiest bouncer (a bodybuilder with a TRULY amazing cock) and wrapped my arms around him. Kissed him, gave him my number, and he started calling me. (After that part, I do remember.) I spent that whole summer dating him, fucking him, and not only getting into the bar that I was FAR too young to get into, but getting free drinks for all my friends, too. *Giggles* WOW did he have an amazing cock! Seriously. He’s like in my top 5 fucks of all time, and he never knew how old (read:young) I was. Lol…

OR, the fact that before I left Michigan, I fucked not one, but TWO sets of 3 brothers. In the interests of Niteflirt rules, I’m not going to mention how young I started fucking them. *Blushes* They’re all mixed up, so it’s hard to be chronological even if I try. So let’s just say that one of them I lost my virginity to, and the last one I fucked like, the week before I moved away. And even though I wasn’t particularly discreet, none of them knew about it till LONG after! (Yes, they all know now. *Frowns*) Even though a couple of them I was fucking at the same time! So sometimes, they’d comment on how wet my tight lil pussy was, not knowing the reason (read between the lines here, lol) why that might be the case. *Smiles*

Anyway. See why memories can be so much fun? I LOVE reminiscing on all my old slutty stuff! (Yes, all of the above is true. You can ask me for more stories or details when you call me, if you want. I have at least a million more, I’ve been a naughty lil slut for a looong time! Lol…) But I hope you’ve enjoyed the naughty stuff, cause now I’m going to get to the real point of my post. Which is…

I always like my memories, but sometimes, they can be bittersweet. Like, even if you remember someone fondly~and you especially remember cumming with them! But for whatever reason you don’t talk anymore? That makes the memory good, but also a little bit…sad. You know? My phone sex stuff is always WAY fun! But sometimes, there are some casualties along the way, and that SUCKS! *Sighs* I don’t know, I’m probably being too much of a downer now, so I’ll stop. Just know that if you’re one of my “old favorite” guys, even if we don’t talk anymore, I still think about you. Actually, I think that’s the only downside to gfe phone sex… I care too much sometimes. So when we stop talking, I miss you more than I should….

Anyway! My lil rant is officially over! :) It’s just after 5am on Friday, and I’m still up and taking calls. I’ll probably be up and available till 7 or 8am EST, so if you’re still up? Call me tonight! I was going to save this post for Saturday when I’m back….but I figured you’d like to know what’s in my head in the meantime, right? I’m happy, feeling sexy, and I’m TOTALLY fucking horny! And I’ve only gotten to make my pussy cum once so far! So hopefully you can help me out with that…. If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me on Saturday after 11pm-ish.

Bye for now!

Tropical Storm….

How anticlimactic! I hate to use such a dramatic title for a storm that’s most likely not going to be an issue for me, but it is what it is. All weekend they’ve been predicting disaster, showing the projected storm path on the news and totally freaking me out cause the storm’s supposed to land right on top of me. So of course, like a good lil girl, I went out to buy all my disaster supplies. You know, batteries, and canned goods, and water, and ice, and all the necessary stuff.

Then, because I figure my Princess Day is going to be a wash, I spent all day today getting my hair highlighted and getting my nails and toes done. (Not to digress, but I got the coolest french pedicure with black and silver tips today!) Anyway, so I do all that, do a little more grocery shopping, get home, turn on the news… Only to find that not only is the storm most likely NOT going to become a full fledged hurricane, but it’s probably going to miss me completely. By MILES even. LOTS of miles. Lol….

Now, I am totally not complaining! I’ve only lived through one really bad hurricane season since I moved to Florida, and I’ll be super thrilled if I never have to do that ever again! But even if we just get really bad rain, my power will go out. (It always does, even just with normal rain and no strong wind.) Which means that I’m going to be stuck inside on my Princess Day. No power, so no computer, phone, or TV. Everything will be closed cause they’re still calling it a “State of Emergency”, and even if stuff was open, I did all my fun girly stuff today! *Pouts*

Anyway, now I’m rambling. :) I wanted to post to warn you guys, just in case my power does go out and stay out? I may not be taking calls on Wednesday night. It probably won’t be that bad, but I wanted to give you a heads up just in case. Also, I wanted to say thank you for all the sweet notes and the yummy cash treats! (Especially Gun and PG, it was really wonderful of you!) Definitely a silver lining for me in this whole mess. Maybe I can think of it and smile when the only thing I have to do Tuesday is play my Nintendo DS till I run out of batteries….lol….

