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Random Stuff….

So I originally thought I wouldn’t find time to write tonight. Mostly cause I spent way too much time talking to my girlyfriends…and shopping online…and downloading new stuff on ITunes. Seriously, for once I was actually at my computer at like, 11pm, and still I ended up being a bad lil procrastinator! Lol…. So yeah~I wasn’t going to write, but then I looked and saw that the last time I posted was like a week ago. And when I go that long, you guys start to miss me, right? *Giggles* (You have to say yes even if you don’t really mean it…that was almost a rhetorical question…) And so~here I am at just after 1am on a Saturday night.

Anyway, let’s move on to my random stuff. First, remember when I said I was going to Game 6 of the World Series? *Pouts* That really sucked. I was sooo looking forward to it, too!! I guess I had to know that there was the possibility that the series wouldn’t go that far, but still. I’ve been pouting over it, so I haven’t been answering my guy’s phone calls since like, Thursday. (I know, it’s not his fault, but I have to be a brat about it so he’ll feel like he has to make it up to me. *Giggles* It’s all good.)

Hmmm…what else…I’ve been busy doing updates on my Barely Legal Phone and Phone Sex Girlfriends sites, so if you haven’t looked at those in a while, you should totally check them out! I’ve added some new girls, and I’m always blogging over there. :)

Beyond all of that, I’ve also been pretty busy playing with you guys on the phone! WOW has it been a crazy fun week! My pussy boy of course, for LOTS lof looong yummy calls. And *large* yummy cash treats for me, too~but that’s kind of a given, right? *Giggles* He’s officially in the “doghouse” till he corrects his bad behavior, so no more orgasms for him till I fucking SAY so. And the way it’s looking, he’s going to be waiting a loooong time. (I accept your apology, but you still have a ways to go, Mister… Don’t disappoint me.)

I should do favorite callers while I’m on this subject, though… Let’s see… My sweetheart Gun (WOW did I have so much fun cumming with you!! TY for calling early…I would have missed you *way* too much if I’d had to wait till next week! Make sure you tell me what you thought of DK, okay?) My Jman, who devoted an entire hour to just making ME cum! A small scene, just a little intro, and then it was ALL orgasms for ONLY me!! I mean, I did make him cum at the end, but…I almost felt like I should apologize for being so selfish! Wait~I DID apologize! Lol… (That was a *totally* welcome break from the norm, sweetheart….TY again for making my night!)

Who else…my lil pervert masturbator CNC. Even though he’s such a compulsive stroker~he amuses me. And I send him paid mail after paid mail… And he keeps paying and stroking… I keep him up stroking till I’m ready to go to sleep, which is usually pretty fucking late! And he never complains, he just begs for more! *Smiles* Speaking of which, I should share some of his feedback as my favorite this week. I’ll post it below, but you can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

Kylie drives me wild with the filthy hot erotic fantasies that come from her amazing dirty MIND. SHE MAKES me pant and jerk off SO FAST. I am OWNED by Kylie. I reccomend you take advantage of her written fantasies and request a hot erotic email about your favorite naughty subjects.

Lastly….I kind of hesitate to tell you guys about this cause I don’t want to scare you off. (I HATE mentioning this kind of stuff! *Frowns*) But apparently…your sweet lil girl is pretty sick. I feel fine! But I was kinda thinking that I may be coming down with something, so I decided to go to the doctor this afternoon. And yeah~I’m sick. Painkillers and antibiotics and everything type of sick. But like I said~I feel fine, my voice is fine, I don’t feel sick, and besides, I’m taking my meds. So since I still feel okay, I’m having a glass of champagne (I know! But I feel like it. So sue me) and staying up all night to play with you like I always do on Saturday nights. I’m only mentioning it because even though I’m going to rest all night Sunday night…you never know how I’m going to feel on Monday. So if by some chance of fate you don’t see me online on Monday night, you’ll know why.

But I figure…that’s even more incentive to call and play with me tonight, right? :) To make sure we get to cum together just in case I totally crash on Monday! Lol… I’m still horny…and I haven’t made my tight lil pussy cum since…wow. Since Friday. So call me tonight! I’ll be up till 6 or 7am EST. Bye for now!

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