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A Little TMI…

I haven’t done TMI Tuesday in a while, and since I liked the questions this week, I thought I’d post them here for you. Actually, I’ve only read down to the second question so far, so forgive my spotanaiety when I answer, k? K. Here goes:

1. What do you feel is the difference between sexy and erotic?

For me, sexy is like, something “visual”, something immediate… Something I can experience quickly and just as quickly, know that I think it’s sexy. Erotic is a little bit deeper. Eroticism makes me *feel* something. Makes my pussy wet. Makes me not just think about fucking, but *want* to fuck. See the difference? :)

2. Do you believe there is one right person (i.e. soul mate) for you out there in the world, or that there can be many different potential mates that you could live blissfully with?

I’m totally a believer of the “many soul mates” school of thought. I mean, I’ve had 3 of them in my real life already! Okay, so one of them is my gay best friend, but I could totally have a sexless but happy marriage with him! *Giggles* And that’s not to mention how many guys I’ve found that connection on the phone with… But I digress. For me, there could be many. It depends on the personality, though…. I think the more rigid and closed minded you are, the harder it is to find more than that special *one*.

3. Do you need to hear “I love you” or similar words on a regular basis from your partner?
Ummm? I’d like to! But it’s definitely not a requirement. Actions speak much louder than words to me, so I’d rather have you prove it than say it all day long. :)

4. What feeling do you have the most difficulty expressing?

Ooh, this is a hard one! I guess…fear? I never like to admit I’m scared! We *are* talking real life fear, not just scary movies, right? Lol… But yeah~fear. Every other emotion is pretty easy for me.

5. What is worse – physical, mental or cyber cheating?

Wow! Did they pull this question out of my blog or something? *Giggles* We’ve already been over this below, but I’ll reiterate: The only cheating that counts to me is mental cheating. And by that I mean *emotional* cheating. You can cheat physically without loving anyone but me, and you can “cyber cheat” online or with phone sex, and still love only me… But if you start emotionally cheating, that means it’s probably over between us. Actually, I should specify….even emotional cheating isn’t so bad if you own up to it. Then we can just break up and move on. It only gets bad if you want to drag it out and lie about it for ages. THAT would make me have to hate you forever. Lol…

Bonus (as in optional): The Kinsey scale attempts to describe a person’s sexual history or episodes of their sexual activity at a given time. It uses a scale from 0, meaning exclusively heterosexual, to 6, meaning exclusively homosexual. Where are you – TODAY – on the scale?

Hmmm….today? I’d say a solid 2. Maybe 3. But I hate to say I’m completely bisexual cause I couldn’t survive on pussy alone… *Blushes* Even if I was like, long term dating a girl (which I could *totally* do! I just never have) she’d have to be bi too so we could both have cock once in a while. Otherwise I’d lose my fucking mind! Lol!

And there we are! The end of my TMI. :) I think the questions were too easy this week though…. That was all stuff I don’t mind telling on a regular basis! *Giggles* Ah, well. Anyway. It’s just after 3am on Monday night/Tuesday morning. I’m actually available and taking calls now, and I probably will be till 5 or 6am EST. So call me tonight! Remember, Tuesday is my Princess Day, so after tonight, I won’t be back till Wednesday. Bye for now!

PS Thanks SO much to my sweetheart Gun and Mr Anonymous for all the yummy wishlist prezzies! I adore every single one of them and I *heart* you for always thinking of me! :) Bye again!

Is Phone Sex Cheating?

This is a pretty interesting subject for me. Not so much because I need to ponder my opinion on it or anything… More because it’s not something I like to bring up in case there are any of you guys out there who would start feeling guilty if I started listing out pros and cons. *Smiles* Actually, given the unreliability of my availablity lately, most of you guys who are patient enough to wait for me to log on have been calling me for years! (And that’s a fact that doesn’t go unnoticed, cause I SO appreciate that you do!! Really!) Anyway, I figure we’ve known eachother for long enough by now that if you have any “demons” about this subject, you’ve wrestled them a *long* time ago. :)

Anyway. This whole thing is something I’ve been discussing with pussy boy lately…who is, in case you wondered, the main reason for my weirdo schedule lately. And that’s a funny thing, actually, because just this past week I decided that he didn’t deserve ANY pussy EVER again. Well~he can still have it, he just can’t ever be inside it, because his inadequacy in the stamina department is really just embarrassing. The funny part, is that he agrees with me! I know, right? But seriously. He does. He thanks me for it. Lol… And instead of being smart and saving himself from my relentless teasing, he needs to send me lots of money and talk to me every night I’m available for hours and hours and hours. Even though I’ve cut him off of pussy for the rest of his life. Even though I’m making him work up to two or more weeks of chastity before he can even think of masturbation. Along with countless other humiliating tasks I won’t get into here. *Giggles* I totally own him, and I did it by taking sex away, not giving it! See? Told you it was funny. :)

But it’s a good thing, because now that he’s so pliable and easy to control, I get to have all kinds of deep conversations with him on just about anything. And one of these convos earlier this week just happened to be~you guessed it! Whether or not phone sex is cheating. My thoughts on this are pretty simple, so I’ll explain.

