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DAYS without cumming…till now :)

You know, I think I’m finally starting to get a handle on this whole “chastity” thing. And when I say “handle”, I mean, “relate to”. And it’s kinda backwards, cause although I’m starting to understand, I could NEVER think it’s a good idea for *my* orgasms to be controlled. Lol… I know, I’m sounding scattered now, so I’ll explain. Actually, I think I’m allowed to be a little scattered after 2 mind blowing orgasms…but still. :)

So. I spent the last 2 almost 3 days sans orgasm. No touching my clit, no playing with my vibrator, and no calls cause I wasn’t logged on. What can I say? I was doing the Thanksgiving thing with a few of my friends, and we were at my house. And as most of you know, my favorite vibe sounds kinda like a jet engine….so there’s no sneaking away into my bedroom and making my pussy cum even if I do feel horny enough to do it.

Before that, I spent my Monday and Wednesday with pussy boy, and not even really teasing him. Well…we had a lil wager and he lost. And his punishment was to spend 2 more weeks in chastity just cause I think it’s fun. (He should know better than to bet me…I always win.) So, between him and a couple random financial domination guys (gotta love guys who call me at $3.99/min just to be taken advantage of! *Giggles*) Your sweet lil girl was definitely in need!

Lucky for me… My sweetheart Gun took care of that for me and then some tonight!! WOW do I love yummy orgasms!! And I especially love HOT phone sex roleplays! The crazy thing was…I came like 3 times in oh….about 15 minutes. *Blushes* I NEVER cum that hard, that fast, that many times. What I’m coming to understand though, is that *delayed* orgasms? Can be SO much hotter! Seriously. I really can’t remember the last time I came that hard!

I wish I could say that I’ll wait that long again to test my theory….but it’s impossible. Unless I try it during hurricane season when my power goes out or something. But still…food for thought.

Moving on…I finally got most of my Christmas shopping done this week. Granted, the main person on my list every year is ME, so it’s usually not too difficult. :) But I’m thrilled cause I got to do most of it online, which meant I didn’t have to brave all those crazy crowds and nutso traffic! It seems some of you have been shopping for me as well… I don’t know yet who bought me the most recent wishlist prezzies, but whoever you are, thanks so much in advance!!

And I guess that’s it! I’m only going to be taking calls for another 2 hours or so, so I probably shouldn’t have taken all this time out to write… I just felt like it, I guess. I really feel like staying up later!! But I have to get to bed at a semi decent time (6am or so EST) so I can wake up not cranky to get ready to go see Carlos Mencia tonight. YAY!! I’m so excited!

If you’re still up and horny, call me tonight! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me on Monday night after 11pm. Bye for now!

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  1. I so enjoyed reading all the entries this week. I love finding all these naughty blogsā€¦ such a great way to meet new like minded friends. So hot right now…

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