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Feeling better….

I probably don’t have to explain this to some of you, cause if you’ve been keeping up with my Twitter, you already know why I’ve been MIA for the last week almost. But just in case you haven’t been checking that bright pink box down to your right (that I update MUCH more often than I do my actual blog! Lol..) I’ll explain a little. For the past few days, your sweet lil girl has been very, very sick. Not like, the “dying” type of sick. More like the “most unimaginable pain I’ve ever experienced and I *feel* like I”m dying” type of sick.

I’m not going to go into it in detail, suffice it to say it was a girl thing, and I don’t do too well with pain. You’ll just have to read between the lines beyond that, cause it’s most definitely not fun OR sexy, so it has no place on my lil phone sex blog. AND I’d rather forget that it happened, cause it was that painful. But yeah….now you know where I’ve been.

And it really, really sucked! It was horrible and I hated every second of it. Well…almost every second. There are definitely some perks to being sick. :) Like…my guy (I hate to call him my guy cause lately I only call him when I need something, lol… But still) coming over every night to bring me movies and cook for me. And getting to eat chocolate pecan pie and all it’s related bad carbs and complex sugars which I NEVER ever eat cause of all the guilt involved…lol… Catching up on my reading (I read the whole “Golden Compass” trilogy by Phillip Pullman…and OMG are they SO much better than the movie!) And catching up on TV (I watched a whole season of Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy on DVD…yes, I was really sick enough to be on the couch that long! Lol…)

And sleeping in, and yummy painkillers… And more sleeping in, and more yummy painkillers… *Giggles* AND lots of get well notes from you guys, which I so appreciate! Even better than that, some get well prezzies from my sweetheart Gun! He sent me a new Hello Kitty calendar and the waxing kit from Bliss that I was dying for, and it was a total surprise cause I haven’t been at the computer to check my wishlist in a week! (TY sweetheart….you really made my day! And in regards to your note…I don’t know if you’d be a good assistant for that particular task. Are you sure you wouldn’t get distracted? *Smiles*)

All of that on TOP of the just over $1K that my PG sent me the other day just cause I’m so fucking adorable… And that was before I even got sick! :) So…there was definitely a “silver” lining to this week of hell for me, but I still hope it doesn’t happen again anytime soon. The sick part, not the you guys being so sweet to me and sending me prezzies and cash treats part. *Giggles* I rarely get sick, so I guess I’m just not used to being forced to change my life so drastically. *Sighs* Oh, well. I hope you guys have missed me though, because the one thing I didn’t get to do this past week? Was make my tight lil pussy cum. Yes. I know it sounds unbelievable, but really! It’s really true. So….if you really feel like doing something sweet for me? You can call to play with me tonight and make me cum. Preferably more than one of you….cause a week is way too long for me to go without. *Blushes*

I’ll be available and taking calls shortly, by 12:30 or 1am EST, until at least 4 or 5am. And I’m going to end this now so I can do that. Remember, if you don’t catch me tonight, look for me on Saturday after 11pm EST. Bye for now!

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