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What I’ve been up to…

I was going to title this one, “Cuckolds are so amusing Part 2″, but then I decided that pussy boy’s ego has had quite enough stroking having that whole post below written about him. Don’t you think? *Giggles* Besides, I kinda feel like I shoudl leave him some of his dignity. So…I’ll skip telling you exactly HOW I finally let him cum on Monday night. I *will* mention though, that after 23 days total in chastity…and almost 2 hours of tease and denial…it took all of 8 seconds. Seriously, only 8 fucking seconds!! Can you imagine?? This is why he’s the pussy boy, and why only REAL men get to fuck me and cum with me. *Smiles* It’s okay, though…he was appropriately embarrassed and of course, he sent me another *large* yummy cash treat for the privilege. :)

And speaking of yummy treats~WOW have I been a spoiled lil girl lately! My lil slut Chase kept sending me cash…and more cash…and even more cash on Saturday night…lol… Just cause he wanted to catch up and tell me about all the naughty, slutty things he’s been doing. Or rather, WHO he’s been doing. *Giggles* And lately, he’s moved WAY beyond just sucking cock for me. Now he’s doing it at parties, and wearing slutty girl panties, and heels, and makeup even. I know! See why he’s so much fun!! Lol… (We have to chat again soon, slut…I want to know how you’ve been progressing on that little task I gave you.)

AND, (yes, I’m done talking about my sluts and cuckolds, I promise! This next part is about a REAL man) as if that weren’t enough, my sweetheart Gun has been spoiling me rotten with wishlist prezzies constantly! I came home today to a set of Mikasa balloon wine glasses, some Gaultier shower gel, Seasons 4 and 5 of Stargate SG-1 , Torchwood Season 2, and The Sarah Jane Adventures all on DVD. (Did you guys know I’m a big huge “Doctor Who” fan? K. In case you didn’t already, yes, I am…and those last 2 are Doctor Who spinoffs.) Anyway, that was only this week! The past couple of weeks, there was the Bliss Waxing Kit, Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Doctor Who, Season 1 of Torchwood…if I keep going I’ll be here all night! Lol… (I haven’t been doing thank you’s as much as I should, but seriously, Gun…. I adore every *single* thing you’ve sent in the last month, and I love it that you always take time to think of me! TY so much! You should be careful…I might start thinking I’m your favorite or something… *Giggles*)

So yeah…I’ve been totally, wonderfully, completely spoiled and you all know by now how happy that makes me. :) And I’ve been shopping WAY too much for myself…lots of perfume, and MAC makeup, and new jeans, and of course my endless supply of bubble bath stuff. I even got a membership at Sam’s Club and I swear that place is addictive! The first week I just stocked up on food and house stuff, so that was cool… Last week, I decided to go back and buy a new 26″ flat panel LCD TV for my bedroom (it’s *beautiful*, I need to post pics here sometime). Today, I fought the urge to go back cause I knew I didn’t need anything else. AND I thought a mani/pedi would be a better use for my time. *Grins* But WOW I love that place!

Ummm…what else… I joined a new gym today and I’m really excited about it! The membership fee is like, half the price of my old gym and the people are so much nicer! Plus, they have like 50 of every single machine, so I never have to wait in line. AND, they’re open late so I don’t have to worry about walking at night in my neighborhood. I don’t know, it’s not that I get worried about being mugged or “snatched” or whatever, but something just always feels *wrong* to me about walking at night. Kinda freaks me out. So the late night gym thing will be cool~I’m SO looking forward to it. Not really looking forward to working out with weights again (cause it’s going to kill me) but still! It’s a good thing. :)

And I think that’s pretty much it! I’m taking calls on Niteflirt tonight, it’s just after 3am and I plan on staying up till 5 or 6. So if you’re still up, call me tonight! I have to say, that I’m *seriously* missing phone sex with REAL men. I haven’t made my tight lil pussy cum since Monday night! And that time, it was all by myself before I went to sleep, cause I spent most of Monday night with pussy boy. And in case you didn’t already know…8 seconds of stamina does NOT earn you a reciprocal orgasm! Lol…

I’ll be around for a few more hours tonight if you have some time to remind me what real cock is like. Honestly~I’ll be looking forward to it. :) If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me Thursday night after 11pm EST. Bye for now!

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