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I’ve finally found him…

Seriously.  I really mean it.  I have finally found the perfect man! Well, I guess I can’t really say he’s perfect, but the reason I’m even flirting with the idea is because somehow (don’t ask me how, cause I don’t know) all he has to do is snap his fingers and I totally submit to every single little thing he asks.  I know, right??  I don’t submit to any man lately!  For the last year and a half or so, anyway. *Blushes*

But I digress.  AND I should probably explain a little more, before you all start thinking I have a new boyfriend.  Lol…  The man I speak of isn’t my boyfriend, or even any guy I’ll ever fuck.  He just happens to be my personal trainer, so there’s no sexual connotation at all.  (Forgive me for teasing?  I had to give the sexy lead in….I couldn’t help myself. *Smiles*)

Anyway.  From this point forward, I’ll be referring to him as Mr. M., so get used to it.  Cause as of Monday, I’ll be working out with him 3 times a week for the next year.  Yes, a whole year.  Yes, I’m still a major commitment phobe and it was almost excruciating for me to sign on the dotted line after he talked me into it.  But I did it, and it’s good, and I’m happy about it even though I probably shouldn’t be.  Cause my whole body is still (right at this moment) killing me. *Pouts*

The reason I mention it, is because I’ve started noticing some really weird stuff happening.  Like I made an appointment for today (Thursday) at 2pm.  Even though I was up doing calls till like, 6am Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  And I actually set an alarm to wake up.  And I actually woke up and went and got there on time.  Weird.  As most of you know by now, I’m not the best at schedules….lol….

Or like Tuesday, at the end of my Princess Day.  I got home from shopping and getting my mani/pedi, and I decided that it would be a good time to run to the gym.  And then I decided that I could go ahead and work out for 2 hours.  On my Princess Day!!  (Princess Day is always, ONLY for being spoiled and lazy and doing girly stuff.  Always.) 

Then there’s the going to sleep semi early most nights, and the turning down an extra glass of champagne….  I’m telling you!  Seriously weird!  And why do I do all this?  All this stuff that I would never do for any man EVER even if I was fucking him?  Well.  I do it cause I like it when he’s happy with me.  I do it cause when I can do one more set, or 5 more minutes, or whatever he’s asking me to do….  He’s honestly, legitimately happy.  And that….is really pretty fucking cool.  :)

So without knowing it, I’ve become Mr.M.’s bitch.  LOL!  Whatever he asks, however hard it is, I want to do it.  Just to please him.  Is this what it’s like being a submissive??? *Giggles* I’m thinking it is.  I’m thinking that’s why my cuckolds and my subbie guys like to do so much for me.  Hm.  Little epiphany for me, I guess.  :)

While I’m on this subject, I wanna talk about something kinda separate?  But also similar, since we’re in the whole “submissive” vein.  I should probably make this it’s whole own separate post, but I’m going to add it on here just cause I feel like it.  :)

I need to make it really clear that while this post was written in all seriousness, it does NOT (I repeat does NOT!!) mean that I’m doing submissive calls again.   Cause I’m NOT.  Ever again.  I still like doing bratty virgin roleplays, and babysitter fantasies….believe it or not, I even still love cum all over my face! Only for REAL men of course, but still. *Smiles* I still like *everything* about barely legal fantasies in all shapes and sizes and forms!  Lol…  But if you’re looking for hard core, BDSM style submissive roleplays…..  If you’re going to be bothered when I don’t wanna let you choke me or slap me or tie me up….  You shouldn’t call me.  Sorry.  Just being honest.

Now.  This isn’t meant to scare the rest of you, cause I know a few of you like calls that run kinda close to my “boundaries” mentioned above… *Giggles* You’re still TOTALLY okay, and you’re still TOTALLY welcome to call me!!  I’m really only writing this for 2 people, and I’m sure they already know who they are.  I still consider myself the luckiest girl in the whole world, cause I have the best callers in the whole world!  I just have to start insulating myself from guys who make me feel bad…   And you guys don’t want me to have to deal with anyone who makes me feel bad, do you?  :)   Good.  I knew you’d understand.

So.  I’ve been writing for far too long, and now it’s after 2am.  Told you I’m horrible at schedules!  Lol…  I should be available and taking calls till at least 5am EST, probably later.  So if you’re still up, call me tonight!  I know I’m not up for being totally submissive….but I’m always up for an awesome blowjob! *Blushes*  Bye for now!

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