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Tropical Storm….

How anticlimactic! I hate to use such a dramatic title for a storm that’s most likely not going to be an issue for me, but it is what it is. All weekend they’ve been predicting disaster, showing the projected storm path on the news and totally freaking me out cause the storm’s supposed to land right on top of me. So of course, like a good lil girl, I went out to buy all my disaster supplies. You know, batteries, and canned goods, and water, and ice, and all the necessary stuff.

Then, because I figure my Princess Day is going to be a wash, I spent all day today getting my hair highlighted and getting my nails and toes done. (Not to digress, but I got the coolest french pedicure with black and silver tips today!) Anyway, so I do all that, do a little more grocery shopping, get home, turn on the news… Only to find that not only is the storm most likely NOT going to become a full fledged hurricane, but it’s probably going to miss me completely. By MILES even. LOTS of miles. Lol….

Now, I am totally not complaining! I’ve only lived through one really bad hurricane season since I moved to Florida, and I’ll be super thrilled if I never have to do that ever again! But even if we just get really bad rain, my power will go out. (It always does, even just with normal rain and no strong wind.) Which means that I’m going to be stuck inside on my Princess Day. No power, so no computer, phone, or TV. Everything will be closed cause they’re still calling it a “State of Emergency”, and even if stuff was open, I did all my fun girly stuff today! *Pouts*

Anyway, now I’m rambling. :) I wanted to post to warn you guys, just in case my power does go out and stay out? I may not be taking calls on Wednesday night. It probably won’t be that bad, but I wanted to give you a heads up just in case. Also, I wanted to say thank you for all the sweet notes and the yummy cash treats! (Especially Gun and PG, it was really wonderful of you!) Definitely a silver lining for me in this whole mess. Maybe I can think of it and smile when the only thing I have to do Tuesday is play my Nintendo DS till I run out of batteries….lol….

It’s midnight here now, and I should be available and taking calls till 4 or 5am EST. So call me tonight! Honestly…I’ll consider it an act of kindness if you call and make me cum. Cause remember, my favorite vibrator runs on AC power. And if I don’t have electricity tomorrow??? Yeah. It’s that serious. *Giggles*

Bye for now!

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