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I should have known…

It was to good to be true. *Sighs* I had an awesome time at Carlos Mencia on Sunday with a couple of my friends… It was a good show, he’s one of my favorite comedians, so no matter what, I’m really glad I went. The only problem was, it was completely sold out and the seats at the venue were pretty cramped. Which meant I had this creepy guy leaning closer to me the whole time and resting his leg up against mine. *Frowns* Of course I had to just deal with it, cause I was too short to see over people’s heads in the other two seats. Lol… Anyway, we stayed in Tampa to have dinner and drinks till pretty late, but I was still in bed by like 4am.

Since I went to bed so early (I know, I know…but you guys know I keep a crazy schedule) I was up by Noon the next day. Decided to hit the gym first thing and worked out for an hour…then I had all this crazy energy going on, so I decided to shower and then go have a massage and a facial. Which was heavenly, btw! (All the more so cause my sweetie PG paid for it all. :) ) And after I got home, I spent all night Monday being monopolized by my pussy boy. I think he’s on like…day 8 or 9 of chastity? *Giggles* So LOTS of teasing but NO cumming, and of course a *large* yummy cash treat for moi.

On top of all that, wishlist prezzies keep getting delivered!! I guess I get my Christmas early this year, and you guys are spoiling me rotten!! New pillows, and 1000 tc sheets for my bed, and books, and CD’s, and today the MOST awesome prezzie ever!! A brand new, super expensive Dyson vacuum from my wonderful sweetheart Gun!! OMG is this thing so fucking cool!! And even though I’m slightly “mechanically challenged”, I managed to put it all together all by myself so I could use it asap. (TY so much Gun!! I loooove it!!!)

And if the thought of me getting this excited over a vacuum cleaner sounds weird to you…picture me using it in just a tiny tank top and panties. Cause that’s exactly what I did. Better visual, huh? I thought so. :)

So all in all, it’s been a pretty awesome few days. Except for the part where I woke up on Tuesday morning with this horrible cough and achy head and runny nose. *UGH*. See why I said it was too good to be true? Yes, your sweet lil girl is sick again, and I haven’t even been around any sick people! Before this last month, I hadn’t really been sick in like 2 years! :( I’m thinking I must have caught it from yucky lechery guy at the concert on Sunday, but who knows. All I know is that I want it to go away soon. *Sighs*

I went to the Doctor yesterday, so I’m all medicated and actually feeling a lot better now. My voice is surprisingly unaffected, but I just don’t know if I can be sure that I won’t start coughing and sounding horrible in the middle of a call. For that matter, given how many meds I’m on, I wonder if I can even stay awake late night like I usually do? Lol… I don’t know yet, I’m going to reevaluate the situation a little bit later tonight. Like at 10pm or so, I’ll make up my mind.

So…there’s a possiblity that I may log on later for a few hours. If I do that, I’ll be on by Midnight at the latest. If I don’t, you can look for me on Saturday night as usual. I’m going to end this now so I can curl back up in my Hello Kitty blanket, have some soup, and watch some “Doctor Who”. And I guess we’ll wait and see how I feel in a bit. Hopefully I’ll be feeling up to it, cause I haven’t made my pussy cum since Monday night! And you know I hate to go so long without cumming… *Giggles*

Bye for now!

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