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What an awesome week!

WOW did I have an awesome Christmas!! I mean, seriously! First, there were all the prezzies… My Kindle, my new Dyson, all the books, and DVDs, and Cd’s, and sheets, and pillows, and Hello Kitty stuff!! (You guys really outdid yourself with the wishlist prezzies this year…) Plus, I got a lot of surprise gift cards and cash from family. AND my Mommy paid for 3 months of my trainer at the gym! So yeah…prezzies totally made me smile!

But there was also my Mommy coming to visit~and we had SO much fun!! She cooked Christmas dinner, and dinner for this week, and even more stuff to put in my freezer… Seriously, she was cooking for me every day she was here, AND she bought all the groceries. So I have food for like a month~which is awesome cause I’m kind of…kitchen “challenged”. You guys knew that already, right? *Blushes*

Anyway. So we did that, and on Friday we went shopping… OMG did we go shopping! We drove to Tampa, did the valet thing, and then stayed at the mall for like 6 hours! I was in heaven. The Coach store, the Lush store, the Aveda store, and of course Neiman’s and Nordstrom’s… Forgive my delight, we just don’t have those stores in my city, so it was like Christmas morning all over again!

Then on Saturday, we went to see Avenue Q. It was amazing!! I’ve owned the soundtrack since like 2005, so I already knew the basic stuff that was going to happen…. But having the visual is so WAY better! And I got such great seats, too~we were dead center in the second row! Behind short people, so I didn’t have to crane my neck and try to switch seats, even! Lol… My Mommy bought me a mouse pad from the show that says, The Internet Is For Porn….lol… (If you haven’t heard that song yet, you totally need to click the link. It’s hilarious!)

Honestly~I had so much fun that I’ve decided that I gotta start seeing more shows when they come to town. I’m like a musical theater junkie…and apparently, there are LOTS of shows coming up in the next few months. The problem is, my best girlfriends have all moved away, and guys arent usually too much into musical theater. Unless they’re gay. Or metro. And I don’t really like pretty boys. LOL! We’ll see. I’ll have to work on it. :)

After that, we did the spa day thing…mani/pedi/massage/facial. Girly stuff that probably bores you to tears but that I always love! In case you care, my nails are painted silver (”Birthday Babe” is the color. Hey, my birthday is on January 4th!) And my toes are french pedicured with a little silver detail….very sexy! *Smiles* And we played Wii, and we drank wine, and we talked, and I showed her all of the updates on my phone sex websites…lol… FYI, she doesn’t like it when I show too much skin. LOL!

Like I said, I’ve had an awesome week. AND a great Christmas! But the “waking up early, entertaining her, no nappping, no phone sex calls” thing? I’m SO glad that stuff is over!! I was losing my mind!! I was literally celibate and not taking calls for umm…5 days!! I finally had to give in to my phone sex withdrawal on Friday night for a few hours, and what happened? It was all cuckolding, financial domination, and tease and denial!!! Which, while extremely entertaining, means no orgasm for me. *Pouts*

Don’t feel too bad for me though…I’ve been making up for lost time tonight! *Giggles* My sweetheart Gun, my old favorite TR, and quite a few others have let me work out all my “issues” and made my tight lil pussy cum. Several times. LOL! It’s good though, it’s REALLY good! Like, I never realize how much I love phone sex until I have to go without it… Let’s just say I’m glad I’m back, and I hope I don’t have to go that long without again anytime soon!

So….I’m going to close this now cause it’s super late (after 6am) and I wanna get off alerts and maybe cum some more before I go to sleep. I should be available and taking calls till 7 or 8am this morning (told you I was super horny! *Blushes*) and after that, I’ll be back on Monday night after 11pm. So call me if you’re still up. CUM with me if you’re still horny! Make your sweet lil girl happy… :) Bye for now!

Happy Holidays!!

I know, Christmas is still a few days away…. But I probably won’t be around too much this week, and when I am around, I doubt I’ll have any time for writing here. :( I’m going to try, but I have so much stuff going on, I think it’s going to be pretty hard. Cause my Mommy’s coming down for Christmas!! YAY!! I’m so excited! She gets here tomorrow, and we have SO much stuff planned! We’re going shopping, and on a little boat tour, and of course more shopping…lol… And we’re doing the mother daughter spa day thing, and we’re going to see Avenue Q (which I’ve loved since 2004, I can’t believe I finally get to see it!) And of course she’ll do the whole buying a truckolad of groceries, cooking Christmas dinner, filling up my freezer with meals for 2 weeks thing like she always does. *Smiles*

So, from tomorrow till Saturday the 27th, my schedule is going to be kinda limited. She doesn’t stay with me when she’s here, so it’s not going to be impossible…especially cause I usually take calls so late at night. The problem is that she likes to start her day pretty early. Which means that I need to sleep by like, 3AM at the latest in order to wake up and get going with her by 10 or 11. *Sighs* So I’m thinking that I’ll be taking calls on Wednesday (12/24) from like 11pm-3am, and then on Saturday (12/27) from like 11pm-6am. Like I said~limited, but not impossible. :)

Anyway~I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday! And I hope you get everything you wanted for Christmas. I’ll be taking calls tonight by 1am until 4am or so….I’m busy teasing my pussy boy right now, but he has no stamina, so I don’t think I’ll be too long. *Giggles* Actually, he just sent me another *large* yummy cash treat, so I think when we’re done I’m going to call it a night so I can get some sleep. Look for me on Wednesday, k? :) Bye for now!


