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My fun (but STRANGE!) Princess Day…

Wow, where to even start? :) First, I have to ask if you’ve missed me? Cause this week, not only have I been away from my lil blog here, but I’ve also been away from the phones since Saturday night/Sunday morning. I know, I know, I’ve been doing that way too often lately…but it’s almost the end of the summer! And I live in Florida! A girl should be able to take a little break and have some “fun in the sun” if she feels like it, right? Lol… Seriously though~hopefully you guys aren’t just completely DONE with waiting around for me! I think this was my last mini vacation for a while…and you’ll understand why when I tell you what happened.

Anyway. I was supposed to hang out with Amanda this week, but she got stuck working, so I had to change my plans. And I figured, that since I hadn’t seen my guy in a while, I should go ahead and give him a call so maybe I could salvage my “weekend”. Just to catch you up~no, he’s still not my boyfriend, and I still don’t want him to be. Yes, he’s still bugging the hell out of me with phone calls, but lately I just turn my cell phone off. And yes, even though I barely let him see me, let alone fuck me, he’s still hanging around waiting for me to maybe decide I want his cock once in a while. Hey~if he’s going to let me act like a spoiled brat, fucking right I’m going to be one. *Giggles*

Is that mean? Probably. But is it fun? MOST definitely. So yeah, that’s the way it’s going to stay. :)

Anyway….so he wanted to do a little beach vacation. I mean, I don’t really live that far from the beach, but it’s probably about a 20 minute drive. So sometimes, it’s way more fun to get a hotel room right on the water, do the room service thing, no driving….you know? It’s just easier. But instead of a hotel room, he wanted to rent a little condo for two days. That way, we’d have a full kitchen so he could cook for me if I wanted, AND there was a pool as well as the Gulf right there, in case the beach was too crowded. It sounded like fun, so of course I said I would go~especially cause I wasn’t doing anything else.

We were supposed to go on Monday night and leave on Wednesday. (I’m going to try to condense this so this post doesn’t turn into a novel…lol… ) We got there on Monday night as planned, but when we walked in, there were other people staying there. Like, the people who were supposed to check out that morning had never left! OMG was I so pissed! So he had to call the owner, try to get it worked out, but even if they had left right then (I wanted to kick their asses out on the street) the condo would be dirty.

Sooo….we drove all the way back here to wait for them to leave in the morning. Didn’t get into the place till Noon on Tuesday, I was pretty pissed off so it wasn’t as much fun as it was supposed to be. There was no internet access (there was supposed to be), there was no smoking allowed, and halfway through the night, the people who had left that morning came to the door and insisted on coming in to search the kitchen for some candy they forgot. *GRR!* I hate stupid people! :(

So in the end, I wasted a whole night that I should have been doing calls, and then I was so mad that I didn’t even want to have sex! I did get lots of sun though, which was good…. And I did let him go down on me Tuesday night, which was awesome! But that’s about it. *Sighs* I guess I’m glad I went, but I swear, I will NEVER do anything but 4 star and up hotels from now on!

That was Monday and Tuesday. I was home by Wednesday night, but the moment I logged on, my pussy boy called, and he pretty much monopolized my whole night. I think we stayed up talking till like…5am? Well, not really just talking….some talking, some teasing him, some shopping on Amazon (for me, of course) and a *huge* yummy cash treat for me, too! (Ty sweetie :) ) Lots of fun for me, but it didn’t leave any time for me to take any more calls~so I’m sorry about that, guys.

And now, it’s almost 3:30 AM EST, and I’m only just now sitting down at my computer. *Sighs* I was up super early, and I spent my whole day tweaking my new websites, catching up on some reading, and finishing up some projects that I’d put off for way too long. Then of course, time got away from me and I ended up losing track of it as usual. :( I’m going to log onto Niteflirt by 4am though, and hopefully some of you are still up and around and looking to play with me! *Smiles* I’m going to stay up until I get sleepy, so probably till at least 7 or 8am. And if you are still up….call me tonight! :)

Bye for now!

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