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Cuckolds are SO amusing :)

They are! Really and truly they are… Especially my favorite cuckold, my sweet, sweet pussy boy, who sent me the following email *totally unprompted* yesterday afternoon. This is just a sample of it cause the rest of it’s kinda private, but it made me smile so much I just had to share. *Giggles* Here goes:

“…Yes, I really am 16+ days denied. Yes, I can really feel it. No, I can’t have the orgasm for which I hunger unless you permit me. Please, enjoy my REAL torment, it’s one of the few ways which enables me to make your pussy wet. And we both know, your needs and wants take priority. So, if it makes you happy, if you enjoy my torment, then I dutifully submit to your will….”

Seriously. Just reading that was like a straight shot of adrenaline right to my tight lil pussy! I mean it!! So, just in case you REAL men were still wondering why I spend so much of my time indulging my cuckolds, my submissive sluts, my panty boys, and the like… Read that and understand at least a little bit, K? Lol… True pussy power is truly a pleasure beyond compare. :)

Actually, wait~there is one thing that compares. Cumming with a REAL man still takes the number one prize. *Giggles* Speaking of which, I’ve spent all night tonight working with Tee on one of my new listings, so I haven’t had the chance to have any yummy orgasms yet tonight! Anyone care to help me out with that? *Smiles* I’ll be available and taking calls till the morning hours…probably till at least 7 or 8am EST. So call me tonight! Remember, if you don’t catch me tonight, you’ll have to wait till Saturday after 11pm. Bye for now!

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