PS Gun~Thank you for the Hello Kitty Zippo!! I adore it, it’s so cute! TY so much for the surprise!

I’ve finally found him…

Seriously.  I really mean it.  I have finally found the perfect man! Well, I guess I can’t really say he’s perfect, but the reason I’m even flirting with the idea is because somehow (don’t ask me how, cause I don’t know) all he has to do is snap his fingers and I totally submit to every single little thing he asks.  I know, right??  I don’t submit to any man lately!  For the last year and a half or so, anyway. *Blushes*

But I digress.  AND I should probably explain a little more, before you all start thinking I have a new boyfriend.  Lol…  The man I speak of isn’t my boyfriend, or even any guy I’ll ever fuck.  He just happens to be my personal trainer, so there’s no sexual connotation at all.  (Forgive me for teasing?  I had to give the sexy lead in….I couldn’t help myself. *Smiles*)

Anyway.  From this point forward, I’ll be referring to him as Mr. M., so get used to it.  Cause as of Monday, I’ll be working out with him 3 times a week for the next year.  Yes, a whole year.  Yes, I’m still a major commitment phobe and it was almost excruciating for me to sign on the dotted line after he talked me into it.  But I did it, and it’s good, and I’m happy about it even though I probably shouldn’t be.  Cause my whole body is still (right at this moment) killing me. *Pouts*

The reason I mention it, is because I’ve started noticing some really weird stuff happening.  Like I made an appointment for today (Thursday) at 2pm.  Even though I was up doing calls till like, 6am Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  And I actually set an alarm to wake up.  And I actually woke up and went and got there on time.  Weird.  As most of you know by now, I’m not the best at schedules….lol….

Or like Tuesday, at the end of my Princess Day.  I got home from shopping and getting my mani/pedi, and I decided that it would be a good time to run to the gym.  And then I decided that I could go ahead and work out for 2 hours.  On my Princess Day!!  (Princess Day is always, ONLY for being spoiled and lazy and doing girly stuff.  Always.) 

Then there’s the going to sleep semi early most nights, and the turning down an extra glass of champagne….  I’m telling you!  Seriously weird!  And why do I do all this?  All this stuff that I would never do for any man EVER even if I was fucking him?  Well.  I do it cause I like it when he’s happy with me.  I do it cause when I can do one more set, or 5 more minutes, or whatever he’s asking me to do….  He’s honestly, legitimately happy.  And that….is really pretty fucking cool.  :)

So without knowing it, I’ve become Mr.M.’s bitch.  LOL!  Whatever he asks, however hard it is, I want to do it.  Just to please him.  Is this what it’s like being a submissive??? *Giggles* I’m thinking it is.  I’m thinking that’s why my cuckolds and my subbie guys like to do so much for me.  Hm.  Little epiphany for me, I guess.  :)

While I’m on this subject, I wanna talk about something kinda separate?  But also similar, since we’re in the whole “submissive” vein.  I should probably make this it’s whole own separate post, but I’m going to add it on here just cause I feel like it.  :)

I need to make it really clear that while this post was written in all seriousness, it does NOT (I repeat does NOT!!) mean that I’m doing submissive calls again.   Cause I’m NOT.  Ever again.  I still like doing bratty virgin roleplays, and babysitter fantasies….believe it or not, I even still love cum all over my face! Only for REAL men of course, but still. *Smiles* I still like *everything* about barely legal fantasies in all shapes and sizes and forms!  Lol…  But if you’re looking for hard core, BDSM style submissive roleplays…..  If you’re going to be bothered when I don’t wanna let you choke me or slap me or tie me up….  You shouldn’t call me.  Sorry.  Just being honest.

Now.  This isn’t meant to scare the rest of you, cause I know a few of you like calls that run kinda close to my “boundaries” mentioned above… *Giggles* You’re still TOTALLY okay, and you’re still TOTALLY welcome to call me!!  I’m really only writing this for 2 people, and I’m sure they already know who they are.  I still consider myself the luckiest girl in the whole world, cause I have the best callers in the whole world!  I just have to start insulating myself from guys who make me feel bad…   And you guys don’t want me to have to deal with anyone who makes me feel bad, do you?  :)   Good.  I knew you’d understand.

