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What an awesome week!

WOW did I have an awesome Christmas!! I mean, seriously! First, there were all the prezzies… My Kindle, my new Dyson, all the books, and DVDs, and Cd’s, and sheets, and pillows, and Hello Kitty stuff!! (You guys really outdid yourself with the wishlist prezzies this year…) Plus, I got a lot of surprise gift cards and cash from family. AND my Mommy paid for 3 months of my trainer at the gym! So yeah…prezzies totally made me smile!

But there was also my Mommy coming to visit~and we had SO much fun!! She cooked Christmas dinner, and dinner for this week, and even more stuff to put in my freezer… Seriously, she was cooking for me every day she was here, AND she bought all the groceries. So I have food for like a month~which is awesome cause I’m kind of…kitchen “challenged”. You guys knew that already, right? *Blushes*

Anyway. So we did that, and on Friday we went shopping… OMG did we go shopping! We drove to Tampa, did the valet thing, and then stayed at the mall for like 6 hours! I was in heaven. The Coach store, the Lush store, the Aveda store, and of course Neiman’s and Nordstrom’s… Forgive my delight, we just don’t have those stores in my city, so it was like Christmas morning all over again!

Then on Saturday, we went to see Avenue Q. It was amazing!! I’ve owned the soundtrack since like 2005, so I already knew the basic stuff that was going to happen…. But having the visual is so WAY better! And I got such great seats, too~we were dead center in the second row! Behind short people, so I didn’t have to crane my neck and try to switch seats, even! Lol… My Mommy bought me a mouse pad from the show that says, The Internet Is For Porn….lol… (If you haven’t heard that song yet, you totally need to click the link. It’s hilarious!)

Honestly~I had so much fun that I’ve decided that I gotta start seeing more shows when they come to town. I’m like a musical theater junkie…and apparently, there are LOTS of shows coming up in the next few months. The problem is, my best girlfriends have all moved away, and guys arent usually too much into musical theater. Unless they’re gay. Or metro. And I don’t really like pretty boys. LOL! We’ll see. I’ll have to work on it. :)

After that, we did the spa day thing…mani/pedi/massage/facial. Girly stuff that probably bores you to tears but that I always love! In case you care, my nails are painted silver (”Birthday Babe” is the color. Hey, my birthday is on January 4th!) And my toes are french pedicured with a little silver detail….very sexy! *Smiles* And we played Wii, and we drank wine, and we talked, and I showed her all of the updates on my phone sex websites…lol… FYI, she doesn’t like it when I show too much skin. LOL!

Like I said, I’ve had an awesome week. AND a great Christmas! But the “waking up early, entertaining her, no nappping, no phone sex calls” thing? I’m SO glad that stuff is over!! I was losing my mind!! I was literally celibate and not taking calls for umm…5 days!! I finally had to give in to my phone sex withdrawal on Friday night for a few hours, and what happened? It was all cuckolding, financial domination, and tease and denial!!! Which, while extremely entertaining, means no orgasm for me. *Pouts*

Don’t feel too bad for me though…I’ve been making up for lost time tonight! *Giggles* My sweetheart Gun, my old favorite TR, and quite a few others have let me work out all my “issues” and made my tight lil pussy cum. Several times. LOL! It’s good though, it’s REALLY good! Like, I never realize how much I love phone sex until I have to go without it… Let’s just say I’m glad I’m back, and I hope I don’t have to go that long without again anytime soon!

So….I’m going to close this now cause it’s super late (after 6am) and I wanna get off alerts and maybe cum some more before I go to sleep. I should be available and taking calls till 7 or 8am this morning (told you I was super horny! *Blushes*) and after that, I’ll be back on Monday night after 11pm. So call me if you’re still up. CUM with me if you’re still horny! Make your sweet lil girl happy… :) Bye for now!

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