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The results are in…

YAY!! As all of you already know by now, Barack Obama is officially our 44th President. Can I say it again? YAY!!! I stayed up all night on My Princess day to make sure I saw the results, so sorry that you all had to wait to hear my reaction till I was back at my PC. I had to watch the results, then the speeches, then get some sleep, and then get up to do all my usual Princess Day stuff on Wednesday. :)

So… I’ve been keeping my political leanings to myself over the past few months, at least here on my blog, because I don’t really know how many of you guys are Republicans. (Did you notice? Or did you just think I didn’t have an opinion? Lol…) While I don’t really think that my political ideals would make any of you *not* want to fuck me… I kinda felt like, had I spoken my mind on the subject up to the election? My lil blog here would have been filled with old guy jokes and Sarah Palin bashing. Well, and maybe just a *few* naughty librarian fantasies inspired by the VERY sexy Sarah. Lol! But that’s besides the point. *Giggles*

Anyway. I know I digressed for a minute, so I’m going to return to my original routine and NOT include any of that stuff now. I have LOTS more to say, but I’m going to keep the rest of my opinions off of my phone sex blog. :) Suffice it to say that I voted Obama, I support Obama, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!!! Now I’m just trying to decide if I should stop waxing my tight lil pussy till Inauguration Day, so that that day in January can offically mean NO MORE BUSH! Lol… We’ll see…

This is just a quick note for now, cause I’m impossibly late and trying to get logged onto Niteflirt sometime shortly. I’m feeling a lot better now (I’ve been medicated since Saturday), so no worries there. I’ve just spent the last 3 hours teasing my pussy boy, which is why it’s almost 3am and I’m only just now writing. Well, that and doing a little online shopping, thanks to all the *LARGE* yummy cash treats this past weekend from my sweetie PG! :) Regardless, I’ll be taking calls by 3:15am EST, until I don’t know when. Until I get sleepy I guess~so probably pretty late. So call me tonight!!

Also…I’m wondering who’s been shopping my wishlist lately? One prezzie in particular, the wine bottle/glass rack…. It just came today, but it didn’t have a gift note, so I have NO idea who bought it for me! :( Whoever it was, let me know so I can thank you properly, k?

Bye for now!

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