See, I have this theory. Every guy needs porn, and every guy uses porn. Every guy, everywhere, married or single, no exceptions. For some guys, porn is a Playboy magazine (or the equivalent.) I prefer Hustler, but still. :) Some guys like strip clubs. Some guys visit escorts, LOTS of guys find porn on the internet, and most guys have a few porn DVD’s stashed somewhere in their place. And some guys like phone sex.

But see? It’s all porn! So what, just because there’s talking involved with phone sex, does that make it so different? I don’t know, I guess I get that, but to be honest, I think that guys who get more turned on by talking? Are SO much more evolved than the average man who only needs visual stimulation. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a good porn magazine…I’m sure you do too! It’s just, I think visual porn has it’s place. Magazines and movies and stuff like that are like….foreplay at best. I think orgasms are SO much better when you actually get to interact with someone, don’t you think? :) They always say the brain is the most powerful sexual organ, after all.

And then of course, there’s also the reasons listed out by my good friend Abby, whose blog post inspired pussy boy to start questioning this subject in the first place. And who knew! She actually linked here to *me* after all of her musings on the subject! (And then she didn’t even tell me! I would never have known if pussy boy hadn’t shown it to me. BAD Abby! *Giggles*)

So no, I don’t think phone sex is cheating. But I also think that women shouldn’t care! Women should just understand that men are sexual creatures, and they’re going to have porn no matter what. If you’re the type of woman who’s bothered by thinking of your guy jerking off without you, just ignore it! Don’t go snooping through his stuff, or his computer history. Don’t go opening credit card statements that aren’t your business. Make it just like the military~don’t ask, don’t tell. And really…wouldn’t the average wife or girlfriend be happier in general if they don’t ever find out that you prefer barely legal girls like yours truly? Or that you’d really love to cum all over a girl’s face? Or that you like anal sex, or need to be tied up, or *insert your favorite naughty fantasy here*? Yeah. See what I mean? :)

I don’t know if I think this way because I’m enlightened, or because I’m just as horny as you are all day long. Lol! I just think orgasms are good, and people shouldn’t have to exist being forced to sneak around and feel like they’re dirty just because they wanna get off, you know? And phone sex orgasms are PRETTY fucking awesome, IMO. Porn exists so people don’t have to cheat. I think, if your mate isn’t using porn? THAT’S when you need to be worried…. Lol….

*Sighs* Anyway. Off my soapbox now. Oh~and hopefully you weren’t too bothered by my choice of subjects tonight. I just had some thoughts and I had to share them~it couldn’t be helped. You didn’t mind THAT much, did you? :) It’s pretty late now (just after 3am) and this is the first night this week that I’m not being monopolized by my pussy boy till 6am! So I’d better get my cute lil ass on the phone. :) I should be taking calls till 6am EST or so, so if you’ve been missing me? Call me tonight! I haven’t cum with a REAL man in like, forever, so I’m looking forward to it! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me on Saturday after 11pm.

Bye for now!

PS I still have to do thank you’s for prezzies and favorite callers and feedback… No, I haven’t forgotten! I just need to wait till the next time I post to do it cause I need to log on before it gets too late. Check back soon for that stuff…I promise I won’t make you wait too long. :)

I’m SO Kinky… :)

You Are 85% Kinky

If you’ve heard of it, you’ve tried it. You’re that kinky.
You’re open to any and all sexual experiences, as long as they’re safe.

You see the bedroom as the primary place for all your adventures.
But that’s not to say that the bedroom is the only place you get kinky!

Are You Kinky?

We all already knew how kinky I am, right? *Giggles* I just thought I’d add a lil quiz for you guys to have fun with cause I haven’t done one in a while. Actually….I’m surprised that I’m only 85%! (And you’d be surprised at which answers I left unchecked to make it that low! Lol…) I guess I’ll attribute that to my “Princess” side… Just cause I’m a naughty lil phone whore, doesn’t mean I’m not a lil lady in public, you know? :) Take the quiz and leave me your results as a comment…if you’re brave enough….lol….

