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YUMMY pics of me :)

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I just put together a new mini set of some of my most recent pics, so I figured it was about time to share them with you. *Smiles* I know, it’s been forever since I updated my photo gallery, and I SO apologize! I have Tee working on some updates right now!! As we speak, even…lol…

But in the meantime, you can click the button above to see my lil “mini set” of 3 pics. It’s only $5, and they’re pics that aren’t included *anywhere* else… Not in my galleries, not in my emails, not anywhere!!. And you don’t want to miss your chance at seeing me fuck myself with my glass dildo, do you? *Blushes* Yeah….you should totally check it out. :)

It’s just after 7am EST, and I think I’m going to stay up and stay available till 9am or so. Usually, I’d tell you how I haven’t gotten to make my pussy cum so far. But tonight, I guess you guys are like, in the giving mood! I’ve had SO many yummy orgasms that I’m just dying to have a few more before bedtime! My sweetheart Gun… My new guy Six… My new cuckold (who shall remain nameless), and all the rest of you who keep telling me that you can’t be done till I get off! :) Seriously…I appreciate it. A phone sex girl REALLY couldn’t ask for more! *Giggles*

Favorite feedback before I go… This one’s from my new sweetie Jack, and you can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

Holy shit! This girl is absolutely fantastic. Totally knows what she is doing with role play. I’m used to having to set the scene, but with Kylie it was a much better idea to just let her go with it. Very, very hot.


Yeah. I’m having waaaay too much fun with roleplays tonight! *Blushes* Anyway. I’m going to close this now so I can deal with my web stuff and start taking calls again. Call me if you’re up and horny!! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me Monday after Midnight EST. Bye for now!

Sexually Powerful….

You Are Extremely Sexually Powerful

Your sexual power is obvious – you don’t do anything to hide your sexuality.
In fact, if there’s such a thing as a person with too much sexual power, it’s you.

Your life and thoughts are dominated by sex. And while it’s good to be sexually liberated, you’re starting to have a one track mind.
You don’t always have to use your sexual power. There’s more to human interaction than getting naked!

So apparently, I’m *Extremely* sexually powerful… Are you really surprised? *Smiles* I just stumbled onto that quiz earlier, and I felt like sharing my results with you. Maybe if you’re in the mood…you’ll take it yourself and leave me a comment to tell me what your results were? :)

It looks like this is going to be another short post, and I apologize for that… And I started out my day so on time! :( I was up at like Noon, I ran to the gym for a quick workout, so by the time I was home and showered it was like, 2. Of course I had some shopping to do, so I went out to get groceries, and champagne, and I needed some new hair stuff so I stopped by my salon. And of course I got upsold into getting a facial and a lil waxing…. Funny how easy it is for them to sell me now that I’m hooked on the bikini wax. *Blushes*

Anyway. By the time I was done with that, it was 5pm. And I was stuck in Downtown St Petersburg, right next to Tropicana Field. *Sighs* The traffic was horrible! I mean, seriously…I know it’s the World Series and all, but JEEZ! With all the cops, and the news vans, and the people walking, and the souveneir stands… It was just impossible. So I called my guy, he was already hanging out at a sports bar that his friend owns right across from the stadium, so I just pulled over and parked so I could go in and have a few cocktails till the traffic cleared. Which ended up being very cool, cause 1. I didn’t have to pay for any of my drinks! Of course. Lol… 2. I didn’t have to pay for parking, cause I got to park in an employee spot, and 3. Even though I haven’t been returning his calls lately, it all worked out to my benefit! He has will-call tickets to game 6 and I’m going to let him take me if the Rays make it that far. YAY!!! All in all, it was an awesome night for your sweet lil girl. I’m gonna make him buy me a cute lil girly Rays outfit if I actually end up going. :)

So of course, I’m in a really good mood. :) And to make my night even better, I’ve spent the last 2 hours teasing my pussy boy, as usual. No orgasms for him, but a *large* yummy cash treat for me! AND, today is our anniversary…3 whole years of me teasing, tormenting, and totally owning him. *Giggles* I may even let him cum this week if he impresses me with my anniversary gift…lol…

Anyway. It’s just after 2am now, so I’m going to close this now so I can get off alerts and be completely available to take calls. Wanna make my night even better? If you do, and you’re still up, call me tonight! The only thing that could possibly make me smile any more is an amazing orgasm with a REAL man. I haven’t made my tight lil pussy cum since Monday! So if you’re up for it, I’ll be on till 5 or 6am EST…. Bye for now!

PS A quick note to my sweetheart PG….I really do miss you! And I hope you understood… I’ll tell you more about it the next time we talk.

Let’s get this over with…

I’m going to start by saying, that I really didn’t want to write about this. I mean, it crossed my mind, sure! But I thught, that no matter how I felt about it, I could just maybe ignore it and it would go away. However, over the last few days while I’ve been “ignoring it”, I’ve gotten 5 different emails from you guys asking me about it… Which makes me think that no matter what I do, it just won’t be ignored.