So.  I’ve been writing for far too long, and now it’s after 2am.  Told you I’m horrible at schedules!  Lol…  I should be available and taking calls till at least 5am EST, probably later.  So if you’re still up, call me tonight!  I know I’m not up for being totally submissive….but I’m always up for an awesome blowjob! *Blushes*  Bye for now!

More TMI :)

So…it’s Monday night and I’m actually at my computer at a decent time for once. (I know! But stranger things have happened…lol…) I thought it would be fun to do another TMI Tuesday for you, so I’m going to share it below. These questions are written in a kind of…confusing manner….so I’ll do my best. :)

1. What is the greatest age difference between between and a SO? Older or younger?

I guess this means between me and a significant other? Does that have to mean long term? I’m guessing yes, if they’re significant and all. Okay. The biggest age difference for me was 14 years. And of course I was younger.

2. What is the greatest age difference between between and any sexual partner? Older or younger?

I don’t know if I should answer this one…it’s kind of embarrassing. But you all know I’m into new and strange sexual experiences, right? K. But brace yourself. The biggest age difference between a sexual partner and me was (drum roll please) 65 years. And again, of course I was younger. *Blushes* Yes, it was for money, but it *totally* still counts! Lol…

3. Have you started your holiday shopping? Is it done?

Yes, and yes. Most of my shopping was (as usual) for me, but I did finally get the Christmas spirit and bought my last prezzies this afternoon.

4. What are the chances there will be a “naughty” present under the tree this year (either from you or for you)?

None. I bought no naughty presents, and I can’t really think of naughty presents I need. I mean, come on~my lingerie drawer is stuffed to overflowing, my porn collection is *sick*, and I own ummm….9 vibrators already? *Giggles*

5. What is your favorite holiday song?

Oh, jeez…do I even have one? I like “White Christmas”, I like “Silver Bells”, and “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. I don’t really play a lot of holiday music though…it kinda has to sneak up on me on the radio. :)

Bonus (as in optional):Do you have a preferred time of day to have sex? If so, why?

I don’t really have a preferred time, but I know what time I DON’T want to. And that’s in the morning. I HATE morning sex! I have to wake up, and run to the bathroom, then I need to brush my teeth (no way am I having sex with morning breath) and then there’s the whole waking my pussy up thing… I don’t know why, but it’s like, almost impossible for me to cum until I’ve been up moving around for a couple of hours. So yeah…no mornings EVER. Other than that, I’m pretty open. *Grins*

And I guess that’s it. It’s almost 1am, and I’m in an awesome happy mood! :) Which is kinda surprising, cause I’m sooo sore! I stayed at the gym for like 2 hours this afternoon cause I had all this crazy energy I wanted to burn off. I did my usual 45 minutes on the elliptical, but then I decided to do 30 more on the recumbent bike. On level 10. Yeah. Then of course, I thought it might be fun to try some weight machines, which I rarely do. I’m gonna start doing them more often, but OMG ouch! And just for future reference, the adductor was created by the devil. I decided that today. Lol…

Anyway. I’m sore but super horny! So if you’re up and you feel like playing, call me tonight. Let’s see if I have favorite feedback before I go…. This one’s from my sweetheart Gun, and you can also find it on my Fantasy/Roleplay Listing:

After a long and depressing 2 weeks of missing Kylie, I finally get my life smooth enough to call her. We had such a good time tonight. And she seems to be extra naughty tonight too :) Although I like to hog a lot of time with her, I really recommend Kylie to everyone. But please take some time to know her and let her know you. Trust me! You will know that Kylie is truly one in a million.


And I guess that’s it! I should be available and taking calls till 4 or 5am or so. And remember, if you don’t catch me tonight, I won’t be back till Wednesday after 11pm EST. Bye for now!

More Yummy Pics :)

I almost forgot! I added a new mini set of yummy pics last night! All nude, all HOT, and all of yours truly. I told you I had lots of new stuff in store for you guys, didn’t I? *Grins* I’ve been a busy lil girl~taking lots of pics, writing some stories, planning some redesigns of some of my stuff… Like I said, LOTS of new stuff that you’ll get to see in the very near future. :) Anyway, they’re super yummy, so I know you’re gonna love them. Check them out when you have time…just click the button above!

Honestly, I just stopped in to share that with you, so I’m going to end this now. It’s just after 2am, and I should be available on Niteflirt till at least 5am EST, maybe later. So call me tonight! After tonight, I probably won’t be back till Saturday late night. I already have my Friday all planned out. I’m going to go work out, come home and have a bubble bath, then treat myself to a massage (yes, again! I deserve it, don’t I? *Giggles*) And maybe (just maybe) I’ll even work on the recordings I’ve been planning for forever. We’ll see.

Anyway, bye for now!

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