Anyway. I spent all day at the mall on Wednesday~new Coach purse and matching wallet, 4 pairs of sexy new heels, Gaultier “Classique” perfume, some Valentino perfume, and some pretty new hair clips. How is it fair that the wallet cost $180 and the purse only cost $120, btw?? Lol… Princess day was Wednesday instead of Tuesday, so I’m allowed, right? :) Tuesday wasn’t really a “Princess Day” per se…. Amanda was in town, so we watched “Speed Racer” (don’t waste your time) and went out for drinks after. Movie was stupid, bar was empty, and I could have found better pursuits for my time. *Sighs*

I spent most of tonight with PG, only a few cash treats, but I’m sure we’ll make up for that this weekend. And this past weekend (sorry for the nonsensical time line) I spent most of my time with pussy boy. I keep telling him he’s taking time away from the rest of you when he monopolizes me for 5 and 6 hours at a time! But every time I say that, he just sends me another *large* yummy cash treat and starts shopping on my wishlist, so I kinda just go with the flow. :) Luckily for you (not so luckily for him) I actually let him cum on Saturday night. In other words, he won’t be able to earn another orgasm for at *least* 2 weeks! So….you’ll find it much easier to get ahold of me until then! Lol….

It’s just after 4am EST, and I’m going to close this now so I can get back to taking calls on Niteflirt. Yes, I’m still up! If you are too, you should totally call me tonight! I’ll be taking calls till 6am or so. If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me Thursday (yes, I know it’s already Thursday for most of you, but it’s still Wednesday for me) after 11pm EST. As of tonight, my schedule should be back to normal~so you should be able to find me for hot yummy phone sex at my usual times. *Blushes* Let’s see if I can find some favorite feedback before I go…

This one’s from my sweetheart Gun, and you can find it on my Fantasy/Roleplay Listing:

I think niteflirt should lock up Kylie’s feedback page with 5 stars only. Not only does she always give her best on the phone. But after every call with her I am so shaken with pleasure that this feature will help prevent me from giving her a bad score by accident.

SO sweet! (TY for the yummy call, my luv! Have you checked out the link I sent you? Let me know…) And I guess that’s it. Bye for now!

Feeling better….

I probably don’t have to explain this to some of you, cause if you’ve been keeping up with my Twitter, you already know why I’ve been MIA for the last week almost. But just in case you haven’t been checking that bright pink box down to your right (that I update MUCH more often than I do my actual blog! Lol..) I’ll explain a little. For the past few days, your sweet lil girl has been very, very sick. Not like, the “dying” type of sick. More like the “most unimaginable pain I’ve ever experienced and I *feel* like I”m dying” type of sick.

I’m not going to go into it in detail, suffice it to say it was a girl thing, and I don’t do too well with pain. You’ll just have to read between the lines beyond that, cause it’s most definitely not fun OR sexy, so it has no place on my lil phone sex blog. AND I’d rather forget that it happened, cause it was that painful. But yeah….now you know where I’ve been.

And it really, really sucked! It was horrible and I hated every second of it. Well…almost every second. There are definitely some perks to being sick. :) Like…my guy (I hate to call him my guy cause lately I only call him when I need something, lol… But still) coming over every night to bring me movies and cook for me. And getting to eat chocolate pecan pie and all it’s related bad carbs and complex sugars which I NEVER ever eat cause of all the guilt involved…lol… Catching up on my reading (I read the whole “Golden Compass” trilogy by Phillip Pullman…and OMG are they SO much better than the movie!) And catching up on TV (I watched a whole season of Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy on DVD…yes, I was really sick enough to be on the couch that long! Lol…)

And sleeping in, and yummy painkillers… And more sleeping in, and more yummy painkillers… *Giggles* AND lots of get well notes from you guys, which I so appreciate! Even better than that, some get well prezzies from my sweetheart Gun! He sent me a new Hello Kitty calendar and the waxing kit from Bliss that I was dying for, and it was a total surprise cause I haven’t been at the computer to check my wishlist in a week! (TY sweetheart….you really made my day! And in regards to your note…I don’t know if you’d be a good assistant for that particular task. Are you sure you wouldn’t get distracted? *Smiles*)

All of that on TOP of the just over $1K that my PG sent me the other day just cause I’m so fucking adorable… And that was before I even got sick! :) So…there was definitely a “silver” lining to this week of hell for me, but I still hope it doesn’t happen again anytime soon. The sick part, not the you guys being so sweet to me and sending me prezzies and cash treats part. *Giggles* I rarely get sick, so I guess I’m just not used to being forced to change my life so drastically. *Sighs* Oh, well. I hope you guys have missed me though, because the one thing I didn’t get to do this past week? Was make my tight lil pussy cum. Yes. I know it sounds unbelievable, but really! It’s really true. So….if you really feel like doing something sweet for me? You can call to play with me tonight and make me cum. Preferably more than one of you….cause a week is way too long for me to go without. *Blushes*

I’ll be available and taking calls shortly, by 12:30 or 1am EST, until at least 4 or 5am. And I’m going to end this now so I can do that. Remember, if you don’t catch me tonight, look for me on Saturday after 11pm EST. Bye for now!