Am I being cryptic enough for you? Lol… I know, I have to explain for most of you to have any clue what I’m talking about. And I’m going to, I really am! It’s just that to explain completely, I’m going to have to actually post the matter in question. *Sighs* So, for those of you who haven’t seen it, here it is. And you’re not allowed to laugh! *Giggles* You can also find it on my Anything Goes Listing:

First time calling her. I LIKES the way she squells and moans..she has that lilgirl squeky voice that gets my dick hard. I grabbed her by the hair, bitch slapped her, spit in her face then shoved her face first in a trash can leaving her hips hanging off the side. Her sweet ass was winking at me, so I had to do the gentlemanly thing….I BEAT THAT ASS UP!! You dumb asses that love her can marry her when I knock her up. But u can count on me fucking this bitch(your wife) again, on your marital bed while your at work. Call her, shes 100 stars..I really enjoyed talking to you.

So. Your emails have ranged in topic, from telling me that it’s hilarious, to asking if I’m doing submissive calls again, to teasing me for being so horny that I’d do a call like that! Lol… The truth of the matter is, the call wasn’t exactly like that. There was no slapping me, or spitting on me, or putting me in a trash can. No matter how slutty my mood might be, I’m not going to stand for that shit! Lol… I do love the compliments on my lil girl voice, and I love the implication that he’s fucking me while my cuckold husband isn’t home. :) But beyond all the embellishment, it WAS a call where I was quite submissive. And yes, for that one call, it kinda turned me on. *Blushes*

Why? Because it was late, and I was SUPER fucking horny, and no matter how that feedback reads, the guy was nice, and not too pushy (at the start, anyway) and very obviously a REAL man. :) The end. It does NOT mean I’m going back to doing submissive calls! If every call was like that, I’d literally rip out my hair and quit doing phone sex! I have WAY too much fun owning my cuckolds, subbies, and sluts. *Smiles* I also love playing with you REAL men (that means most of you, lol) on an equal (NOT submissive) level. But for that one call, and once in a blue moon when I’m feeling up for it…it’s kinda fun! It makes my tight lil pussy wet. *Blushes* So sue me.

Anyway, now we’ve got that all over with. So stop asking me about it, damnit!!! Lol… It makes me blush enough knowing it’s there…you guys don’t have to keep reminding me! And for those of you who have emailed, hopefully this post answered all your questions. :)

It’s super late now, just after 1am EST, so I’m going to close this now to get logged onto Niteflirt. This is one of my late nights, so I should be up and taking calls from 1:30 or so till at least 6am, probably later. So call me tonight! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me on Monday after 11pm. Bye for now!

PS I almost forgot! Thank you soooo much for all the wishlist prezzies, Gun!! Especially the surprise one~it’s adorable! :)

GFE phone sex VS Fantasy phone sex…

I know those two sound pretty similar, so I’m guessing that you’re probably reading that title and wondering what the hell I’m talking about. Right? Like, aren’t gfe phone sex and fantasy phone sex the same? And even if they’re not exactly the same, aren’t they close enough so that they’re almost the same? Well. Honestly, I always used to think that, too. But I just had the most interesting lil revelation tonight, so I thought I’d share. Partly cause I like to share my opinions on phone sex with you guys, but also cause I think that if I elaborate a little? It will help you guys who haven’t actually called me yet decide whether or not you want to.

So. Gfe phone sex. That’s what I do, the kind of call I most enjoy, and I’m sure most of you who have played with me before already know that, right? *Smiles* In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, loosely it means that I like my phone sex to be intimate and personal…even on the first phone call! I like to know your name, and what you like, and I love to get to know you before, during, and after we cum together. More importantly, I like to share the same about myself with you! My favorite calls are the ones where we both get to cum… Like, we’re both pleasing eachother, and fucking eachother, much like it would be if I was actually your girlfriend. Hence the term, gfe phone sex (girlfriend experience.)

I’m not saying that EVERY call needs to be all hearts and flowers and fireworks for me to make my tight lil pussy cum! Lol… What I AM saying, is that I like to bring a lil something personal to ALL of my phone sex calls. Whether it’s just yummy phone sex, or a naughty lil quickie, or a sexy roleplay, even cuckold phone sex or financial domination! Whatever your favorite thing may be, I like to interact with you. On a personal level. That’s what does it for me. That’s a lot of the reason why I love phone sex so much. *Smiles* I refuse to fake it, so for me, it’s much better if I like YOU and where OUR fantasy is going, you know? :) That way, you get REAL me and my REAL orgasm. That’s just what I prefer.

Now, I always knew I liked the gfe stuff the best~that’s why I started my Phone Sex Girlfriends site! I also always knew I was “different”, but I didn’t fully understand why. Like…I got it, but I obviously didn’t get it. Lol… Till tonight, when I realized that there’s another kind of phone sex girl, the kind who deals in fantasy phone sex.

