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Happy Day! :)

Really! It really is! Lots of random things (and even one not too great thing) over the last few days added up to put your sweet lil girl in a VERY happy mood! :) Like….

I stayed up till 2pm on Sunday doing calls on Niteflirt…and I had such an aweome time! Lots and LOTS of yummy hot calls, and to be more specific…. I got to play with my lil slut Chase, my favorite FS, AND my sweetie PG! And Chase and PG made it even sweeter by sending me LOTS of *large* yummy cash treats so I can have an extra special Princess Day! (Ty my luvs! :) )

I went for a long walk today in these AWESOME super expensive fitness shoes that pussy boy bought me last month. Well~it wasn’t really a long walk, per se… Cause they hurt my ass so bad I could only walk for like 20 minutes! Lol… And I thought I was in shape! :( I do 45 minutes of cardio 4 to 5 times a week, I do ab work with the resistance ball twice a week, and *still* these fucking shoes kicked my ass! I have muscles hurting right now that I didn’t even know I had! *Frowns* Oh, well. I guess a fitness lesson at appx. $300 (yes, that’s really how much they cost, including shipping!) on pussy boy’s dime isn’t SO bad. *Giggles* He’s such a good lil cuckold. And he likes to spoil me rotten! Which is a *very* good thing. :)

I got to sic my *very* expensive attorney on a stupid cunt who decided not to return the deposit for the beach condo my guy rented for us earlier this month… Well, she hasn’t said she’s not returning it, but she’s no longer answering emails. And even though this is the “semi bad” thing that’s still pissing me off, it’s always fun to call in the legal dogs…dont you think? Lol… I don’t get too many chances to do it, so when opportunities arise, I get SO much fun out of it! I SO should have gone to law school. Seriously. *Sighs*

Anyway, I digress. Ummm…what else. I added a new girl to my Barely Legal Phone site, so you should totally check that out… Her name is Heidi, and she’s so completely adorable! I talked to her on the phone for a while before I decided to put her on my site… And let me just say that her cute lil southern accent alone was enough to get my pussy wet! *Blushes* Like I said, you gotta check out the site when you have time. :)

I spent my whole Princess Day shopping. Books, perfume, stuff for my Catly Man Arnold, vitamins and health food stuff, some panties… You know. The usual :) AND, I got home to find not one, but TWO Doctor Who DVD sets from my sweet Roleplayer Gun! YAY!! I’m kinda embarrassed, actually… Doctor Who is totally one of my favorite shows, but when Gun sent me Season 1 a couple weeks ago? Watching it was like seeing them all for the first time. In other words, I didn’t remember a thing! *Blushes* That’s okay though… Now I have seasons 1, 2 and 3 as like, collector’s items…so if I ever forget again, I can just refer to my DVD’s. (TY again, Gun!! You know how much I love them, and you’re SO sweet to keep surprising me!)

Anyway, I should be available and taking calls on Niteflirt till 5 or6 am EST… I’m so fucking horny I can barely stand it cause I haven’t made my tight lil pussy cum since Sunday afternoon… *Blushes* I think that’s it. But see! I told you I was in a happy mood! :)

If you’re still up and you feel like playing, call me! I *totally* feel like cumming before I go to sleep! Remember, if you don’t catch me now, look for me Thursday after 10pm EST. Bye for now!

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