It’s midnight here now, and I should be available and taking calls till 4 or 5am EST. So call me tonight! Honestly…I’ll consider it an act of kindness if you call and make me cum. Cause remember, my favorite vibrator runs on AC power. And if I don’t have electricity tomorrow??? Yeah. It’s that serious. *Giggles*

Bye for now!

Happy lil girl…

And how could I not be? *Giggles* I have to tell you in advance that this will probably be a pretty short post (unless I get stuck off on a tangent like I sometimes do, lol…) because it’s after 6am here and I’m actually (finally) on alerts and taking calls on Niteflirt. Why am I starting so late, you ask? Well…. Because I took what was supposed to be a short nap at like 10pm, which ended up being a long nap that ended at 1am. I know, I know, I’m supposed to be working on the time thing. But sometimes my Princess Rest just won’t be denied. :) Then, I was talking to my pussy boy for just over four hours as soon as I woke up.

Speaking of which, I have to take a second to add to the list of things I like about pussy boy, since his “faults” as a cuckold are so glarlingly obvious. *Giggles* Anyway…the newest thing I like about him, is that he’s WAY fun to play computer games with! Cause except for the last hour that we talked, that’s exactly what we were doing. He’s probably going to hate that I told you, cause I imagine he’d like for you to think that he held my attention that long with his sexual “skills”, as it were. Lol… Really, though. It was a TOTAL blast and totally worth the four hours with no orgasm. :) I can’t decide which I like better, though… The awesome time playing games or the *large* yummy cash treat he sent me? *Grins* Either way, fun stuff.

AND, that’s not the only thing that’s made me so happy in the past few days! My Princess day was WAY fun as well! Lots of shopping~I like, totally bought out the MAC counter…lots of new lip gloss and blush and mascara and brushes… I’m not huge on lots of makeup but it’s always fun to buy new stuff, you know? Also, cause I actually worked at a department store fragrance counter before I started doing phone sex, it’s fun to get the salesgirls all frazzled by showing off how much I know about their product lines. *Smiles* Got a new keyboard and mouse for my computer…did you know it’s almost impossible to buy a keyboard that’s not wireless these days? I didn’t, and it kinda pissed me off. *Frowns* But I suppose I’ll get used to it.

Anyway. Lots more shopping, my nail appointment of course, and then I got home to a whole bunch of wishlist prezzies! YAY! I love it when you guys spoil me rotten! A Bliss bikini shaver/trimmer thingie from my sweet pussy boy (TY my luv!) and 2 DVD sets from my sexy roleplayer Gun. Doctor Who Season 1 which I was dying for, but also Torchwood Season 1 as a surprise! (I know I already told you Gun~but I adore them! Thank you so much!!)

So. Like I said~I’m a happy lil girl and I can’t help it. It’s totally your fault. :) In the interest of keeping this post short, I’m going to end this now so I can maybe be completely available by 7am or so. Lol…. Since I had such a long nap, I’m planning to be available till 8 or 9am EST. We’ll see how it goes. I want to try to find some favorite feedback before I go, though… Let’s see…

This one’s from my old favorite TR, and you can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

wow. ok, that’s the way to wake up on a Sunday morning… with Kylie’s voice in your ear telling you all the dirty, wonderful things she’s doing to you… another incredible call baby, thank you!

SO sweet! (Ty my luv!) And I guess that’s it! I’ll be logging on shortly, so hopefully there’s at least 1 or 2 of you still up and looking to cum with me. Remember I said I had a 4 hour call with no orgasm? Ummm…yeah. That means I’m SUPER fucking horny! *Blushes* So if you’re up to it…call and make my tight lil pussy cum before I go to sleep? Pretty please? :) Remember, if you don’t catch me this morning, I won’t be back till Saturday night.

Bye for now!

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