Fantasy phone sex girls are just that~into creating the fantasy. But even beyond that~they want to create YOUR fantasy. The call is driven by what YOU want, period. It’s not about them, it’s ALL about you. They’re not going to share personal details about themselves, unless you become a regular caller or read the limited info they share on their listings and websites. They’re not going to cum with you, because the call is about YOU, not their orgasm. A call with a fantasy phone girl is just that~YOUR fantasy. If you want something deeper, on the first phone call? (IMO) You’re pretty much out of luck.

Don’t get me wrong~for lots of guys? This kind of phone sex is exactly the right kind! Fantasy artists (as I’ll call them from this point forward) create the most vivid, lifelike, fucking EROTIC fantasies! They paint every detail for you, and in most cases you don’t even need to talk that much. :) With them, you can focus only on YOU, and not worry about making her cum, or what gets her off, or what she did on her Princess Day last week…lol… For some of you, this may be exactly what you’re looking for! And if that’s the case, it’s a great thing we had this lil talk.

Because~sadly~I am NOT a fantasy artist. Sorry, but I’m just not. I don’t want to do all the talking, I want to talk with you. I actually want to cum, so I like it when the scene suits both of us. I like to get to know you, so I like to know more about you than just what kinky lil thing happens to be in your head right this second! I like letting you know me, and telling you my slutty stories, and knowing you’re getting off on them cause you can tell how much I love sharing them! I mean, I can always make up awesome fantasies for us to play out (as most of you know, lol), but I want both of us to feature in them. When you call me, I like to imagine we’re actually together. You know?

In short~it’s like I said! I like my phone sex a lil bit more personal. I don’t need to know in depth personal details, I don’t need you to talk every second of every call, nothing like that. I DO need a little bit of back and forth. I DO need to think of you as more than just your fantasy. Why? Cause I like to remember you, and what makes you tick. (And those of you who know me already know that I have an AMAZING memory!) I like to look forward to your call. I like to hear your voice on the line and get excited, cause I remember who you are, and I know how hot our call is about to be and how hard I’m going to cum with you! And if you don’t interact with me, I don’t get to do any of that. :( With no interaction…I feel like some kind of phone sex robot. And for me, that’s no fun at all. *Pouts*

My point in describing all of this was to say…you should know before you dial whether you’re looking for a gfe phone sex girl, or a fantasy artist. If you like the idea of gfe phone sex~or even if you didn’t know that that’s what you like, but you love talking to me…lol… Then keep calling me! You’re totally on the right track! But if you’re looking for a fantasy artist, for all the reasons I described above….that’s just not what I do. :( I mean, I can do it, but it’s not what I love. I can reccommend *several* great ones though, if you like~just shoot me an email and ask. :)

It’s just after 2am, and I spent WAY too long getting that off my chest! *Giggles* I’m going to close this now, so I can get off alerts and log on to take calls. All this talk about phone sex is starting to make my pussy wet… *Blushes* I should be up and available till at least 5 or 6am EST, so call me tonight! Remember, if you don’t catch me tonight, I won’t be back till Monday after 11pm EST. Bye for now!

PS The recordings I mentioned in my last post are a little slower going than I expected…I should be done with them sometime next week. I’ll keep you posted. :)

Stay tuned…

For the last…I don’t know, a YEAR or more? Lol… I’ve been debating about making some new recordings. I’m sure most of you have noticed that I only have a couple recordings available. My blow job recording, and my voice sample.

I really love both of those, and I’ve been kinda reluctant to make any new ones. Mostly cause I like all of my phone sex, be it live or recorded, to have some type of interaction, you know? I hate the idea of reading some prepared script, and trying to like, “inject” emotion into it, and then feeling like it’s all forced and stilted and weird.

However….I’ve been discussing this subject with pussy boy a lot this past month. I’m sure that all of his reminding and convincing and flattering me have been *totally* towards his own personal agenda…lol… But either way. I’ve finally decided to make a couple of new recordings, and as of right now, I plan on making them tomorrow night and Saturday morning. I’m not going to tell you what they are, cause I like the element of surprise! *Giggles* I will tell you that I know you’re going to love them! And I’ll also tell you, that I’m going to make these mp3’s for purchase. So if you want to hear them, you’ll download and own them forever~as opposed to having to call on Niteflirt and pay per minute to listen to them. Maybe at some point I’ll offer that as an option…but not just yet.

So like I said~stay tuned! I’ll be posting them here no later than Saturday night. :) Here, and on my new website KyliesCandyShop.Com.

It’s just after 4am EST, and I’m available and taking calls on Niteflirt. I spent most of tonight teasing my pussy boy, and the last couple hours playing financial domination games with one very persistent sugar daddy who shall remain nameless (for now). SO….even though I’m happy with my account balance, I’m surrounded by pussies! AGAIN! And I’m SO in need of an orgasm! From a REAL man. Please. *Giggles* I’ll be up till 6 or 7am EST, so call me tonight! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me after 11pm on Saturday. Bye for now!

PS Do you have any ideas or suggestions for me for recordings? If you do, please leave me a comment and let me know! I’m only doing the two this weekend…but if they go over well I’ll do a couple more next week. Actually, if you guys REALLY love them, I could be open to doing some custom recordings if you’re interested… Bye again!

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