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My latent fem domme…

I was watching some show on TV the other day…don’t ask me which one, cause I honestly can’t recall. Maybe it was Law And Order…but don’t quote me on that. Anyway, so there’s two people driving in a car, and the woman in the passenger seat is talking about people who are always late, and how it must mean that they’re lazy. And the guy driving the car totally disagreed. He said (and I’m paraphrasing here~if I can’t remember what show, you could hardly expect me to remember the quote verbatim, right? *Giggles*)

Anyway, he says that chronic lateness has nothing to do with laziness. Supposedly, it’s actually a trait of people with control issues. They want to control everyone elses schedule, cause they want the world to revolve around them. For example, “I’m in charge even when I’m NOT around, cause by being late, I’m making you wait for me.” Which, if you hadn’t noticed, is so totally me.

Now when I first heard that, it kind of rang true for me in a bad way. Like, doesn’t that sound so bad and passive aggressive? But after I thought on it for a little while…I decided that it’s just another symptom of this latent fem domme that pussy boy always says I have inside me. Control issues….and wanting the world to revolve around me…and of course, the always being late thing I’ve been struggling with. That’s total Princess behavior, don’t you think? Lol…

Really, even if it’s not, that’s the way I’m going to rationalize it. I like “Princess mindset” MUCH better than “brat with control issues.” *Giggles* Still though~I’m going to keep working on the time thing. It bugs the hell out of me even if you guys are sweet enough to keep dealing with it. :)

It’s just after 1AM EST, and I should be taking calls within the hour. Call me tonight if you feel like playing with me! Cause remember, after tonight, I won’t be back till after my Princess Day (Wednesday.) Bye for now!

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